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  1. The way to get out of debt and to live debt free is to "never presume upon one's future". What a beautiful gift this will be, when, if it comes. I believe this is the time to continue seeking wisdom. Blessings, to all, Pj
  2. Happy 4th of July! Have fun and be safe. Thank all of you who have kept this country safe and free!
  3. East Georgia for now, then TEXAS!
  4. Hi, I have a MacBook Pro and the F numbers are the very top row on the keyboard esc fi f2 f3 f4.... they are very small.
  5. It's "negativity" a derivative of "negative". Now is that so difficult to correct?
  6. Note: There are 31.1034 grams in a TROY oz and 28 grams in an oz. Precious metals are weighted by troy oz. 1 KG = 32.1507 TROY oz $1300 divided by 32.1507 = $40.434 TO Today 6/24 silver bullion at 10:45 am EST on Kitco is $34.81 TO (and going down...good time to buy) added fees depends on who you buy from...I always try to buy local. You will have to decide if you paid too much. Just keep in mind....silver and gold will always be worth something. When you see it go below what you paid, always remember that in this economy it will most likely go back up passing the price you paid. The first time I bought gold was $250 TO, the last gold I bought was $900 TO, today it's over $1500 and the first silver was $17 TO. You might consider buying coins, maples, eagles, krugs, etc. Coins will be easier to use on purchases in the event the dollar crashes. It will probably always be tradeable, somehow. Hope this helps. Blessings, Pj
  7. Keep...did you ever think that the err...mixup...on your name the other day would be the beginning of a new, fun, interesting and educational thread?
  8. Yes, and this place went wild and was Out of Control the past two days. I'm a news junkie and I had heard this on the news before I ever bought dinar last fall. I just hope I posted it in the right place.
  9. Don't Look Back is a poster by Mary Engelbreit from 1967. It is picture of a little hobo with his handkerchief loaded with goodies and tied to a stick carried over his shoulder. There is a fork in the road with a sign pointing to each direction. The road to the right says 'Your Past NO OPTION' The road to the left says 'Don't Look Back'. He takes the road to the left. Being raised on a farm and ranch in Texas I find the poster fits well with the scripture, "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God. Luke 9:62 Can't go forward if you're looking back.
  10. Not sure what is allowed on here...please delete if necessary. The Dodd- Frank Act By Breitling I had the opportunity to talk with Rudy Conen about this another site Conference Call on Monday about the Dodd-Frank Act rumored to have impact the Dinar world. This Law was passed in 2010 and deals with the idea that Forex trading platforms were built and designed to trade "fiat currency". What happened is platforms started trading commodities using the paper representation, and in the end it was used to gamble on the hedge on the rise of the value of the commodities, thus causing spot price problems and over-speculation. Such trading made it difficult to keep a real feel on the price with such unregulated trades. So back in 2010 they passed a Law to stop that type of trade and get the Forex back to Fiat currency trades only. Please be at ease, as it has nothing to do with our currency. It has to do with people who are buying currency and/or commodities through brokers. The Law is now the person and/or persons invested have to be what the SEC calls a "qualified investor". This type of investor has a significant amount of provable income and/or net worth. Under this guide the SEC feels people with such income tend to be a bit more sophisticated and careful (have more to lose) than the average investor. Your investment in the IQD is fine. Warmest Regards, Breitling For latest update: then... Scroll down for an audio update and a short article from Wikipedia
  11. Exactly. I thought I was reading a chapter from a book. At least we know he can write!
  12. Really? Really? That's what his name means? Hmmm...I've lived a long time and I never heard that. Well, why don't you critical people just kick him out, ban him like seems to be the thing these days. When someone doesn't like someone's looks and then TELLS people, how cruel can you be? Have you looked in the mirror lately, yourself? C'on, people, where have all the good guys gone? Stop all of this bullying. I feel like I am on the 1st grade playground! Sheeeesh.
  13. You bet, keep! You are a cutie! You are right, Aya, keep is NOT the problem. I have never read so many nasty things as I have read tonight on here.
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