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  1. when it comes out over three I will gladly cash u in at the 1.3 rate and if you don't like it i will just say, "Whats wrong with the 1.3 rate?"
  2. I don't usually talk dates and rates, however a very good friend of mine who I have never received false information from told me three things today. 1. Expect to see it as soon as Wednesday very early in the morning and no later than next Monday. 2. The rate will be more than 3.00 not 1.3 like others are saying. 3. Its up to me if I want to share this information, just don't give details about him.
  3. There is No "I" In T. E. A. M. But there is a M in ME
  4. Women are Evil. But yeah you would be shocked by some of the things females will do.
  5. Would of been nice to get a bunch of free stuff today
  6. Yeah, so what are you trying to say that its not good for Israil to be a nation because God wants them to be scattered or that because israil is a nation again we are in end times?
  7. It means when the time comes Gods people will know what to do and not be afraid of what is happening, they will be filled with strength and devine knowledge and understanding from the holy spirit of God. as it they will be filled with Gods Spirit.
  8. I like to thing of it as a society. The word "Cult" puts people on edge.
  9. Numerous people in five continents have submitted information to live maps indicating that the deadline had passed without any of Camping's predicted phenomena being observed.Multiple news sources have reported that Camping's 6 p.m currently the deadline has expired without any noticeable events at 6 p.m New Zealand time on 21 May 2011
  10. Consider this psuedo, about to be cooked
  11. Wow, I just got a call from someone I haven't heard from in so long i figured he was dead. Was told RV was sold at police auction as it was being used as a mobile meth lab. Ha ha just kidding. Actually he did say something about the 18th and not sure if it has anything to do with speech being given. From my understanding we will be flooded with unreleased intel in a matter of hours. Keep it Real Guys!
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