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  1. Yep! When they get old the fabric starts falling off the walls.😎
  2. There is always a way to get around most anything. Just takes money. I have a home based business and if a shipper wants a commercial address I just give the name of the business. In Belize you get it shipped to the local airport and go pick it up. Apparently from previous posts, all money that is exchanged is converted to gold first and then to the currency of the country. All global companies have many divisions around the world. How they make it all happen is beyond me.
  3. We don't know what the CBI has in reserve of the various currencies. We don't know what kind of capability Amazon has to convert. Does Amazon even want to? A lot of what if's here. But the CBI seems to be comfortable with the transactions knowing they can cover their butt if a lot of money moves to Amazon. So this is a step forward for the banking system there. They are prepared to trade money. How long it will take to get everyone involved in the new system is another question. I'm thinking Amazon is way ahead of our own federal reserve.
  4. I was working at a bank when the first ATM's came out. Getting people to use it was like pulling teeth from a gator. Difficult at best. But now everyone has an ATM. Only took 40 plus years.
  5. I tend to agree with you. Not sure about all the nuts and bolts of the operation of the card companies. I do know that when you deposit money in a bank in Belize that you have the option of US, Can, or Belize. If I use my card in Belize, the bank will covert to Belize dollars. Coming back out on a card from Belize, it is the reverse. So if the bank has issued a prepaid card it must be able to covert to dollars. So they are gaining connection to the world market via central banks and that is a good thing.
  6. Sounds to me like it might be a prepaid card that you can load and use, but if Amazon will take it, what about ebay and paypal😁
  7. I may hate myself tomorrow morning for jumping into this conversation, but here goes. Last I knew we have an immigration department, a very underfunded department. but an immigration department. Politicians on both sides have refused to take responsibility to increase funding because it doesn't bring money back to the home base. I know of several cases of people applying for citizenship that have dragged on for 8-10-12 years even though all the paperwork had been submitted. Intimidated by the process? I would be too. Soooo! It's easier to live illegally than have to go through the process. Plus you get all the benefits without having to pay taxes. Now we get back to why they came here. MONEY!!!!!! Somebody needs to check out how much is wired back to home countries each month(Western Union or others). With a PayPal account I can transfer money to my mother in India right now(or China, or Poland, or pretty much anywhere else). I have stood in line at the local grocery or anywhere that makes transfers. On Friday night. $1800 was shipped back to Mexico within 20 minutes. I know because I had to translate for most. $75 here, $100 there, you get the drift. Thing is, you will not go to any other country and get the same reception that they do here. All Politicians should be set down in a foreign country with no documentation and no money, then we would have some change. We have enough of our own people trying to game the system(politicians especially) that we don't need anymore. So instead of focusing on the dreamers or the guy who is a good carpenter, we need to focus on changing the system. SOOOOO! That means that everyone on this thread needs to get in touch with their senators and reps and make a call to action and threaten them with a recall if it doesn't happen. Until you people start bitching loud and clear and on a daily basis, nothing will happen. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Should be nothing go through congress without an 80 percent approval from all the registered voters. You're not registered you don't count. That's my dime's worth.
  8. I'm outta here! My kids will have to look me up at my new address to get a new phone number.
  9. Same reason I don't tell my banker I'm going to be overseas for a month. Don't want anybody to know. Just in case!!!!
  10. Hopefully, if my health holds, I'll be in Belize on a full time basis by October of this year. Just tired of all the drama. At least down there you can grease a few palms and get something done. Only thing holding me back is the granddaughter getting married in Sept. If that goes away so will I.
  11. I'm with you. I've watched this country go down hill for a long time. So, yeah they want all the technology and then the privacy thing will surface. Germany gave us a lot of wonderful minds also. Time for me to go and get away from all the drama.
  12. Something like us getting a bill(estimated) for power after a hurricane when we didn't have any service at all. Just a thought.
  13. Hey, I have had problems exchanging currency in other parts of the world because it was damaged.. The girls don't even want to take a hundred note.
  14. Sad to say, but we have the VERY SAME problem right here in the good old USofA
  15. Yes, it would be the ore produced from the mines. That would have to be processed to obtain the pure gold. And you would have to ask a geologist to find out what kind of percentage of pure gold that would come out of all that rock. I would think that a metric ton of pure gold would be a lot to come out of that rock. Could be wrong, but that is still a lot of money.
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