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  1. I rarely log in....just 'lurk' in the shadows for the most part, but am here everyday reading. First, I always like reading your posts. This one made me want to log in so I could reply. Thank you for sharing. We never know who may hear our story, or may just be watching, and how it may change someone's life. That was a great testimony and I appreciate you sharing.
  2. Hahaha.....I saw the name and immediately thought of the movie too! I loved it.
  3. Thank you for such a well written piece and explanation!
  4. The branch I used was in Indian Trail, NC but 5/3 are all over the place. It was $105 (and change), plus $10 handling fee and another $5.00 if you are not a member, for 100,000 dinar. I would just get #s from information and try calling ahead to see which branches are still selling. This was earlier this week that I was in there so things may have changed by now. Based on some of the posts, it can change overnight. I will be calling on Monday to see since I have friends who plan on making a purchase. Of course, they may be using a different branch so I will recommend they call ahead first. Good luck! PS...I ask the teller who was helping me about a De La Rue machine and she had NO clue what I was talking about. May have just been that teller.
  5. Wow....mine was outside of Charlotte, NC. May call on Monday and see if there have been any changes. Thanks for the update.
  6. I made a purchase this past Tuesday (3/22/11) at a 5/3 in NC with no problems. And spoke with them the next day to get some info and nothing was said about them not selling anymore. As far as I can see, it's still available through 5/3 in NC.
  7. My prayers go out to his family and friends. This does bring things back into perspective. So sorry to hear. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I second that. Thanks for the time and effort! Much appreciated.
  9. Haha...sounds solid to me! Those two guys must know for sure. Go RV on Monday!
  10. I too have been through this. I had a child with a brain tumor. There was a huge amount of support and a couple of fund raisers that turned out tons of good hearted. caring people. There was also a good bit of media coverage so I too saw the hearts of many people. There are, and will always be, a few bad apples in the bunch but for the most part, people care! Prayers to Noah and family. So glad he is doing well. Thanks for this post. It was nice to start my day with such an encouraging read.
  11. I'm a little confused on the larger notes and hope someone can help. I got some from 5th/3rd bank and the first purchase they were 1000 notes. The next purchase were 25,000 notes. I understand it's better to have the smaller denominations . Will I still be able to cash in the larger ones after the RV? Will they honor these? Will the bank trade them for the smaller notes? Thanks in advance. Learning as I go. I found this addressed somewhere else. Not sure how I missed it when looking, but sorry for the repost. Thanks.
  12. Well said. No response is better than a nasty one. Everyone is tired and a bit on edge, but all the more reason to remain level headed and positive.
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