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  1. Nothing to see here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying to be funny with a back drop of killing...sounds like another rap theme. Your timing is bad, as well.
  2. When gold was at $1800, dealers said there wasn't a better time to buy. Now that it is at $1200, they are saying the same thing. If you can sell dog turds and make a few points, there will be dealers to do it.
  3. How can this be? "Who are these guys?" What do they want? My myopic small mind just finds it dificult to believe a currency increase while this is going on. Is there an Iraq military? I have maintained a positive attitude anout the dinar, but I just don't get how they can function with this going on. And, now the US is out of it, not that O makes a move on anything. He is now big onto global warming - rated as the 21st biggest concern of Americans. Anyhow, if anybody can explain how the RV can happen with people not safe anywhere in country, I'll be glad to hear it. And, no main strea
  4. You bunch of nattering nabobs of negativity. Every article that shows some hope gets met with the usual band of jerks that can not wait to show their superior intellect of skepticism. Deep down, you people are the ones in front of me everytime I get gas at a 711, buying your loto tickets. Having the RV happen will ruin your lives - you will go over the top, make poor decisions and lament at your stupid decisions. Your one liners are so unintelligent, it lends a perfect image. So try to shut your pie hole and chug down another beer. Basically, this investment is still no more than 50/50
  5. Russia will never allow it. Obama negotiating with Putin. It's like Stan Laurel of Laurel & Hardy negotiating with the Ayatollah.
  6. How can there be an RV or increase in currency when bombs are going off all over the place. Baghdad is getting to be like Detroit and Chicago. So, with all this unrest, why would they come out of Chap 7? I just don't understand, but that's understandable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Is Possum nuts, or is he a dirt bag? Yet, I think this thing will still happen. It may take years, or whatever. But, whatever "it" is we have to believe. Why, you ask? Because at least we have hope. Do you know how important hope is? Do you know how few of us have it? So, even if "it" doesn't happen, was it worth the investment. You betcha!!!! Just the thought that it is possible can "Sooth the Savage Breast". So we wait - never too high - never too low. I wish you all the best. By the way, #23 in my avatar is now about 6" taller than I.
  8. Talk about bad luck. He was the guy that had his head chopped off.
  9. Can't believe I spelled State wrong. Please remember the meanings of "there" "their" "they're". No Asian student in this country would use it incorrectly, like we see so often in these forums. Lot of negs coming here, but if you are writing business letters, this could be crucial to the reader's opinion.
  10. Hello folks. I have been a dinar revaluation supporter for 8 years, though I have never subscribed to the large new value thrown about. I have thought it might come in around $0.27. There isn't a person here who wouldn't be pleased with that. A key "lopster" has been Walkem. People have jumped on him wondering why he would post so much if he believed the currency would lop. I think he feels after a lop, then the rate would be about 3 and we would basically triple our money. Not too many of us would have bought the dinar with the possibility that we might triple our money. Quite frankly, I have
  11. Let's see,, the only thing that stands in the way is differences between the blocs. Well, that should do it then. I am sure their differences can't amount to much. Hey, who is the minister of defense? Why not Lovie Smith. He's good at defense and is available.
  12. For the past ten years, in hearing all the various theories and possibilties, even declarations that it has already happened, I have learned one thing. Nobody knows anything. Maybe, what we should have invested in 10 years ago was Twinkies. They are still as fresh as they were back then (we don't want to know what is in them). Storage is a problem, however, although I think you can press them down to the thickness of a sheet of paper and they will spring right back. Walkem, no this would not mean that the Twinkies Lopped.
  13. butkus51


    They just found 3 girls, missing for ten years. A miracle, Injured Bulls beat the Heat. You people have to believe. Reagan said it best, when he said "Trust, but verify." Do not speak the negative as your words carry power. If it does RV, it will do so with a bunch of confusing, skeptical, hopeful verbiage - just as we are hearing now. It is like Christianity - Believe, even though you don't see. God did not make this process easy and so shall it will be with the dinar, which is God's plan. By the way, in my avatar, #23 is now a foot taller than #9. Let peace be in your heart tonight
  14. The person (I assume she/he qualifies) starts out by apologizing for not posting in a while. This is certainly a contradiction of terms. Remember Benghazi!!!!!!!!!
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