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  1. Good maybe they can increase the value of the dinar so their dept won't have so much impact
  2. What a photo! I can't tell whether they are helping him on with his coat or taking it of him and replacing with handcuffs. But that old boy doesn't look to happy. With all the discussion over not being able to run for a third term and the protesters calling him out things could be getting resolved.
  3. So, Adam, we are all waiting on your Weds. Chat. Are you going to chime in this week? Thanks Jamiejo
  4. Hi it's Jamie jo, you know we all want Iraq's government to get on the stick and get moving. We want to cash in, been in this for 12 years. But sometimes I wonder does it take any longer for our government or any free world governments to make progress. Just something to keep in mind Thanks Jamie Jo
  5. Thank You so much for your help Jamie Jo 1290
  6. I have gone on the coinbase site. Every time I fill out the sign up information it then ask me to verify that I am not a robot. I'm missing something because I can't find a way to verify that I am not a robot. Can someone help me and tell me how to do this? Thank You Jamie Jo 1290
  7. Adam, I am curious about all of the billions of dinar that has been stolen from Iraq by ISIS and of course the big Maliki? Will this have an effect on the possible RV in the future or do you feel that the money has already been spent and back in the hands of the CBI? Thank You Jamiejo
  8. Gees, after ready all of that, I realize I have no vocabulary and nothing to say! By the way I named myself dong.
  9. I've got to say this guy is true ahole . How or why anyone in Iraq could or would give him an ounce of credit for anything good that has happened for Iraq is beyond my understanding. Still hoping that he truly does get what he deserves in a court of law. But for reasons beyond my understanding he has not been brought up on any charges. His mass killing of innocent citizens. His corruption as a leader and theft of billions of dollars is so well globally known or at least I think it is, I just can't understand why he is allowed to travel or have an opinion on anything government related. Even
  10. I'm hoping for many reasons that the meanest dude on earth is dead. One of my reasons is that I hope it is confirmed that the Russians got him. Perhaps ISIS will bring their act of terrorist activity to Russia's front door and a taste of terrorism might bring our two countries to some sort of understanding with each other and a realization of the importance of peace. Perhaps wishful thinking but wouldn't be a true step in the right direction? I do not wish this on any Russian civilian or any citizen of the world. But, it might just help in the balance of global peace and harmony.
  11. Hi everyone and as always thank you Adam for the truth. My question is this. I read some much stuff that sometimes I get lost in the truth or is it just someones opinion. Is there actual proof that lower denoms and coins have already been printed or are at least scheduled to be printed? It seems that after 10 years of holding dinar and reading allot that I and perhaps others just just don't know the truth anymore. Please fill me in... I really want to be clear on this. Thank You jamiejo1290
  12. I lost my credit card and had to get a new one. I need to know how to do this. This is the third time I have tried to contact you Jamiejoe1290 xxxxxxphoneremoved
  13. Ya no! Lots of booze talk goes on. I'm hoping that those of us that have been in this history and the development of it are not just shooting booze to get over it or get excited over. We have information and a thought process is quite above most. We have a president that some think is the coolest over and some not so much. Does it really matter, we have found the Iraq situation for a long time. It is hard to keep faith but either your in or not. So many spend so much time bring use what we all feel is great real information. I guess tha'st all I have to say. Thank
  14. Thanks Adam for your Weds. reviews and answers to the questions asked. I really enjoy your considerate thoughts on just what is going on. That hcl law is really dragging on, but as laid back and synopsis and of course yota all seem to be on the same page. Mosul needs to be re-taken, fully seated government (almost there) and stability. Thanks Again Jamiejo 1290
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