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  1. I think they were all together and one of them had a differant idea of who to rob today. Yep all for one and ONE for all
  2. Yep here we go again and again and again. Don't count on anything yet, these people just don't have it together or they would have helped themselves along time ago. BUT GO RV
  3. More smoke just go out and buy more and more and it will never happen. Hope I am wrong and you are right
  4. I live there and he is opening up jobs for American citizens and getting rid of illegals. If the country would follow what he is doing illegals would think twice about coming over here. Yes he will take on anybody if he thinks he is right and he usually is.
  5. I to have had a great experience this week. In all my 62 yrs. young I have never seen this wxcept in pictures. I was out in the woods looking for mushrooms ( sponge ) when I had this feeling that someone was watching me. I turned around and looked over to my left and there was a baby deer not more than a few hours old laying there in the grass. So beautiful, gold and with the bright spots it was breathe taking. I thanked the lord right there and then for he was smiling on me. Thank you for your post also. Life is great. Go RV
  6. Thanks Mr Rich, it seems you are on solid ground and speak the truth. Please keep us in formed Go RV
  7. Thanks Inheritance, I haven't seen that for about 50 yrs. OH and thanks for the post Go RV
  8. Trump might not be the answer but he has some good points. Sometime you have to quit talking and take some action. you can tell people to Not cross that line so much, that they are no longer worried about it, but , once you kick a little butt, like magic , they listen again!! QUIT GIVING EVERYTHING AWAY! PERIOD!!!![ I agree with you, he has the balls aand know how to get this country back on it feet again. Give him four yrs. and see what he does. Can't be any worse then the last two Pres. we have. At least Trump won't say I am sorry for being an American. And I bet he will tackle the illegal
  9. Powerpager, sence your in country have you heard anything about the RV? You would have first hand info. You could be our new Guru
  10. I think we need to get rid of the whole bunch and give the power to each state and let them run themselves. Let the goveners run there state off of the taxes each state gets. When the money is gone things will automatically change for the better and there will be no one taking our hard earned money and giving it away to other countries or illegals. Stop the spending and giving these people a free ride. They haven't done anything in the last 6 months and won't in the next 6.
  11. Let the Gov. shut down, Stop spending overseas, Bring our troops home and secure OUR borders, Think of the amount of money that could be saved if the USA would think about itself and let all the other countries fend for themselves. Cleanup America, let the illegals out and the get people off of welfare and back to work, and if they don't want to work get out. There I feel better now Go RV
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