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  1. Baghdad appears to be a whole lot like what happens in Illinois. Everything goes to Chicago and the rest of the state maybe gets a little something back.
  2. Adam, Just wanted to know after all of these years of this something that you would do all over again?
  3. A neg? Really, a neg? For saying that we have to change the direction that we're headed? People 21-25 years of age who may be voting for a President for the first time have known nothing but entitlement all of their lives. Entitlements are killing us. What kind of country do you really want to leave for your children and grandchildren?
  4. Moderates and conservatives HAVE to unite to change the direction that we are currently headed. Whether or not you were a Pauler or Bachmaner, or Peryer is now irrelavant. BO has us going the wrong direction and we have to grab ahold of the rudder! Quit crying in your cheerios and pull yourself up, Man!
  5. So I guess we should call this "Poppycock"!? Just sayin'
  6. Eagle, Are you trying to tell us that this was already posted by Big City Bob?
  7. Just remember that we're here because we're not all there!
  8. I actually think I understand why they (Iraq) would really not consider themself a "sovereign" nation while the still have a "babysitter" watching everything do. So, let's give the babysitter a ride home and get on with this thing!
  9. .Pudge, You said.................... "If anyone is in any doubt as to what will happen, here are two of Iraq's recent announcements in plain English from the people who are in charge of the whole process" There is no such thing as a translation of an Iraqi statement in plain english.
  10. I guess the Sheik was just a drive-by shooting from his camel!
  11. If the Kurds truly do think about breaking off, am I wrong in my thinking that they would face the same situation as the rest (or what's left) of Iraq, in that there currency would need to be internationally tradeable? And isn't it the same currency that the rest of Iraq uses? and, therefore, wouldn't it still be under the auspices of the CBI?
  12. No bank in their right mind will not cash in on us cashing in. There is certainly way too much to be gained in fees, account balances, etc. for any of them to sit on the sideline. Besides almost all banks will end up clearing through B of A at some point. Guess maybe B of A can do the smoke and mirrors with the best of them!
  13. We used to call "poofs" Orphans.....cause they had no pop.
  14. I've read this whole thread and I still can't figure out why Livinlife said that we have to stick our finger up our butt to find out which way the wind is blowing?
  15. If that's what I'm going to sound like when I become a Senior Member, then I think I would prefer to stay a Junior.
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