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  1. Thank you thank you! I tried to bring some of the "stories" back down to earth a few times. I got drunk on plenty of kool aid when I first invested but it got old real quick. It really is odd how all the same stories get recycled every few weeks and it is really sad that there are those out there that fall for it every single time. Not on this site of course, but others really have a cult type following that hang on every word like it is scripture yet they cant see the lies that are spewed for profit.
  2. I have been gone for almost a year and when I come back it is all the exact same. haha... How many times has it been "announced"? Oh wait, duh, I have to wait till Monday morning to see it live. Silly me, I forgot. Who wants to stay up all night Sunday with me to pick out new plots of land to build some custom homes?
  3. For those questioning why people say SteveI is a pumper you have not been around long enough to see some of his Sh*t I guess. I remember a few years ago he made a KILLING having people sign up for LLC's with a company out of NV. And dont think for a second he did not make any kick back on those sales. Now of course he says he was scammed and that he sorry for all those that paid thousands of dollars to set one up but you know for a fact he is sitting back on some of the profits from those shady deals. I called it back then and got kicked off his site for saying the LLC set ups were all BS and now look. He even says it himself. But he did not mind back then when he was making 20-30% of the money. He is just trying to save face at this point in that broken deal after people started complaining about it because they spent so much money for nothing.
  4. I dont know what is worse... Rand thinking he actually knows what he is talking about when he is CLEARLY making sh*t up or the fact that he is now posting bogus Conspiracy Theories. SMMFH Where do you find these guys?
  5. Dude he just wants to be the new Okie. He is off to a good start I would say.
  6. I love how Keepem gets all the negatives when he has told people how it really is for YEARS! He has been the most level headed person in this investment that I have seen. I hated his guts when I first bought dinar because I was falling for all the crap thrown out there. Keep it up bro. Every single person that gave you negs will eventually know that you knew what you were talking about.
  7. Why not? Maybe because it is all lies and a waste of time. Think of how much more you could do if you dont spend your time feeding the egos of these liars! Trust me when I say I used to be all over these sites every single day. I see now how much time I wasted and I just hope most people learn faster than I did.
  8. Isnt "Not mine ENTERTAINMENT value ONLY" kinda sound like "It is not my stinky sh*t but I am carrying the stench to you anyways."? Why post something you know is False?
  9. I think people are hilarious. Always worrying about post RV stuff before the RV even happens. I remember when we were all worried about where the closest De La Rue machine was back in 2009.
  10. You are kidding right? Anyone with half a brain knows that Okie is full of it. If you actually believe him and are going to stay up I sure hope you learn your lesson.
  11. This clown again? Good hell. Does it ever stop?
  12. It is funny to see people get upset when an actual REAL article gets posted.
  13. Anyone that is getting their hopes up because of this clown needs a quick reminder of what he is. Betty said it well. He is just another LIAR, CHEAT, SCAM ARTIST, just like the rest of those guys. I am sure him, Tony, Dan, Okster and the rest of the Little Rascals are all laughing it up.
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