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  1. So why is he refusing to take part in clearing his name? If you were accused of something you would whip out the prove of innocence in a minute.... Trump could end this in one day, but choses not to. Makes you wonder why he acts like a guilty man. It will be good to see him go so we can get back to making America what it should be. B/A
  2. Was he a Muslim? Just kidding. Maybe an immigrant? Only joking? Perhaps an M13 member? Simply a bit of humor. Those republicans want our people to die with guns and whackos.... Maybe I'll tweet that like it is news... Wait.. I don't tweet, that's for twits. B/A
  3. A Trump supporter accused of waving a gun at a woman after a row over her Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker has been arrested on terror charges. Joseph Schumacher is accused of having driven up alongside a woman on Monday after spotting a sign on her car voicing support for democratic presidential frontrunner Elizabeth Warren. As he pulled alongside her he rolled down his window, gesturing to the sign on his own car, which read Trump 2020. The two began to argue from their cars on the central road through Moorhead, Minnesota, a city that sits on the border between the state – which voted in favour of Hillarious Clinton in 2016 – and North Dakota, 62% of which which came out for Donald Trump in the same election. The back-and-forth continued for several blocks, however authorities say Mr Schumacher escalated the argument when he pulled out a gun and proceeded to wave it at the democratic supporter before driving away. After finding the suspect at a nearby business, officers discovered a loaded handgun by the driver’s seat. A passenger in his car later confirmed the 27-year-old’s actions. Mr Schumacher, of West Fargo, North Dakota, has since been charged on suspicion of making terroristic threats, and one count of having a loaded weapon in a vehicle without a permit.
  4. Tell it to your leader... He is about as off the hook as anyone... Judgement is something most politicians should fear. JMHO B/A
  5. Funny how the extreme right wants to make Jews feel like they are on their side and that they are out to get the Muslim and yet the Jewish voter leans left. And now the Trump administration is revoking travel against China for the mistreatment of Muslims... Man the GOP is one mixed up party. B/A
  6. Your opinion... Mine is, that he is the solution for nothing good. B/A
  7. The United States has imposed visa restrictions on Chinese government and Communist Party officials it believes responsible for the detention or abuse of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday. U.S. officials have previously said the Trump administration was considering sanctions against officials linked to China's crackdown on Muslims, including Xinjiang Party Secretary Chen Quanguo, who, as a member of the powerful politburo, is in the upper echelons of China's leadership. The State Department announcement did not name the officials subject to the visa restrictions. Well well well.. It looks like Trump supports Muslims even if his fan base doesn't... What a conundrum. B/A
  8. So are the Democrats... In fact I believe most Jews vote democrat... Go figure. You don't really believe the Jewish voter in New York voted for Trump? That would be laughable. B/A
  9. Dude, I'm a gun guy.. I'm just saying if dems want Muslims to maim and kill as so many twits tweet, then surely repubs want insane madmen to do the same. B/A
  10. I'm like you and tired of the crooked two party system. Unlike you, I think Trump is bad for American virtues. He has none. His erratic behavior is bad for a world leader. His followers want to get Biden for what his kid did, but they are cool with Ivanka getting patens from China while he is in office. Is there any difference? Jared is making huge bucks with the Saudis is that okay? Don Jr. is setting up deals in India while dad is politicking with them. Does none of this make you think, gee he might be taking advantage of his position and taxpayers? B/A
  11. Yes she could be distracting by how you describe her... Good for you old man!!!. As for the shooting, if the democrats want our kids to die because of some Muslim in Europe, couldn't it be said republicans want our kids to die because they want people to have assault weapons? It works both ways... B/A
  12. I didn't say you said it... I said the news source who posted it misrepresented the article for no other reason than to stir the pot and try to get Jewish people upset... So again I didn't say you said it, I said it was incorrect... B/A
  13. He is a dumbazz as you so quaintly referred to him.... He may lose everything for what? A wall with his name on it. Or become famous for increasing our debt in the most conservative way? I really do feel sorry for his followers. They have been so taken by lies... He is good at conning, no doubt about that. B/A
  14. Wasn't there a mass shooting in Kansas recently... Was that Muslims or immigrants? I can't remember. B/A
  15. But the story was incorrect... I showed you the quote. Omar didn't say the republicans or jews had anything to do with it. Her representative said it. That's like the whistleblower saying Trump said something. but Trump didn't say it. So am I to believe you take the word of her representative but not the word of trump's representative? B/A
  16. White House official told whistleblower Trump Ukraine call was 'frightening A White House official listening to President Donald Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president described the call as “crazy” and “frightening” and was “visibly shaken,” according to notes taken by the intelligence official who filed a formal whistleblower complaint after speaking with the official, and others. ABC News has learned that the two-page memo, written by the whistleblower a day after Trump’s call, suggests that at least one aide to the president feared that Trump’s own words in the call were damning. According to a rough transcript of the call released by the White House, Trump asked Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy to launch an investigation into a political opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and his son. (MORE: Democrats to subpoena key witness blocked from testifying in impeachment probe ) The notes were based on a brief conversation between the whistleblower and the White House official and described “highlights” from the president’s call. The document was later provided to the intelligence community’s inspector general, who reviewed the whistleblower’s complaint. The IG has determined the complaint “appeared credible” and of “urgent concern.” (MORE: Trump urged Ukraine to work with Barr and Giuliani to probe Biden: Call transcript) The White House had not responded to a request for comment. Trump has defended the call as acting on his duty as president to end corruption “even if that means requesting the help of a foreign country or countries.” “This has NOTHING to do with politics or a political campaign against the Bidens,” Trump tweeted Oct. 4. This does have to do with their corruption!” (MORE: 'Crazy to withhold security assistance' to Ukraine for political campaign: Top US diplomat ) Trump also has dismissed the whistleblower’s account of the phone call because he says the complaint was based on second-hand information. According to the IG report, the individual had both first and second-hand information. This week a second whistleblower has come forward with what that person’s lawyer describes as first-hand knowledge. “The President urged Zelenskiy to investigate the Bidens and stated that [Trump's personal attorney Rudy] Giuliani would discuss this topic further with Zelenskiy during his trip to Kyiv,” the unnamed White House official told the first whistleblower, according to the notes. (MORE: 2nd whistleblower comes forward after speaking with IG: Attorney) "The official, who listened to the entirety of the phone call, was visibly shaken by what had transpired and seemed keen to inform a trusted colleague within the U.S. national security apparatus about the call," the whistleblower writes in the memo. The memo states the official "described the call as "crazy," "frightening," and completely lacking in substance related to national security." After the call, the whistleblower says "I ... returned to my office, and wrote up my best recollection of what I had heard." The person notes that they did not review the call transcript or written notes, “but the official informed me they exist.” (MORE: Intel inspector general testifies about whistleblower complaint on Trump and Ukraine) The official recalled to the whistleblower that the president also asked the Ukranian leader about "Crowdstrike server" a reference to a debunked theory that Ukraine is holding Hillarious Clinton's missing emails, and that it was the Ukraine, not Russia, that was behind the interference in the 2016 election. The White House official also correctly recalled that the president raised the issue of Burisma holdings, a company that employed Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Importantly, the whistleblower also documented suspicions from the White House official that notes or transcripts from the call were being protected in an unusual manner. ABC News has reported that the White House changed its practice of storing phone call transcripts with foreign leaders to avoid leaked by keeping them in secure servers with restricted access. It was unclear if those conversations, however, were being protected for reasons of national security or for political reasons. Ahhh,,, A White House Official (his hire) listening to President Donald Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president (not second hand info) described the call as “crazy” and “frightening” and was “visibly shaken,” according to notes taken by the intelligence official who filed a formal whistleblower complaint after speaking with the official, and others. He just isn't to bright... He should have stayed in the private sector. B/A
  17. More false representation... Here is the quote from TMZ A rep for Omar tells TMZ, "As with all marriages, this is intensely personal and a difficult time for their family. For years, Ilhan and Ahmed have been the object of speculation and inuendo from political opponents and the media." "A rep for Omar".... that is like someone speaking for Trump. His followers wouldn't blame him for something one of his reps said. Let me be upfront here. I do not support her or her ideas. the point is the twit who tweeted that was purposely misleading the public. B/A
  18. Edit? I just quoted you... I was only joking about your typo... Geeez lighten up, we're all just having fun here until Iraq actually does something with their money. B/A
  19. She has an axe to grind? Doesn't everyone who works with him? Let's not forget the people he hired are the ones blowing the whistle. I didn't say he was a quitter... I just posted a news interview with someone who worked day to day with him. She might just have some insight to his physique. B/A
  20. It's not hard to win when the subject is such an easy touch!!! LOL B/A
  21. So catturd, C3, Mike and Real Donald qualify as news sites? I'm just asking. B/A
  22. Have you ever been one his vice presidents? She might have a little more insight than some guy reading twits on twitter... It's a thought. B/A
  23. Actually most of the tweets are opinion pieces and plain old twits... A far cry from news. B/A
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