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  1. Pope cancels Sunday prayers, 1st coronavirus case confirmed in Utah More than 102,000 people in 88 countries have been infected with novel coronavirus amid an outbreak that has sent countries and states scrambling to respond. At least 3,491 have died, according to Johns Hopkins University, with the majority of those in China, where the virus was first detected in Wuhan in December. The number of Americans diagnosed with the novel coronavirus is now at least 234, with at least 17 dead, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of Friday. The states
  2. Last this festival was huge And in the case of a SXSW or Coachella, it’s a significant hit to the entire local economy. SXSW said last fall that the 2019 festival brought $356 million into local coffers, Austin is looking at a $400 million dollar hit... That's one event... B/A
  3. Coronavirus latest: How the global health scare is impacting sports Johns Hopkins bans fans Meanwhile Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore announced on Thursday that the Division III basketball games it’s scheduled to host on Friday and Saturday will be played in an empty arena, the first known case of fans being barred from a sporting event in the United States. Stanford establishes crowd limits Stanford University has established its own protocol for
  4. WASHINGTON — Friday evening found Vice President Pence in an uncommon and uncomfortable position: Having to downplay and contradict assertions made by his boss. It proved a delicate act for Pence, who has become the face of the administration’s coronavirus response, and who has sought to project an aura of steely confidence. Trump can sometimes frustrate those efforts, as he did during visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta on Friday afternoon. Wearing a red “Keep America Great” baseball cap, the president used the occasion to offer his freewheeling thoug
  5. Negging a news story of blatant lying... Why does that not surprise me? Have you seen Pence trying fix Trump's lies on Corona testing? You're gonna love that one too... It is sad how throughout history party members always deny facts about their leaders... B/A
  6. BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho last year was the nation's fastest-growing state, with close to 37,000 new residents boosting its population to nearly 1.8 million. In the past decade, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the deeply conservative state has seen a population jump of more than 200,000. Studies indicate many have come from liberal-leaning California, Oregon and Washington. But are those new residents bringing blue-state politics? Or are they Republicans fleeing the coast for conservative Idaho? An answer could emerge Tuesday when Idaho holds its presidential primaries. Dem
  7. SXSW has officially been canceled amid growing fears over the spread of coronavirus. As of Friday afternoon, there have been 17 confirmed cases in Texas, where the annual entertainment, music and technology festival takes place. At a press conference at Austin’s City Hall on Friday, a number of city officials updated the media on the status of the city’s upcoming festivals. “It’s really unfortunate to be canceling SXSW, it’s tied to who we are in this city, and I look forward to the next iteration of SXSW when it comes,” said Austin Mayor Steve Adler. Festival organizers
  8. “Oh, we’ll be cutting.” Those four words—spoken in response to a question about entitlements during a Fox News town hall on Thursday—are likely to haunt President Donald Trump for the rest of his re-election campaign. But don’t worry, Kellyanne Conway said Friday morning on Fox News, the president didn’t actually say what you heard him say. Fox News host Ed Henry brought those comments, referring to them as something Trump “seems to be trying to clean up this morning,” during the White House counselor’s latest appearance on the netw
  9. Yeah old those supporters didn't move the needle one bit... So either they didn't listen him, or there really aren't that many people behind him. B/A
  10. Robocallers have added an insidious twist to what is already a huge daily annoyance to many consumers. Transaction Network Services, which provides robocall detection services to major phone networks, told Yahoo Finance that it has begun to see reports of robocalls using coronavirus as its targeting method. In the past, scam calls have used fears about the IRS and Social Security benefits to take advantage of people, often pretending to be representatives from those government agencies. Recently, scammers have been employing a FedEx scam. But true to form, scammers once again adapt
  11. Ha Ha I may have to call my next one that, right after the RV B/A
  12. I wonder what programs. Surely he wouldn't cut senior benefits... Those people have it tough enough as it is. B/A
  13. Pre-Market Blues for Friday S&P Futures 2,945.25 -70.25(-2.33%) Dow Futures 25,500.00 -560.00(-2.15%) Nasdaq Futures 8,417.75 -231.00(-2.67%)
  14. So the negmiester thinks the Republicans are not to be questioned but the Democrats are? I guess you think there is no agenda for one side, but there is for the other.... What a rube. BA
  15. ? B/A
  16. Well if it was political for the Dems to investigate Trump, wouldn't it be the same if the Republicans investigate Biden, whose dad is a threat? B/A
  17. S&P 500 3,019.99 -110.13(-3.52%) Dow 30 26,095.56 -995.30(-3.67%) Nasdaq 8,738.50 -279.58(-3.10%) Russell 2000 1,477.71 -53.49(-3.49%)
  18. Across much of the United States, a warming climate has advanced the arrival of spring. This year is no exception. In parts of the Southeast, spring has arrived weeks earlier than normal and may turn out to be the warmest spring on record. Apple blossoms in March and an earlier start to picnic season may seem harmless and even welcome. But the early arrival of springtime warmth has many downsides for the natural world and for humans. Rising temperatures in the springtime signal plants and animals to come alive. Across the United States and worldwide, climate change is steadily disrup
  19. WASHINGTON (AP) — Melania Trump is set to make a rare fundraising foray into the 2020 campaign. President Donald Trump's reelection campaign is asking supporters to make a donation for a chance to meet the first lady in California. “Win a trip to meet first lady Melania Trump in Beverly Hills,” the campaign literature says. A date for the event was not included, though it is believed to be scheduled for mid-March. Mrs. Trump largely avoided campaigning and fundraising during the 2016 presidential campaign. The Trumps' son, Barron, was 9 when Donald Trump became a candidate
  20. WASHINGTON – Congressman Matt Gaetz, R-FL., wore a gas mask on the House floor while the chamber voted on a coronavirus funding bill Wednesday. It wasn't clear whether Gaetz was wearing the gas mask to troll those panicking over the outbreak, as multiple health organizations have repeatedly stated not to wear face masks. However, Gaetz, one of President Donald Trump's staunchest supporters on Capitol Hill, reportedly told journalists that he believes "members of congress are human petri dishes" His office reiterated this to USA TODAY, saying that members "are always in airpor
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