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  1. Thank you for the reminder . . . God will honor what you just did . . . HE is faithful! +1 and God Bless You!!!
  2. HappyVegas . . . I forgot to say about the teeth when you are losing them means that he is going to give you STRONGER teeth so that you can eat meat.
  3. Las Vegas . . . awesome . . . I am sure that He will use you to birth many things! God Bless!
  4. HappyVegas . . . consider this . . . from a spiritual point of view . . . I do not use those new age sites either. I think that your dream was awesome and very prophetic! You were going to the hospital to get help because some was wrong or missing . . . probably means going to God or, someone He has put in authority . . . the fertility dr. represents the fact that the Scriptures say that new things will be birthed . . . that we will bring them forth in the Kingdom. When we surrender to Him, then we become intimate with Him (praying, intercession, listening to His heart, His voice, desire for His purposes, etc.) and out of that intimacy (just like in marriage) comes conception and a new birth! Prophetically, when you are losing teeth, it usually means that God is going to give you more MEAT and not just be on milk anymore! In other words, you are maturing and not a babe. I am by no means an expert but I do attend a prophetic church and we have learned to interpret dreams . . . hope that this blesses you and I can not wait to hear what God is birthing in His Kingdom through you . . .
  5. Amen, Heavy Duty53!! Also, God Word says that in the endtimes anything that can be shaken will be shaken but that we stand in a Kingdom that can not be shaken! Hallelujah! (Can not look up the address of the Scripture right now . . . think that it may be Hebrews.) So, I guess he is shaking Washington . . . prophetically great sign . . . hopefully, repentance is coming to America! +1 from me . . .
  6. Spud . . . Adam is only for our good! He has sacrificed a lot to help all of the members here. He did NOT say the RV would happen . . . he was hoping, of course, and obviously, had indications that it may to have said anything. He also made is clear that if nothing happened in that 10 days that it would be after Ramadan. Most of us at Dinar Vets feel like we are a team with the same goal in mind and when you bash our leader, you are not on our side anymore! Please rethink your position on this.
  7. Go Michele and Go RV!!!
  8. I am praying, also. However, we must keep in mind that our faith, our hope and our trust is in HIM! It is not in the Dinar . . . the Dinar is not the answer, HE is! He can bring it in however He chooses . . . may not be the Dinar yet. I do know that HE is going to bring great wealth into the Kingdom during this last days, as that is what His Word says. I DO believe the Dinar is coming soon, nontheless! Thanks for the post . . .
  9. Hey guys . . . the link does work but you have to copy the whole thing and put in the address line. For some reason, only part of it is underlined so it does not go to the page! GO RV!!!
  10. Members of Congress need to quit fighting left and right . . . stating Democrat or Republican and say, "I am an American . . . this is my country and I am going to do whatever it takes to save it!" They need to fall on their face and cry out to God and ask HIM what needs to be done. They have been doing it, "their way," too long and need to do it HIS WAY! HE has the answer. God Bless America and Go RV!!!
  11. Sassy or Flossie. . . Go RV!
  12. Thanks, HeavyDuty . . . no matter how far we run . . . His Love is deeper still . . . His Grace is Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. +!
  13. Awesome, Easy! God Bless You. . . God is Good!!! +1
  14. Atheist . . . there are many scientist that now say that could not be! How about the scientist that wrote Ben Hur? He started out to prove that the Bible was not true and fell on His knees and cried out to God. . . . and there are others . . . especially now since they can read DNA. . . more and more scientist are seeing that all of this could not be an accident. Peace.
  15. Krucialmix . . . God is the one that calls the prophets . . . look at the five-fold ministry . . . apostle, prophet,evangelist, pastor and teacher. Ephesians 4:11. Also, He says that He will not do anything until He first reveals it to His prophets. He always has and always will. Peace.
  16. Zigs . . . thank you so much for your response . . . it was kind and I appreciate it! The difference between Christianity and other religions is that we serve a LIVING GOD! Also, in all others you have to perform and through works earn your way . . . our God will meet you in the gutter if that is where you are . . . it is a free gift. I respect your opinion, of course. Peace. Go RV!!!
  17. Zigs . . . that is truly sad . . . most people that turn from Him have been deeply wounded but that is usually when He gets the blame for something that He did not do!!! There is an enemy out there!!! and that enemy will try anything to get you, "off the walk." The Bridal Soul runs toward Him and not away from Him when tragedies and disappointments occur. We are in boot camp and being trained . . . we are going to take some hits! I pray that He reveal Himself to you again and that He restores to you whatever losses you have endured! He loves you . . . no matter where you go . . . deeper still is His Love!!!
  18. To the bashers and atheists When we become a Christian, we get off the throne of our lives and let HIM reign! He is interested in every facet of our lives . . . everything we have, including ourselves belongs to HIM!!! He states in His Word, that in the last days, HE will bring great wealth into the Kingdom of God to help bring The Harvest in. We do not bow our knee to the almighty dollar, we bow our knee to the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS!!! Yes, He is interested! We say, "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done" . . . we set our own agenda aside to accomplish HIS purpose! Some of you may not realize that HE has revealed Himself to us and He has awakened us to His love and there is nothing, nothing, nothing that can ever take that away . . . not your words, your intellect, your bashing . . . we do NOT receive it. He separates for us the profane and the Holy . . . we know what is going on . . . no offense . . . but you just do not know HIM! Chad . . . we are NOT beggar women or beggar men . . . we do not have to . . . we have all the riches in Glory, in Christ Jesus!
  19. Why not join VIP and cash in at one of Adam's banks at a higher rate?
  20. Badge me, please. I will try to borrow a digital camera and take a pic. Thanks! Go RV!!!
  21. Easy Rider . . . thanks for the post! I LOVE Kim Clement and know that he is a true prophet of God. If any one questions it, please review his past posts and his prophecies always come true. God Bless Him! +1 from me . . .
  22. Thank you, Navy Sky! I am in agreement with you . . . +1 from me. GO RV!!!
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