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  1. I appreciate ya! Thanks! Hang tight! I's coming. I can feel it. Nice coming from you.
  2. Check this link out. May not be from Wall street but I'm sure he has ties.
  3. Thanks for going above and beyond Mark!
  4. It looks like testing going on worldwide. Is it anything to get exited about? "Probably". Let it run it's course. We'll see when the smoke clears.
  5. I agree with you friend, add "My goal is to create jobs", and I think the list is pretty well complete. Thanks.
  6. Yes Sir!! Could very well be!
  7. I got that pesky link to work,! Thanks for you help. Just standing by now for a good butt woopin! Give it another hour or so! Have a good 1!
  8. I hope your're right my friend. Thank your brother me. Just putting the word out. All is good! PS: I never judge. Thanks for your concerns. Have a good 1. Trying to help a little here. That's all.
  9. This is the link I've been trying to post for so long. Paste in your browser. Hope it works. If it don't work. I tried. My last attempt. Thanks. If it works, it's a long one. I'm bailing after this one. Time to move on.
  10. I need your help. Can you help me? I had a Conference call that was sent to me that I feel has some meat to it. Pumper call or not, some good stuff here. Little bit of history. I could not get the link to work. My inexperience. Will you give a try? I got trashed for trying to get the word out. Very informative for what it's worth. Probably best to send it to you through email. Please advise.
  11. Best I can remember, Doc said he was take him a little break. Does he know something? He knows plenty. Enjoy it Doc!
  12. I support you 100%. For me, some things are better left unsaid. Best for me to leave it alone. This is not the right site for me to vent. Nufsaid. Godbless.
  13. Thanks for a little encouragement. Welcome to Dv!
  14. Just got off the phone with a UPS buddy. Confirms something stinks here. Seems they do business similar. Driver has no time to chat. Delivers and gone! They will deliver a bomb to you as long as it's prepaid or arrangement's are made for COD. Sender info means nothing. They track # and not names. After that you own it! Other issues needs to be addressed between sender and delivery company. Tensions way to high. Maybe time to back off a bit! 1 numeral off in tracking # causes issues. Source states that if you refuse delivery, you will get a posted note, be in on your door, or your forehead. All is recorded. This poster has probably been done an injustice by a certain individual, motive unknown. As hard as jobs are to come by today, I would hope they would do the right thing. Personally, I learned a lesson today. Welcome to DV poster! Again, folks are a bit edgy. Shame on me! Thanks for the reality check Adam. We're just so, so close, I tend to think one sided.
  15. Good things come to good people. Lord knows there's some good in this world. Personally, I'd like to see everyone rewarded. There's a lot of folks that could use some good news in there lives. I'ts just a shame it's all come to the Dollar bill to find happiness. There is truly more to life. If we win or lose is irrelevant, at least we fought the fight! No-one holds anyone to a commitment. The choices we make in life are ours alone. In your new found wealth, don't forget to share.
  16. Very nice post! Even though I may not like his politics, I really, really wan't him to make himself look good. This week would be the perfect opportunity. Take the credit and run with it Mr. "O"! See ya in Belize. Good things are coming people!!!!
  17. Wow, what's the current record for the red box. Just might have a winner!
  18. Let's calm a bit and think about it, wasn't all that long ago we were all newbies. It's all good. Breath a little and take a break. I gotta admit, this poster knows how to demand some attention.
  19. After a good weekend on DV, Emotions are raw. Not a good way to start a Monday. Trying to cool off myself. Remember. Focus.
  20. Dogmatic1 where are you? Help!! This would be good one to remove. Pissing to many folks off. We don't need this this far along in the game. Thanks.
  21. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy! Now that was funny! Thanks. Still crying. Have a great day!
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