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  1. Hi, A question for anyone with military links - With the current withdrawal of troops, what is the situation with taking money out of Iraq? Presumably a large number of these troops have all built up a large supply of dinar? Are they allowed to leave Iraq with it? PJ
  2. This is pure speculation though..why isnt this in the rumour section??
  3. Im confused...youve just contradicted yourself...if you dont need a tradeable currency that doesnt help us as investors at all??? PJ
  4. Found this with regards to the WTO discussions..dont know if its been posted already? PJ
  5. This is a guy who has bought dinars on the strength of these so called rumours, and is now pissed off that it hasnt happened, so hes throwing his toys out of the pram. Patience is a virtue fella...if youre pissed off sell your dinars!
  6. Ok. This is without links, but just had an email from the lady that put me on to this. Im in the UK she is in the states. Her info is as follows: 1) It appears that Thomson Reuters locked the revalue rate into their system on Friday (4/1/11) at 10pm US Pacific time. 2) It appears that the revalue is scheduled to be released to the rest of the system on Sunday (4/3/11) at 2pm US Pacific time (when the forex opens). 3) It appears that it will be “seen” in the US on Monday (4/4/11) at 6am US Pacific. (I’m not sure what “seen” means. Perhaps, it will be on banking screens by then, so an exchange could occur, if the bank is ready to do it.) 4) World Bank contacts appear to be confirming that the revalue is, in fact, in the pipeline [from more than one source]. 5) Finally, go to this site: When you arrive at this web page, you will notice a section labeled Current Trade Pairs and one labeled Pending Trade Pairs. If you look further, you will notice that the Iraq dinar (IQD) is paired with several currencies in the PENDING category. Now, notice that on 4/1/11 it was observed that the US dollar/Iraq dinar (USD/IQD) pairing moved from Pending to CURRENT Trade Pairs. It’s an obscure currency site, but the change has occurred there [and, note that WCrane is apparently a contractor in the middle east, so perhaps they know something others don’t know?] Please dont shoot the messenger! PJ
  7. Absolute rubbish..thats got nothing to do with why there is unrest in Libya. So did Moubarak have dinars?? Does Assad have dinars?? Stop looking for that smoking gun...patience is a virtue!
  8. peejay67

    RV Sunday?

    Ive just had a call from someone in the US treasury and they said ..."RV..whats RV ?...and they said Iraq...wheres Iraq? ......and then they said Arab summit...whats that soime kinda mountain?? I rest my case !!
  9. Sorry...does "GET" stand for GROSSLY EXAGGERATED TRASH ????
  10. Apologies if this appears callous, but if the current unrest continues, and provided things don't escalate in Iraq, could it not be to our advantage? With Libya threatening to suspend all oil exports, and problems getting oil from Saudi Arabia, could there be the possiblity of the RV being speedily brought forward so the export of oil from Iraq could be extended to more countries?
  11. In this article it states that $8 billion is equivalent to 9 trillion dinars...that equates to 1,200??? Can someone do the maths and advise where they would get this rate from?? PJ
  12. yes he did.... "PS. I called the same branch I called 2nd time I called BOA (when the lady by the name of cassandra told me about possibly dealing with IQD in Feb) and the man I spoke to (and I have this all recorded BTW) tells me that there is no and never has been a CAssandra working there and that I have been mislead. He also said that it is illegal for any bank in the US to trade the IQD and that there is absolutely no plan of trading it anytime soon. Read more:
  13. Sorry...I'm confused! I thought the budget had been read three times, passed and published in the gazette???
  14. Yeah, when you said "playing around with forexpro" you meant photoshopping?!
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