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  1. Hello Adam and thanks as always for your level headed and no-nonsense analysis. Question: Since we're now +/- 2 weeks after Ch. 7 and no sign of that elusive RV in sight, will VIP be again made available to those of us that want to join? Thanks again for everything Sir!
  2. Great idea, lets bring up contentious nonsense to split the Republican vote and guarantee Obama a 2nd term. Doesn't anyone learn from history? 1992, remember? Many people voted for Perot causing Clinton slid to victory. We saw how well that turned out
  3. Now rumors even include a built in excuse
  4. Holy S**t man, vote for whoever the hell you want to and STFU already.
  5. If its on craigslist he'll get plenty of offers from doctors in Nigeria who will send him a check blah blah....
  6. Wow that covered all the bases. Illuminati, UFO's, Atlantis, etc. I only wonder why Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster weren't mentioned
  7. Hi Bong, All I was asking for was Mr. Montana's view on the recent rash of RD articles/posts. I opened this thread because I respect Adam's thoughts and opinions, that's all. I think it's unfair to infer that I do not support the site and that I must spend money to become a VIP to obtain an answer. The fact is that I DID have a VIP membership at one time and I chose not to renew it for my own reasons. This was in the fall of last year. To take it a step further, I opened a thread in the VIP section inquiring about some RD related issues thinking I could get a straight answer without getting hammered. You know what happened...I never received an answer. All you could hear was crickets chirping. I never thought Adam has a magic wand to make a 25:1 RV occur tomorrow. I asked his opinion with regards to the recent RD threads/articles because I respect his opinion. So am I in or Out, well that depends on how you look at it. I did purchase a VIP membership. I recommended this site to several people. I contribute to this site. So does that mean I am in or out? Or does being 'IN' only happen if you dole out +/- $400 for a VIP? Lastly, I am not a member of any other Dinar site nor have I visited/read anything from any other site. I only belong to DV. I was however an Admin of a non-Dinar site and I understand the value of contributions. I understand that contributions to a site come in more forms than a financial donations. Our site only took voluntary donations and even with maybe <150 regularly active members out of 1500 total, we ALWAYS received enough donations to pay for the site 3-times over each month. PS - yea the avatar rocks doesn't it!!! LOL!
  8. Hey Keep, it's been a while. In my opinion, by looking at this without rose-colored glasses but instead looking through Mr. Spock logic glasses--you guys have broken this down and made a very sensible train of thought that is backed with fact. Although of course as everyone else I hope for a 3:1 straight up RV, it appears that isnt very logical. I've been in for over 2 years and I am going to stay in until the end. My Dinars are bought and paid for and thank God I am not in a position where I am so hard up for money that I need to sell. The fact is is I were to sell, I can virtually guarantee the next day there would be a 10:1 straight up RV---JUST because I would no longer have any IQD. it's that Murphy's Law thing you know. You haven't seen me much on here because I got bored with Okie & Co.'s BS, tired of false prophesies, tired of seeing dates come and go, etc. Again we wait...
  9. If the buyer sends you paypal but sends it as a 'Gift' (there's an option to do this), no fees are charged. I see you sold everything but for future reference...this is how to circumvent their extortionist fees.
  10. I dunno fellas...if you really sit down and read what folks like Dinarck, KeepM, etc write about the topic and if you take the time to think about their words...they make an awful lot of sense. Common Sense. I don't discount Adam; I respect his up front UN-guru-like opinions and statements...I'd just like to hear his thoughts about the subject and why he feels the 'lopsters' are incorrect.
  11. Recently there's been some fascinating threads posted by some who feel a RD is imminent and that a RV is a pipe dream. Adam, you have stated on many occasions that a RD is and always has been a possibility; however your opinion is that it will not RD but instead RV. The folks who post these RD threads have made compelling arguments and make a lot of sense. Without trying to draw you into this whole debate, I (and I believe many other on here) would like to know in light of the arguments laid out by some, WHY do you feel a RD is not likely to occur and if you can, please substantiate your views with any facts/data. Again, not trying to throw you in the middle of a contentious topic; we just greatly respect your opinion and care to hear your thought on the matter. Thank you
  12. I might be leaning to agree with the notion of 1 million becoming 1 thousand via removing 3 zeroes. First off there been much talk of a massive 'educational campaign' to inform the citizens of this new plan and how it will affect them. Now the average Iraqi is not very intelligent so a long, lengthy, drawn-out educational process might be required so they know precisely what's going on and how it impacts them. On the other hand, if removing 3 zeroes meant removing them from the exchange rate, all the average Iraqi would need to know is that their 1 IQD equals 1 USD. Pretty simple. So if they bought a can of Coke and paid for it with 1 USD, now they can use 1 IQD (when the LDs are introduced). Not really too much educating necessary. Conversely, if the average Iraqi needs to know 'well your 25,000 IQD note is now really a 25 IQD note however, blah, blah, blah....' Well yea there might be some confusion amongst the masses there. In that scenario I could see how a rigorous educational campaign would be necessary.
  13. Surely if he had something of interest to share, he'd pop on here and elaborate. he always does
  14. TD Bank screens (the ones the employees access) have a 'drop down' menu which when clicked opens a menu with currencies listed. The IQD is NOT listed in this drop down menu anymore--as per my wife who deals with foreign currencies on a daily basis at TD Bank and her manager. Any further information they they need regarding the IQD needs to be fulfilled by the Forex department and requires a phone call or email to the Forex specialists who are NOT at the branch.
  15. That move of 1170 to 1166...was there any real significance to it oe simply a dog & pony show? Thanks for keeping it real.
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