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  1. Going with my gut is what got me to buy the dinar anyway... in this upside down world we live in where corporate news is propaganda, economics 101 is ponzi economics 101, and black is white, I know damn well that when all the lopsters talk about basic economic principles yada yada, that they have no idea of the reality we currently live in... we have a 17 trillion dollar debt, the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency is on the horizon, and lopsters think by spewing keynesian bull**** economic talking points is going to get me to sell... no way, no how, this will end some day, and it won't end in an economics 101 type of way.
  2. The federal reserve is not a government agency... it's a private bank, therefore it will not be a .gov site.
  3. Ummm disposing of a horrible dictator puppet that we put into power while killing millions of innocent people is nothing to brag about, Sadam and Daddy bush were the bestest of friends, until a business deal went sour and Sadam invaded kuwait... that's the problem with the puppets we put into power, sometimes they go rogue, and we must "liberate the people from a horrible dictator"
  4. This article dates back to at least last year, I remember reading it and watching the newsmax video last year... I agree with it...but the timing is annoying, I've been reading zerohedge for years now, I'm awake and I know the end game, but it's frustrating seeing old cycle repeat itself, QE, Euro crisis, etc. Makes me think this charade can go on forever.
  5. "We believe today, June 27, 2013, will represent an historic day for Iraq and the international community" ....or something like that was just said... done deal, out of chap 7.
  6. Gold and silver getting monkey hammered... the market is such a manipulated mess it defies logic, up is down, down is up, gold is evil and must be crushed
  7. Odd time to be selling... and selling so much... are you in some kind of emergency?
  8. Because they are bypassing the dollar, "the world reserve currency" thus another domino that falls...
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