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  1. But my point was that any long term appreciation of the dinar is independent (just financially speaking) of whether they RD or do not RD. The RD is revenue neutral. Long term appreciation is about the value of the money supply (not changed by an RD) versus their GDP. If they RD there may be additional logistical issues, like how long will the current IQD be exchangeable and will it be exchangeable anywhere other than dealers with their big margins. But ignoring those potential logistical issues (which migh be serious) if the new-dinar appreciates over that ten year period, so will the IQD since the rate between the two is locked. Of course long term appreciation is by no means certain.So is it the logistical issues you are concerned about? Or is there some other reason you think an RD would inhibit long term appreciation of the (new) dinar?
  2. If GDP (mostly oil exports) grows faster than inflation then certainly its possible they will make up the difference by raising the exchange rate. But, would think that will occur whether they RD or not.
  3. So now I'm not just confined to LOP Talk but am on mod review. I guess if I was "selling the RV" I wouldn't want me here either.
  4. Wow, this article has certainly gotten the GO-RV crowd excited! Exactly. The have "postponed" the RD. I don't see why, but an RD has always just been a connivence for Iraq. Its important for dinar investors as once it kicks in it makes an RV obviously impossible (for those that do not seem to understand that from just the basic economics). The idea that they must either RD or RV is a false dichotomy. They do not have to do anything. Their economy is working with modest inflation and good growth. Eventually they certainly will do an RD but there is no particular hurry. Its too bad for the GO-RV'ers since now they can continue in their fantasy. Maybe the schedule will change again after Shabibi addresses parliament.
  5. I don't know that is the post that resulted in my confinement, but it does seem likely. Thanks for the comment. Thanks!
  6. Thanks. Given that my profile now shows my group as "lopster" instead of "member", I don't think logout/in is going to help! (but thanks for the thought! )
  7. Why? Do most of the things you talk about with folks involve active investments for you? I would presume not. I'd guess like most everyone its just a wide range of stuff you are interested in. What is it about the dinar investment that makes you (and many others) exclude it from this general rule? I find the whole thing an interesting phenomenon.
  8. No message as to why, or even that it was done. I just noticed everywhere except LOP Talk I no longer have permission to reply, or post or start new topics etc. I don't think I've been particularly controversial in my posts, or at least no more so now then when I singed up a couple of months ago. I did post a correction to the definition of an RD from Adam's chat this morning. Oh well, I guess you don't get to find these things out. It is the prerogative of the sites owners, so such is life. In any case, not being able to actively participate here, I likely won't be here much from now on. But, will still try and drop by now and then. Oh well.
  9. What makes you so afraid of hearing anything other than a go-RV viewpoint that you resort to this sort of nonsense? I'm not responsible for your limited imagination. I am in front of a computer a lot (I'm a programmer) so its easy to take a quick look. I was in it for about 11 months, and no I am certain I made a good choice by getting out when I did. The only better choice would have been to not get in, but back then the Koolaid tasted soooo good.
  10. I think this is missing a rather key point. A ReDenomination ALWAYS involves the issuing of a new and distinct currency with its own exchange rate and symbol. It is most emphatically not the addition of lower denominations into the existing currency. The old and new currencies have a fixed exchange rate between each other. Often though not always, that is 1000:1 . Both new and old rates can continue to go up or down together relative to other currencies. If this occurs in Iraq (as I think it will) that would mean a new-dinar 25 would be exchanged for an IQD 25,000 . As far as I know a LOP is exactly an RD, and thus so is a bunny ear if its the same as a LOP. I never have heard where the term "bunny ear" comes from, does anyone know?
  11. There are only two ways currency exchange rates are set. 1 by the central bank pegging it to a particular value as Iraq is doing, or 2 it being freely traded and hence its value is set by whatever traders, banks, etc will pay for it as occurs with the USD. If Iraq continues to peg then they have to have the foreign exchange to back it up, which they do now with a little to spare, so no way can they increase its exchange rate more than that little bit. If they let it float, then they don't get to set the rate and it might well go down and at least might fluctuate quite a bit which is very bad for their economy. Except for oil, you pay for goods in the currency of origin, so Iraq first has to exchange dinars for Euros or Dollars or Yen etc. But the only thing those other countries want to buy from Iraq is oil, which is paid for in dollars not dinars. Basically they need to run their economy (and the national budget) from the money coming in from oil and having dinars be worth more does not change that.
  12. Then instead of merely asserting that what you say is true, you should be able to easily make a good case for it, but you have not even attempted to do so. All you did was compare Obama to Hitler, and NO ONE when reading that was thinking "oh that must be a reference to some similarity of pre-war political agenda". So my criticism of your rhetoric remains valid even IF your assertion above is true, which is doubtful in the extreme.
  13. I was invested, I am not anymore. I still find the topic, the whole myth mechanism and thinking, interesting. e.g.: Why is it that when someone disagrees with you, your reaction is to question their motives for participating in the discussion?
  14. "make them feel bad"? Did you read the post of mine you quoted? I specifically said I was just curios and not trying to give them a hard time. Real estate is quite different where ever sale is different, here dinars are dinars are dinars. So I found it a bit surprising that they have managed to buy so low, that's all. No big deal. Thanks for the info Mike. (I sold all mine for an average of about $1010/M net after figuring in shipping, paypal & ebay fees etc).
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