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  1. oy vey!!!! Please stop snipping at each other! If you don't like the rumors DO NOT READ THEM. Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to express it. Please try and be nice.....we are all adults here, aren't we??
  2. :rolleyes:About time the tables were reversed! Good for him!!
  3. I have purchased three orders from my bank since the end of the year, each purchase too at least two weeks to get dinars in hand. The first order came with crisp uncirculated bills, the other two orders came with used tattered bills, I don't know if this means anything but it doesn't seem like normal feign exchange policy to sell old tattered bills unless the supply is dwindling. just a thought.
  4. Good Morning from Chicago!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks Scooter! Nice post to wake up to!
  6. Well, your info. couldn't be any worse than what we have bashing here from me. +1 for your bravery from me. Hope you're right!!
  7. If you want to get the most accurate information on anything from anything about everything who has done everything THIS IS NOT A RUMOR, THIS IS FACT......this guy has played polo in the desert with Maliki, he has played chess on several occasions with Allawai, he has slept with Barzani's daughter, once or twice, his Mother has a tattoo that says "Son" and you guessed it! He drinks" Dos X Equios" beer. Go RV and stay thirsty my friends!!! :lol:
  8. No we're not and here it is Monday, once again and we wait, wait, wait........
  9. God will send a lightening bolt with a note on the end of it. Then you will have an answer!
  10. I love Okie, G o Okie, Go RV
  11. As with all investments, there are risks. There are no guarantees with any investment! But if you read, research and listen I think you will find that THIS investment IS going to happen. It's just a question of WHEN not IF. Iraq has to change the way their country is going and they need a tradable currency! It is a country rich in resources and it has to RV the currency to take care of its people and be able to trade with other countries. That's my opinion.
  12. Good post! Well informed for a newbie..... :D
  13. Well, I certainly hope for an RV as well. This is an investment and we are talking about patient my friend.....we are all hoping for the best!!!
  14. Will he ever be right??? If you throw enough S**** against a wall some is bound to stick......
  15. I don't even think this is funny......what a time links, no facts to support statements....not nice.
  16. Not getting that warm fuzzy feeling...... :blink:
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