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  1. Thats hype if I ever what to do when it rv go see your tax people what the gov gonna do were to cash in bs go to the damn airport or a bank damn ali yea said it when u travel do you need anybody or a xchange center thankyou comon gurus monday here na what pumpers get mad hit da red spot hat wen the truth out here miss spelled **** on purpose kick me off dont care but stop playing wit people holla rv baby dueces
  2. Confrence not about much alot of ha ha ha passing the ball you tell I tell them get intell cant say much but its here can jonny say something again ha ha ha sunday or monday ha ha pause no dates and rates ha ha waste of a recording
  3. ? What does that matter good info but no rv yet so who cares
  4. Iraq is unstable atms on each corner dont buy that they will be snatched up quick theives I think they want a controled enviroment and just will use banks
  5. Keep it 100 im tired of these clowns get team terry okie thing 1and2 atheana frank none of yall dont know so stop making promises its going down theses clowns making money and for the folks thst love them puff begon too yea I missesd spelled so shiznizell and I didnt use a ..?or + I aint in colloge no more holla
  6. It was just a joke why dont you cream puffs get your panties out of a bunch im keeping thes dinars to the end the people that get upset is the ones that spent and couldnt afford the investment long haul go rv chumps
  7. Joe no need for name calling if im a *********** you are to you have dinars
  8. Im tired and these websites make it worse had dinar eight years im finish if it dont happen tommorow these dinars are going up in flames im burning them all the heck with it
  9. Give me a break its been every week of this month its done goverment all finished $2 $3$6$7$1 new intell .30 we really think these guys dont know jack now there trying to sell silver and gold had my dinars since 03 and still waiting and nobody on a conference call knows when it will rv cant sell me silver bought it at $11.00 and ounce haha
  10. Why are these guys using the same post with a different angle my cousin brother uncle
  11. Yea I believe in the rv but these guys are putting people thru a roller coaster ride and its wrong everything that happens is an excuse why it aint rv yet
  12. Yea newbie to this site so what had dinar since 03 I am just tired of these guys lying let me name a few thing 1 and 2 okie doke man oh and frank god is going to pull the trigger leave god out of it frank and egyp has nothing to do with the rv week after week different excuse its done then its not garbage confrence calls oh im eating lunch what u got today nothing don't promote other sites good stories these guys should write a book how should I cash in let me tell you blah blah go to the airport and be done If it happens more hype to sell dinar and to click on there google ads and donate
  13. I dont know nobody at the bank I been reading this for days and decided to sighn up And I dont have any intell im about facts thats why I went to bbt so that is true lets move on
  14. sandblaster


    im new here alot of bull had my dinar for seven years any hope im putting this in the right place im in nc I went to bbt today and ask was up with the dinar the assistant manager had no clue he said let me ask my manager he came back and said she received an email to stop selling the dinar BUT we can buy it I would have to open an account the would send it off to verify if its real I know some people been thru this but thats what happen they told me too hold on to it strait up also I dont have my recipt were i bought it been so long so what will happen I wont be able to change it
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