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  1. The guy they are showing right now invested in the iraqi dinar...the wife was talking about it calling it the iraqi deeenar...i almost choked on my tea i was drinking...
  2. if you go to this government site in the month of april you will see 3 total dinar sites were i said its a government sitearkansas government site im sorry, it was more than 3 in the month of april..
  3. I am sorry for giving you misleading information..I guess my informant was wrong..have a good day ladies and gentlemen..
  4. I don't know what a ping is?? Just telling you what I was told
  5. I will don't worry..I always admit when I'm wrong...I'm not a guru..
  6. I just heard this too...are you in Louisiana? Just trying to confirm we don't have the same source...
  7. I got a phonecall from someone close who got a phonecall from someone far away..
  8. It is happening now...said something about pinging...anyone else heard this? As of now its rumor..hope its not a rumor but truth..ok that's all I got..
  9. had a co-worker who knows im invested in dinar tell me he heard clark howard last week talking about dinar being a scam...his show came on our tv while we were at work saturday and he showed me who he was. he looks like he doesnt have a clue, kinda nerdy looking guy. any way, does anyone watch this guy and if so did you see this episode??
  10. they all get their stories mixed up.....the prophets birthday is on the 17th..not today...i believe he is the one posted that 2 days ago...just saying not hating...
  11. keylime......has the lady responded to your email or call yet?? i havent seen it in the thread...unless i overlooked it...thanks.
  12. nothing that big and important...the person who got us involved is the one passing the information to the rest of us...he recently went to texas this week and was part of several conference calls with people (he didnt give us names) who are in involved in iraq, people in the banking system in new york, and other investors that have contacts located in iraq. so we will see what pans out after this weekend is over. i just hope for his sake its not rumors. ive gotten use to them from being on here but im not so sure about the other people in our group. im pretty sure it will all turn out well
  13. so what if they are leaving it in that html code that says it is dated from 2004 just to throw us americans off and say its fake?? but actually is the rate they are cashing in over there. i heard it will show up in forex possibly sunday evening or during monday..but its just a rumor..kinda funny the things we were told in a meeting today were the same things i have been reading for the last 2 days...things that make you go hmmm??
  14. it says 2010 at the bottom?? 12/10/2010?? anyone else see this or are my eyes playing tricks on me??
  15. things that are being said about them being in prayer in the night time...........not sure i understood my pastor right but i think he said that the GOVERNMENT was having a prayer session which he was saying it was unusual for the government to be still meeting and in prayer at that late in the night or early in the morning....
  16. was talking about LSU Tigers playing Texas A&M tonight in the cotton bowl...but since you went there...Auburn is gonna beat the ducks!!
  17. my pastor just called and said his contact called him. they are still in a prayer session in iraq which is unusual b/c it is 2 am there...NY bank was notified to get ready to cash dinar of up to that is not the rate, they just said of up to that amount...said we should possibly know today or tomorrow...ready to be beat up...just passing information from my pastor...that is all..have a good night and GEAUX TIGERS!!!! thanks, cenlalsufan
  18. not saying this in a bashing type way but curious.....why do you say this?? whether you say its God or the Holy Spirit..i say ive heard the Holy Spirit tell me its not all profound this and thou like in the king james version but just like you and i are may call me crazy but i know what it is..and dont be like some of the other people who say "well if you hear from God why dont you just ask him when its going to happen?" because that would be similar to the devil tempting Jesus in the desert.. so again i ask why do you say no one hears any voice today?? isnt HE the
  19. there are a few from our church who have stepped up and seen this as an opportunity from God. Just as the poster stated about working in the evening shift and receiving a fulls day pay...the same was recently said to the "investors" in our church by our pastor. last year there was an opportunity on a sunday night that our pastor presented to us in the congregation...he asked us who would like to be a "purse" for God. several of us came to the front to be prayed over. needless to say almost all of the ones who stood up and came to the front were the ones who invested. our pastor described
  20. whoaaaa....hold the horses right wanna talk about people dying and not be worthy...i havent said one thing like not condemning stepmother died from cancer 6 months after she prematurely gave birth to my little sister...she was one of the best people you could ever meet...she was an RN and poured her life out as a servant to any and everyone she came across...we should all be servants as Jesus lead as an example...are you saying that she didnt live past 31 that she wasnt worthy..i sure didnt say that all honesty none of us are worthy enough to step fo
  21. i totally agree He does allow us to choose freely. i also think that He DOES want to be a part in every little thing we do even though we dont ALLOW Him. whats wrong with praying for a door to be opened in an area or avenue you are leaning toward taking?? if it happens then it happens and if not then it must have not meant to be..
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