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  1. This is "rubbish" !!! I received my latest order like clock work as usual from DT and got some this area the Fed Ex drivers are in the know and buy themselves...but the story does make for an interesting read....
  2. RUMOR OR RV RATE? As of 16:50 CT 01/15/2011 Jordan Islamic Bank is still showing what appears to be the starting RV rate for the Iraqi Dinar. The rate has been displayed for over two days. The site is in arabic and english 1.00 IRAQ DINAR = 3.22 USD TAKE A LOOK...WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  3. As of 01/15/2011 @ 16:18 CST 1 USD = 0.00084 IQD OANDA RATE HOLDS STEADY 01/15/2011 1 USSD = 0.00084 IQD Take bp med or grab another bud...because it ain't going up or down as of now!
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