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  1. worst tornadoes that i remember--and now the floods coming along the Mississipi river--predicted to be the worst ever
  2. am i reading this correctly ? 1 dinar to 1 cent---as oppossed to the normal rate of 1/10 of a cent the 15 minute delay chart is where i found this
  3. i heard positive news a few days ago from a mining friend of mine in Venezuela--knows international bankers--5.13 rate not confirmed--and i don't believe hardly anything until it actually happens
  4. 5 months of these lies and rumors---going fishing--play golf my investment might pay off--or not--do not worry about it anymore
  5. i don't see how a country can re-value their currency only " in country " and still have a world-wide recognized currency----imho
  6. thank you--a lot of wound up negative attitudes here--no sense of humor
  7. it is in the rumor section---makes as much sense as a lot of other topics lately sorry if my attempt at humor failed
  8. meet the writer of this topic in person--say what you just did-- NEWBIE
  9. hey : talk radio just had a soldier on from ft. bragg---they are going on 1/2 pay nothing about our government makes sense pinedale says HI
  10. i sent an e-mail to the central bank of Iraq---requesting info about the possible RV : they were vague of course with their response--" we know nothing " after 5 days of B.S. rumours " the RV is done "---this seemed like a good idea: then i starting hearing pinging noises on my laptop : called the Geek Squad to come over and fix it : they said " the C.B.I. has selected your laptop [ secret imbedded code in the e-mail ] " to be the very first person to announce the RV at a rate of #.**
  11. fantastic post--one of the best i ever read here---thanks
  12. fractional banking explains how they cover the cash-in :
  13. 25,000 notes will equal 1000 250 dinar notes, if they LOP---you don't lose anything
  14. i would imagine that the home page will have a fireworks show--lol
  15. since you are new here--then you don't know who Okie even is--an obvious pumper his predictions have never been right one single time
  16. i printed the terms and conditions---computers are easy to trace
  17. i posted that topic yesterday in technical forum--the facts are clear in regards to plagiarism Material from and any other World Wide Web site owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by another site's Tidbits Corporation or any of its related, affiliated, or subsidiary companies (together, "another site's Tidbits") may not be copied or distributed, or republished, uploaded, posted, or transmitted in any way, without the prior written consent of another site's Tidbits EXCEPT: you may download one copy of the material on one computer for your personal, non-commercial home use only, provided you do not delete or change any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices
  18. that was quite a commotion yesterday--i never believed a word of it--not believing anything until the CBI shows the rate
  19. DD does not allow reprint--cut and paste of their articles--read their terms and conditions--bottom of the main page
  20. " Tomorrow the banks across the USA starting in the east at 7:30 am will show the new rate that was excepted by the WTO " i will remember that exact statement from Frank tomorrow
  21. DD does not allow copying their articles---read their terms and conditions
  22. chuckray

    Okie X3

    wouldn't it be great if Okie was finally right ? not believing the hype until it shows up on the CBI
  23. i just went there----no problem
  24. only 1 company i know of requires proof of purchase----otherwise they are run through the delarue counting machine
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