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  1. Will Do Easy. I won't bother you with anymore posts on your site. Go Big or Go Go Home, Go RV!
  2. Do the words BITE ME mean anything to you
  3. No Im not a pumper and I don't claim to be anything but what I am. I am fortunate to have 2 close friends that are very close to this thing. We talk almost daily and I pass on whatever info I am aloud too and what I think is worth repeating. It seems to be coming in faster and faster. Which is a good sign. Lately, the other sites have been grabbing my posts and using them for there own, but what can you do. Thanks for the heads up about bashing me into the Rocks. I will tread lightly
  4. I love it when they copy my stuff and pass it of as there own.
  5. Great news From DC. Everything is a go for RV but still need fully seated GOI. If we can get past this last hurdle we are home free. Names are submitted but no Vote today. Can't someone go over there and sit these Jack Wagons down and get this done. Shabibi will be back in Iraq Thursday. If they can seat the security positions it's over. We've only been saying that for 4 months now. Maybe by some miracle they will put there own agendas aside and do what is best for Iraq. Similiar news from Iraq. Everything is ready to Roll, just waiting on Security Ministers. Once they get that complete it will be a matter of hours to 3 days maximum before RV. Stay patient. Go Big or Go Home, Go RV
  6. Too funny, I think we should lead with your intel. Good stuff. Sounds like you could use a hug. Have a bad day did we?????
  7. No I am not affiliated with them. Thanks for kind words. You takeyour life in your hands posting sometimes. Have a great night.
  8. Just off the phone with my DC buddy. Things are set for the meeting with Shabibi. He will be in the meeting tomorrow but I don't expect to get much out of him about it but he will usually give me a general idea of what is happening. He said again Iraq is the hold up. They need to fully seat the GOI and until then it's a no go. He did hear that they will vote tomorrow in private to finalize security positions. Lets hope. That would be one in a row for those guys. I also talked to my buddy in Iraq. He said that nothing has been released and there was no in country RV like some of the sites are stating. His employer said he will be notified 2 hours prior the actual event and that he would call me as soon as that happens. They are still expecting it this week unless no security ministers. So get it done already. Keep Smiling. Go Big or Go Home, Go RV!
  9. Thats the funniest thing I've ever seen posted here. Bravo
  10. If you really think im concerned if you believe my intel or not your wrong, but your a typical shallow minded duece bag that thinks that no one can have real intel. Too funny, I would gladly take your bet but I never stated it would happen in 30 days in my post. You need to learn to focus better. LOL. Also not only will I take your bet but I will put my money where my mouth is and make it 500,000 dinar that it will go down within 3 days of the GOI being fully seated and announced. And if you got the stones to take my bet make sure you are legit because I will collect and I will bring my buddy with me so you can give him the respect he deserves. He's retired Specail Forces with 3 tours in the ME under his belt and is now working private security in Iraq as we speak to provide for his family. He is a true hero that has sacrificed more for this country than you can imagine. So if you feel the need to try and discredit someone so you feel better about yourself, you had better stick with me because he is way out of your league.
  11. Hows the veiw from the cheap seats Jim? If you dont want people's intel then what are you doing here? I'm not a pumper but I'm also not afraid to share the intel i receive for fear that some shallow minded people might not like it. I can take the heat. Can you?
  12. To LOP or not to LOP? That is the question « on: Today at 09:40:32 AM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I talked to my buddy today who is Head of security for a Big Wig in the Iraqi banking world. Yesterday he decided to ask his employer point blank about the RV and Rate. Well he did it and he got a little Economics 101 course from the man. He told him since he had saved his life he was planning including him in this blessing and went to his safe and pulled out an envelope with my friends name on it. He told him to open it, so he did and it was full of 25,000 notes. He told my buddy that was his money and that it totalled 5 million Dinar. The man asked him if he knew what it would be worth after they removed the 3 zeros from the currency. My friend said he wasn't sure since it not worth much now. So the man grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down 1 IQD = 0.000855798. He then removed the 3 zeros showing 1 IQD = 0.855798. He then went on to tell him that in addition to removing the 3 zeros the value was to be adjusted to show its true status in relation to the world and that would raise the value substancially. My buddy was very excited and asked the man what that rate would be. The man told him he knew the rate but could not share that information with anyone. My buddy then asked when this was to happen.. The said he was told by Shabibi the head of CBI that it would happen within hours or a day or two of the GOI being fully seated. My friend then asked if it was okay if he shared this knowledge with others and he told him I have not told you anything but what Shabibi himself has released to the press. So that should wrap up all the LOP talk and it confirms to me that we are on the right track and should see things happen once the GOI is fully seated. It also sounds like we can expect better than a 1 to 1 ratio versus the US dollar. Go Big or Go Home, Go RV!
  13. Longfellow


    Timing « on: April 16, 2011, 10:09:43 AM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While it's true that we could see the RV at anytime. I am hearing from my buddy from Iraq that things look to be set up for Tuesday thru Thursday window and most likely Wednesday or Thursday. He overheard his employer talking with someone on the Phone this afternoon (our Morning) and they were discussing the announcement to the world. It was said, once the GOI was fully seated then they will wait for Shabibi to return to Iraq before it's made official. These bankers also talked about Shabibi as being the architect and facilitator of Iraq's rise to greatness. They are very excited and anxious for this to happen and are happy that the people of Iraq will finally be able to move past a very dark time in there history. These men expressed their anger towards the lack of concern of the GOI towards the people and total disreguard for the quality of life they have had to endure all these years. This information is a reminder that this event is first and foremost a blessing for the Iraqi people and we are just a footnote at the bottom of the page. And though this will be life changing for each of us it is my challenge to all of us to Pay It Forward and use our new found wealth to bless the lives as many as possible and as a group change the world forever. That reminds me of a story of a boy on a beach where thousands of star fish had washed up shore. He was hurriedly tossing the Star fish back into the ocean before they dried up and died. A man seeing what he was doing asked the boy why waist your time you can't possibly make a difference. They boy smiled and tossed another star fish back into the ocean and said. "I made a difference to that one." Go Big or Go Home, Go RV!
  14. Over, It's not over « on: April 17, 2011, 04:27:30 PM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have talked to both my guys today. Both are telling me the exact same thing. Our ride is not over yet but we are very close. I dont expect it today or tomorrow but if certain things get finished then it can go anytime. The Iraqi bankers are still looking for things this coming week but only if we have a fully seated GOI. My buddy there has decided to take the direct approach and flat out ask the men he provides security for about the RV and a rate. He's a bull in a china closet. I'll let you know what he finds out. I also talked with my US source and he knows the rate. I asked him to tell me, but he said he couldn't, I begged a little and he asked what would make me happy? I said anything over 3. he said I would be very happy. I like Very Happy. Anyway, don't get discouraged when Sunday and Monday come and go like always and nothing. We are very close. Once we have a fully seated GOI, then it's time to get amped up. Keep the faith. Go Big or Go Home, Go RV!
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