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  1. Good stuff. I promise there is more to come.
  2. Other Doc's like these to follow. Each of these pumpers will be held responsible it's just a matter of time. I gave fair warning a few months back and looks like Ali was the only one smart enough to listen. Ah well.
  3. One thing that got me thinking was.. whats to keep the Taliban from selling these stolen dinars to the american people? I mean if they can see profit being made with little to no effort.. why not? How would we know if the Dinar we are purchasing is not funding a less then Reputable org? I mean a Lot of people are just going off what they are told and people seem to like to defend people they do not know personally because of faith.. but truth be told.. A LOT of us really do not know where our dinars are coming from... and to add the fact that it looks like a certain "Ally" was harboring a certain Worlds most wanted.. Can you really trust a goverment that is cut from the same cloth as this certain "Ally"? Anyways just thinking.
  4. I can't wait!!! I'm going to have so many @, (, and $.. that I will finally be above the law. haaazaaaaa
  5. So I am sure you all have read the news inregards to Gunmen killing five people during the robbery of an Iraqi money exchange in the city of Baquba on Saturday and how the Robbers stole 4 billion Iraqi dinar ($3.4 million) it is also being reported that the robbery has connections to Al-Q. As this is a HUGE amount of money if the RV happens does that mean that the Al-Q has now gotten the money to continue their attacks and then some. With that being said would anyone think that this could be a reason to prevent an RV?
  6. It's also being reported that 4 billion Iraqi dinar ($3.4 million) was stolen. They are suggesting that the robbery has ties with Al-Q.. so with that being said. If the Iraqi Dinar does revalue the Al-Q has won the lotto of all lottos.
  7. So a little over a month or so ago I mentioned that I heard a rumor that some of the dinar sites were being investigated. Welllll now one is shutting down.. since some people are confused as to this event being a good sign or not... just something to think about. figure people should see the other side to this coin even if it is not a posative one. lets see what happens next.
  8. I heard a rumor that a handful of people are going to pursue an investigation into a couple of Dinar Sites. They have kept track of names and dates and a slew of other things as the "Pumpers" storys continue to change. Supposedly they have enough to warrant this investigation into these sites due to the amount of people involved and the large amount of money in play. Sooooo.. Curious to see how true it is but I figure if things start getting quiet then it might just be true.. Either way this is to the Pumpers and others.. "Heads up" :popcorn:
  9. Wow.. So this guy was banned because he disagreed with the pumpers and backed up his disagreements with pure fact and a unquestionable logic? LOL What would you rather hear more of Okie and the rest of the pumpers crap? Is that what you want to keep hearing? The one guy who backed up his disagreement with facts got banned.. yea that makes sense. For you guys who are following your faith in this investment I just wanted to share a story I was told when I was younger about a Mans town being flood to summarize. Every attempt the man was given to be rescued he turned down because he would say that His faith in god would save him.. well eventually the man died. Well when he went to face God he asked God, "Why didn't you save me" and to which God replied, "I Did! I kept sending rescuers and you kept turning them down!" Let me ask you something.. How do you know these people who are coming on here providing facts and logic that shows this RV is not going to happen the way the pumpers are saying aren't just that.. Gods way of saving you from even more heart ache? God sometimes peoples greed makes them so damn daft it's beyond funny it's just sad. Maybe his and the others who come on here spouting logic and reason come on here is to try and save a few people from being taken advantage of.. But no you guys rather listen to the pumpers pump their crap then cry about it when it doesn't happen then get all excited when the SAME pumpers spout even more crap.
  10. Thats the US for you.. taking a good idea and making it better.. Sometimes I can't help but to be proud to be an American..
  11. :Toe in dirt: I wish people still called me...
  12. That was my hopes when I entered this investment to be FINALLLY be able to afford that used '84 Honda. this is so awesome I am totally gunna be a thousandaire now!!!
  13. This is the Matrix? :Neo dodges the negatives:
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