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  1. NOOBS!!! DON"T LISTEN TO THE PUMPERS!!!! This was from what... 3 years ago.... LOL!!!
  2. Hiya Thug!!! Good to see ya!!! Yeah, I'll let ya know!!! will even let ya in on the deal!!!
  3. I couldn't help it... I had to sign in and respond to this thread.... One time deal... I'll sell you 4 mil., 200,100 IDQ for $10.00 U.S. per IDQ!!! take it now!!! offer stands until IDQ gains value, and probably after... LOL Hurry!!! Grab 'em up NOW before the deal is off the table!!!!
  4. What we need is the IDQ to be internationally recognized. After this, with them being eligible for being put on the open boards as a (tradable) currency, then the fun will really start. Once it is listed and (active) for trade, that will be when we see if there will be a set rate, controlled float, keeping the currency, or if they will let the currency obtain what investors think the currency true value is, a free for all in speculation on the open market. This would actually be pretty awesome to watch. An RV/RI before hitting the open trade boards would be the only way to stabilize the currency if not put in a controlled situation. I think, that I (think), that I think that I have no idea what they are going to do after waiting for SOOOOOOO long..... LOL!!! I won't post what I think is going to happen showing us a small gain, but coming out of bankruptcy has been a very BIG step..... I think they will be doing something very soon... Just what that will be.... Who knows.... Lop, then revalue, RI/RV, Straight RV.... who knows... But there has been some inches gained over the years.... Still waiting to here about their petition into the WTO.... I think they are still holding a position as a (junior) member... In other words, keeping the option to join open, but sitting back and still being content to watch... What's next I have learned is anybody's guess... GO RI/RV!!!!!! is all I have to say..... Love many of you folks on here, would be nice to see this thing actually make us all some real money so we could meet in person and enjoy life, telling fishing stories in person for a change.... Peace my friends....
  5. IT'S FUN TO STAY AT THE Y.M.C.A! Y.M.C.A!!!!! Was it the chief, biker, construction worker, or the police officer that was rubbing him down when the info got sweated out? LOL!!!!! ..... hahahaha!!!!!
  6. Ahhhhhh Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa haaaa haaaa.... ha... ha.... Now that's some funny stuff... I don't care who ya are.......
  7. I hate to even post on this thread.... but I'm going to anyway.... LOL! Iraq has stated in past articles that they do want their currency stronger than any other in the region. (No, I don't have the past links before you ask, but ask some others on here and they will be able to pull them up for you.) I would love to see this go at one to one, 3.44 to one, or even 14.00 to one, but.... I'm not holding my breathe. Xe Currency is currently showing $3.50 U.S.- 1 KWD (Kuwait). The Iraqi people are proud and the whole region loves to posture. I hope I'm wrong, but I will add my two cents worth, that really means nothing. I can see Iraq dropping the zeros and then increasing the value to $3.51 U.S.. I know this is the simplest format for explanation of a lop, then a revalue, but easier for noobs to understand. If this happened, it would translate into roughly $3,051.00 per million IQD. I paid roughly $1,161.00 per million over the years when averaged out. Not a great return for time and money invested. I would rather see the currency just revalue low without a lop of the zero's.... Even if it hit .01 U.S. per 1.00 IDQ in an RV, that would equal $10,000.00 per million. Not great, but much better..... I am expecting much more, but am more curious than ever to see what they do now. A gain is a gain, but a larger gain would make me much more happy... LOL!!!!
  8. AAAAAA........ MEN........ CBI....... If it's not showing change, pull those bunched up undies back out and readjust.... If you don't, it causes chafing... LOL!!!! GURU's..... 'phish'..... Way to call 'em out DT.... My calculator is stuck on 3.44 Ron!!!!! LOL!!!! Indeed.... Same here Texas1.
  9. LOL!!! Close to the same time last year, but I'm much more calm about it all now.... LOL!!!
  10. Not to be too hateful, but I couldn't even guess how many times I've heard this over the years.... Not holding my breathe, but at some point one of 'em has to be right. Why not Sun., or Mon.? As good as any over the last 8 years or so.... Go RV!!! Let's just say I'll have just a small, mini stroke if it does... then evaluate what to pay off first... LOL!!!
  11. I Agree with you and Doc.... It also all comes down to how much risk you can afford and are willing to handle over a long period of time. I personally have put more than 1 mil. on this investment, as much as I am willing to lose. I think the ISX could be a great opportunity for many... I just don't have any more disposable assets to throw at Iraq right now. I liken it to being on the Titanic some times, we all bought the first ticket to take the ride when we bought our first order of Dinar, and we're given a cup to bail water when we got on board the main deck. To me, "Personally", the ISX is like buying another cup for the other hand right now... LOL!!! Do I believe in the investment? The answer is yes, or I wouldn't have purchased several million Dinar. Do I think the ISX is a good investment? Yes, but I prefer not to bet on several horses in any given race... I guess it could be looked at as placing a win, place and show ticket on the same horse, but I've already put all my money on the win ticket before knowing there would be more options to bet. In any case, I'm looking for this currency to gain value before I leverage any more of my hind end in this country. I want to see some results, I, like many here, have been waiting for a long time for any real change. I'm not trying to dissuade anyone, just saying be careful is all. I will be over joyed to see everyone come out on top in this investment. If some come out a bit better than me, GREAT! I will not hate, not even a little, but will be playing blips on several currencies that (are currently active) until then. God bless.
  12. Good to see you too Texas1! Agreed.... But just maybe we will actually get to turn these things in before willing them to our kids... LOL!!! Good to see you too!!! I miss that countdown clock!!!
  13. LOL!!!! I've heard so much on the dinar over the last 5 years!!! Bush did say the war would pay for itself.... I understood at one point Iraq was trying to do buy backs to reduce the numbers of currency outside its borders. Whatever the case, I personally believe it will come in high to curtail speculation sales going crazy. It will fluctuate once it hits the point of being an actual tradable currency, but less if it comes in high. They do want stability in their markets and coming in high would make the most sense for this.... but when have they ever done what those around expect them to do.... ever? So we wait.... My personal guess, is that when it does roll onto the boards, it will come in high, just what I would do.... But again, it's not my decision...
  14. Just waiting to see it go active on the open board Thug! At least we can say this is no longer a short term investment for most of us...... Just trying to catch up on what I've put down for at least a year.... Good to see you still around.
  15. We all do moose... LOL!!! Been waiting for years now... But, it will change eventually... even if it ends up being a small gain. I just can't believe it keeps refusing to RV.... Yep, me too... years now, but it's past due to see at least them making the currency tradable on the open market.
  16. I guess I will sit on these Dinar until they turn to dust.... What are your ideas about the future of of our investment potential now?
  17. Well.... Upside: Hadn't had to worry about the investment for quite some time... Down side, I'm still poor! LOL!!! Whatever...
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