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  1. AZ JOE...........................hahahaahahahahahahahaa Too Funny!!!!!
  2. I even think the 50 dinar bills will have to be exchanged. Like Upgradable said, if you don't exchange ALL bills then SOMEONE will either get cheated or have an advantage on others and that wouldn't be allowed.
  3. No, ALL money will change when it is exchanged. People that bought lower bills will have to exchange them for NEW lower bills.
  4. DeadGuy

    Bad News

    I'm with you brother! Anything over a DIME and I'm counting cash.....hahahahahaa buds
  5. DeadGuy

    Bad News

    Guys. to me that's the kick about this investment is watching it and being able to talk with others that are in the same boat. OF COURSE I don't know what's going to happen. I also thought this forum was set up to talk about what we THINK or our gut instincts. If some of you just want us to sit back, relax and watch then I'm a bad boy. I enjoy hearing ALL SIDES to this. I haven't bet the farm on this investment. If I lose it all then OH WELL, It doesn't matter to me who is right or wrong. I know we are finally getting close to the end of this great mystery we have been following. buds c
  6. DeadGuy

    Bad News

    I think you are right Penny. We need to read the entire thing. Not just some lines. It looks to me like they will make NEW 25K bills that we will exchange our OLD 25K bills for in the beginning. then they will start to take the triple 0 bills out of circulation. This is a great article for me. Mudhhir Muhammad Salih, a member of the bank's advisory panel, told RFI on June 23 that in the short term, larger banknote denominations of the dinar will be issued to simplify major transactions. He said that because so many Iraqis still deal mainly in cash, it is cumbersome to carry bags full of mon
  7. OK.... I know I am getting anxious like everyone else and I can't wait to see how our investment works out. First, I'm wondering how we will replace our old bills when the new money is printed and now guess what POPS into my head.... Where does it say in any of these news items that the new currency will be accepted as a 'trade able' currency? I mean, if they make new money, then switch it out that doesn't mean the WORLD accept it right? Just askin' chuck
  8. Trust me. The only credit I want is 25 thousand credits for each one of these pink bills I have... LOL I'm hoping that we get face value for our bills and they have NOT said anything EITHER WAY as of yet. I don't think ANYONE can say what will happen until Iraq gives us more info. We are getting close. So we'll just have to hang on until IRAQ let's us know how the exchange will happen. Not some guy in Iowa wanting people to think he is some kind of genius. buds chuck PS: Now gimme some pluses hahahaha
  9. I just read a thread where the person posting was bragging about buying 'ton' of lower denoms and thinking they were sitting pretty. Don't they know when they change out the that they will change out ALL of the notes? The article even said new bills with Kurdish writing. So he guy that is "sitting pretty" with a million dollars worth of 50's will probably have to exchange all of them for 1000 worth of the new bills if the notorious LOP happens. correct? I'm not saying that's how it is coming down so don't NEG ME!!! I'm just saying the change will effect EVERY BILL. Not just the big Bil
  10. The Secret actually changed my life/ My wife's also and our lives have never been better or more fruitful. Wonderful book and movie. buds
  11. Personally, I come here to read the news and rumors about my investment. This place has always had the most concise information not to mention the most up to date. I don't involved in cliques or groups and I could care less about other people's drama. Most of it comes from people with absolutely no business in whatever going on sticking their nose in or just having to offer an opinion., I try to throw in a joke every once in a while, but I could turn the computer off as fast as I turn it on and not worry if some guy with a fake name is selling snake oil. Adam, keep the free discussion ope
  12. Well, I have always said that this will start at around a DIME and then slowly climb, letting some people cash out and others buy in hoping for a continued climb up near a 1 to 1 with the USD. Now, you are going to ask "Who is this guy and what does he know?" Answer: " I don't know ANYTHING!" "I'm one of the dumbest SOB's you have ever met" "I wouldn't listen to a word I said if I didn't know me" I just haven't posted in a while and I'm lonely. GO RV PS: Plus I wanted to get to 100 post
  13. Show goes on in Iraq's political circus By Sami Moubayed DAMASCUS - Iraq has been absent from the world's radar since upheaval rocked the Arab world in January, toppling the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt and sending shockwaves through Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and Syria. A closer look at the political scene in Baghdad, however, shows that all is not well. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is in hot water, like many of his Arab counterparts - and his government might collapse soon, if not through street power, then perhaps through the shattering of the delicate balance in the upper echelons of Baghda
  14. DinarC; None of these are Easy's thoughts or opinions. He just goes around to different sites and gives us a quick synopsis about who is saying what. We greatly appreciate it also. THANKS EASY!
  15. umbertino: I'm already partners with a guy in a small production company. We have one movie already made and trying to find distribution called 'The Mitchell Tapes' here is the facebook for it Plus we are starting a new horror movie in the next couple of weeks. I also got an email last week from the producers of the next "Weekend at Bernie's" movie. they asked if I wanted to be in it. Of course I said HECK YES!!!!! So, as I've said before. With or without Dinars, I have been very blessed to be able to live out my dream. Buds chuck
  16. I think I found an image of him online.
  17. Funny that everyone is mentioning the Florida gulf side. My wife and I are looking into homes around Port Charlotte. They are just about giving away homes down there right now. RV or no RV we are planning on buying a house down there within 12 months. Before the prices start to go up. One out of every 5 homes down there are empty and you can get a NICE 3 bedroom home with pool and on a canal that leads to the bay for around 70K. We plan on selling our tanning salon, adding that to the money I have saved from doing movies and RETIRING. I'm in my early fifties and she's in her early 40's. tha
  18. Some of you guys have WAY more Dinar than I have! LOL Let's hope we all get to that spacial place we dream about. Mine is on a simple beach somewhere warm with good snorkeling, diving and fishing. . . . . . . (and a private jet hehehehe)
  19. Teresa , 4 post but joined almost a year before you did. Joined: 09-December 09 I think the 16th could be an interesting day, OR JUST ANOTHER DAY! LOL
  20. I don't know why people think money can't fall or rise sharply in value. Canada's dollar use to be worth only .65 - .70 and now it is closer to .95 If you owned a million Canadian dollars bought at the .65 range and held onto it until now wouldn't you have made $300,000 dollars? My numbers might be a bit off, but you know what I mean I'm sure. buds PS: TQueezy..... You will never have a 25K note being the same as a $25 note. BOTH notes will be changed when it changes. People with $25 notes will exchange for a coin probably.
  21. I think if this was a scam then Attorney Generals from all 50 states would have been all over this just to see their name in the news as a great public servant. I have no idea how this will happen either, but I am SURE I'll make some money from it. It could be any amount you want to wish for. I agree that there is a reason people are turning tail right now. I don't know why, but I am of the belief that many of them knew each other and were in some kind of agreement. IE: Pumpers for sellers that got some kind of payment or kick back. Personally, I don't think we will ever see Ali again. I th
  22. Are you saying Ali is "Floating like a butterfly" with his profits? If he is, many people will be "Stinging like a bee" I think he's long gone. Just my opinion. You KNOW he has made MILLIONS and probably has a huge stash also. Why mess with us anymore? buds
  23. I am considering getting just a bit more if I can get a good rate. I think we will at MINIMUM make 3 times our investment and there's not many things you can buy and get triple (OR MORE) back. So, I might add a bit more. I'm not heavily invested like I bet the farm on this. I just bought late last year so I haven't had the extreme anxiety some people have went through. Plus. I honestly think this is getting close to the end. buds
  24. Bravo Carrello.... Good Jobs to the Good guys. The only thing that confuses me is why he was buried at sea. I know it's probably so they couldn't make his grave a shrine or place of reverence. At least that's the only reason I can think of. He was killed no where near any water. Maybe we'll learn soon why they did that. buds
  25. Well, I read somewhere just the other day that Canada's dollar is at .95 to ours. I am by no way trying to state HARD FACTS, but I remember less than 10 years ago when we would cross the border we would get somewhere like $1.60 Canadian to every US $1 we traded in. I know that is just fluctuation and isn't the same thing as Iraq. What I DO KNOW (at least in my mind) LOL is that Iraq has been ruled by a tyrant for over 20 years and have not had the chance to grow and share their abundance of natural resources with the world. Even when they did, Hussain took all of the money. I have said it
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