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  1. SO... After reading up on this thing almost everyday for the better part of a year, I just naturally started to fall off and do other things. Each little break I took got longer and longer. And I gotta tell ya, IT FEELS GREAT. Sure, I'll stick my head in (barely) every now and again but NOTHING like I used to read before. I'm just having a blast doing other stuff (with my brain). I never really neglected any of my Father/husband/employee duties following the Dinar but I DID have it on my brain- taking up space that I now use for entertainment, reading, Words with Friends... The REAL kic
  2. Ya'll make me wanna smoke weed! Just kidding. I always want to do that.
  3. That's a bull-sh*t excuse for what they are doing, Polecat. I would gamble that of 10 unemployed people 9 of them would rather be working. Can you not see how this is creating a disenfranchised community? Empathize for a second! If you were out of work. And had been applying for jobs for MONTHS without success- bills due, living day to day- how would you feel if you learned that after your 2 month of unemployment NO ONE WAS INTERESTED IN YOU BECAUSE YOU HAD BEEN UNEMPLOYED TO LONG? Can you NOT see how this is wrong? What is wrong with us (Americans) where we can see something like thi
  4. For those that don't understand...The money has already been spent. They need to raise the debt ceiling to PAY for the debt we've already incurred. If you want the government to spend less- you DON'T do it by NOT paying money you already owe. The only thing you are going to do by defaulting is destroying America's credibility in the financial world. There are ways to shrink the government but that is not what is going on here. This is destruction..pure and simple. The funny thing is- the same people in the "let it default" corner are also in the "Obama is trying to destroy America" corner
  5. Just so you know- Not raising the debt ceiling is like deciding not to pay your credit cards this month because you want to adhere to a new budget, even though you have the money in your savings. You already owe the money and in the are going to pay more because of late fees. That's the nice way to put it. The thing to do would be to pay your bills this month and THEN figure out how to make next month go how it's supposed to.
  6. I just like that someone named "Bummer" made a post titled "Trying to stay positive". Made my day!
  7. This... What is wrong about pulling back tax breaks for having private jets in this economy?
  8. You DO have to consider that the Iraqis are gonna do what's best (cheapest) for them. We would.
  9. In this day and age where opinion is given the same validity as fact- I have to say that Bravo's post is refreshing. I did not find it to be "negative"- just the posting of facts surrounding the current state of the Dinar. You better equip yourself for the future if you can see/understand the opposite side of what you believe.
  10. I think it's BS because EVERYTHING claimed here has either: Not come to pass Is unable to be proven Is not more than hearsay AND the author can't seem to understand WHY someone would lie about this stuff. Should I trust someone SO naive?
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