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  1. Still would like to sell these before Christmas. Anyone interested?
  2. vietnam1969 - yes, we are keeping some back. I do have the certificate and they are brand new, uncirculated bills. Thanks.
  3. BUMP, and really willing to negotiate. I need the money for personal reasons.
  4. All transactions are negotiable. Why did someone give me a negative?
  5. I have $5 mill uncirculated dinar in $25,000 quantities from Dinar Banker. I hold the certificate of authenticity and will sell it along with the dinar. Asking price is $950 per million. I NEED to liquidate for personal reasons. Please respond or PM me. I am located in Kansas, but will be willing to ship or meet. Thank you, so much.
  6. Just woke up. In answer to the question, Daisy Duck in Daisy Dukes . I was hoping I would be pleasantly surprised, but not this morning. Oh well, it is a nice new site, but shame on them for putting up that stupid clock. They had to know people were going to jump to conclusions. After all, this is dinar world we are talking about and everyone knows that when dinarbanker goes down then the rv is here.
  7. Dang it. I knew not to get too excited. I bet JOESHMOE is right. In the last week or so they have changed the way that they do wire transfers. This beta looks like they are putting all their currency in one easy-to-find location. I bet they are just expanding. I hope it is more. If this is just an expansion than shame on them. Obviously they would know how we would take a freakin' countdown clock.
  8. I am more of a Daisy man, myself.
  9. Well, if you are not already excited enough, dinarbanker is down. It even has a countdown clock. So go there and add some more fuel to your fire.
  10. Something is going on. From what I understand, this has never happened on this site before. Crap. I was just going to bed. Perhaps I will not be sleeping as easily as I earlier believed. This in conjunction with all the huge glut of "intel" is making me think funny thoughts. . . .
  11. MAW33326 - Don't get your panties in a knot. This is interesting, and worth discussing. Why is it that anytime someone does not like something that is posted they call for its removal? Jeez. Jut don't read it if you don't like it. I am so sick of people thinking that they get to decide what is posted on here. I am fine with you debating the content and giving your information, but censorship is silly.
  12. Hmmmm. That's not what I heard on the call. What I heard Okie say was: He is not selling anything or pumping anything. He makes no money off this thing. He gives intel for hope. In Australia today, some banks were cashing out at $5.25 One of the big four banks in the US today was cashing out some of their customers at $3.22 as long as you cashed in all of your dinar The US treasury and IRS will set up offices all over the US starting July 16 for you to cash in. If you cash in with them in first 45 days you will pay 15% tax From day 46 - six month period 18 - 22 % After 6 months the
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