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  1. I have always stated this, Bump!! I have to say, I love my AR...but in a pinch...3 1/2 Mag with some 00 would still be the best thing! Did I happen to say the .204 & .30-06 are sighted in for 500+? A single shot & a bolt...wouldnt trade either of those either!!
  2. Thanks for the post, K98 ... fluff or not... if there is demand, something should move one would think. But I'm far from a guru and want no part of that crowd!!! lol
  3. I always like hearing Scooter's perspective...thanks Scooter and thanks for bringing it over, SWFloridaGuru!!! Until next time...
  4. Check this out: Dont get me wrong, I'm not an O supporter...but this one appears to be false.
  5. Thanks for posting!!! Nice to see that things are looking/sounding good!!
  6. Thanks for sharing!! Cant come at a better time!! Best to all... Until next time..
  7. Thanks for posting!! Been so busy here if not been in a great deal as of late! Hope to be back around soon... Until next time...
  8. Thanks for pulling over Sonny1's post, Butifldrm!!
  9. 4Horsn2


    All I can do is sit back and smile...
  10. Just catching up!! Thanks for posting kcw...and always, thanks for the insight, Adam. Until next time...
  11. Hey, jeepguy & bb2...I'd be happy at anything in that window...would certainly make living a bit easier for sure!! Until next time...
  12. Just a quick hello and thanks to all the Mods and Adam. Its nice to be able to catch up on this quickly when ya get drug into a meeting right in the middle of chat!! Happy New Year to all!! Until next time...
  13. Well...I have to tend to the horses, get some hay rounded up, and sell a couple if I can. If it RV's...I'll be a bit more comfortable!! Until next time...
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