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  1. I've been lurking for quite some time haven't chimed in until now, your thoughts are on point thank you for sharing. I'll buy the first round G RV G RI
  2. May your Family be at Peace knowing you are in Heaven RIP Bondlady
  3. Have a Great Memorial Weekend Dinar Vets ! The Boom is coming G RI G RV
  4. Shabbs is there to light the fuse BM Go RV Go RI
  5. somebody light the fuse it went out in February We are ready for the B M G RV G RI
  6. Rashid said that "prices of hard currency stabilized after a few days of taking the Central Bank's decision to cancel the daily auction, and that this contributed to the strengthening of the dinar," predicting that "the coming days will see the return to power of the new dinar" I like this paragraph Delete 2 of the three 00 and put them here - B M G RI G RV
  7. I think someone releases info like this just to F#! with us. Kinda like Juking .... look one way...go the other way Final C untdown ! G RI G RV
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