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  1. Exclusive: Former Iraqi Parliamentarian Says Nouri al-Maliki is a Tool of Iran take out the words "of Iran" and I think they hit it on the head
  2. "it bothered me knowing how much the Iraqi people have given up, but the higher ups still enjoy the wealth and do not suffer as the common people do... " This sort of statement bothers me yet I see it on here all the time. People say this when they're in their warm homes at their computers, yet will cross the street so they don't have to walk by the homeless bum sleeping on the sidewalk. Anyone that is in this investment with the lone hope of seeing the Iraqi lower class improve their lifestyle is full of bunk. Ask yourself this question. if an RV happens but the Iraqi government refuses to let their lower class improve their conditions, will you send the profit you made to a relief fund in their names? I didn't think so.... We all want this to happen, but expressing a false bleeding heart in an attempt to make it sound like you really care is ridiculous. Don't hear you talking about the poor bastards in Syria getting blown to bits, but there's nothing in it for ya, is there?
  3. Ok...i'm going to help everyone out in figuring out the different types of Dinarians...I call this the Goat Fart theory. On television, they show a reporter in Iraq talking about something. Behind him walks a goat and it passes gas for all to hear. The types of Dinarians are divided as such 1) The Smoke and Mirrorers- They think the goat has finally eaten some expensive feed. For the goat to get this expensive feed, its owner must've finally come across the money to feed it this. There must be an in country RV that they're not telling us about. 2)The Lopsters- They think the goat has been eating poor feed. The goat, knowing that poor feed can only lead to no feed is gobbling up as much feed as it can, thus causing it to pass gas. The goats owner, who has no money and never will, will soon run out of feed, thus fulfilling the goats prophecy. 3)The Tweeners- We like to sit back and let things happen as they happen knowing that no matter what we do, the Dinar will go on it's destined course. Our only real concern is for the reporter, who has to deal with the smell of the goat fart.
  4. So here's the real question. What if the CBI realizes that there are still several foreigners that are buying up dinar because of the "smoke and mirrors" that are supposedly there? They could keep sending out news articles that appear to be "smoke and mirrors", thus becoming pumpers themselves. Could it be that they're not as obvious as you think they are?
  5. As should everyone says nothing about the rate of the old bills going up, just that the NEW 50 dinar note will be worth 50000 IQD, which is what we all own. Just curious what the new symbol will be for the new dinar since IQD represents what we all own.
  6. million, billion...either way that number is irrelevant. all i was stating is that you are disregarding the amount of dinar purchased, which is none. their auction isn't designed to deal in USD, it's designed to deal in dinars. they just put the amount of dinar that they sold in USD because if there are other currencies, it would be too much to print and the USD is the world standard atm.
  7. Looking at your auction chart explanations, you have the sell price of dinar at 1170, but have them selling 200 billion dollars. They are selling dinar. The purchase price would be 1170 if they were buying them and they sold 200 billion dollars worth of dinar. Not jabbing at you, just stating you are disregarding the entire chart.
  8. In response to sonny1 giving a new time, this is his exact post on "another" site from yesterday i believe... "I was told this was to happen last week [chapter 7 being lifted]..They're out people...the RV might be pushed back a week... I'm waiting on a m.e. call."
  9. there are different ways to look at this....the first number in parenthesis is a negative was used to purchase the bills...the second number says "proceeds" which usually indicates profit, but could also mean that is the sum total at cash out, which is about a 5bn loss, which for the time period invested, is a distinct possiblity.....the last number, which says the total, including the t bills is 7.5 bn....either it has a poor explanation of what's in there or someone is a thief. could definately be either. I'm not a professional CPA, but I did sleep at a holiday inn last night.
  10. wow...and posting this exact same thing on every one of his posts isn't redundant? ...RING RING... "Hello?" "Is this Kettle?" "Why yes it is" "Your black" -click- -latest FBI telephone transcript taken from Pot's house
  11. .....and the best news of all? The number of man hours that will be saved by people not having to check their dinar sites for the latest news. I, for one, get up 20 minutes early for work every morning to skim over everything, just in case I "suddenly" don't have to go to work that morning. It's been a fun ride thus far......
  12. not sure where the math is here, but i get around 1.933 billion notes printed which makes the avg note value 14,000ish.
  13. I think all K98nights is saying is if you are going to post C.N.'s news, post in rumors. That gives a good lead to find a proper link. I've found most things on that site useful (not the meter) but you are correct in saying that unless there is a link, it has to be considered a rumor until proven one way or the other.
  14. 67x your buy in isn't anything to sneeze at no matter what your drink of choice is.
  15. Is this the wrong place to bring up my three encounters with a ghost? (and no, I'm not lying). Anyone who gets upset at someone when that someone questions their faith is only upset because they question it themselves. Real faith goes unwavered, no matter what anyone says. You can't press your faith onto someone else and expect them to have faith also. They may only just try to believe (and yes, there is a difference)(and this is why I hate churches). This is why arguing about faith is just plain silly because your true faith is uniquely yours.
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