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  1. Caddie, your just unjustifiably angry that you didn't say that about President Trump first. You conflate your hatred of his personality , with your disagreement of his policies. For a policy example, the Democratic over the past 10 years or more have repeatedly turned to the courts and the likeminded activist judges Dem Governors, Senators, and Presidents have placed there. All inorder to achieve via litigation what they could not achieve legislatively . The only reason the Dems are fighting ACB for appointment to the Supreme Court is that her assention to this court will likely remove that a
  2. Born in February , I can celebrate my b-day in October !
  3. They complied and went in with his mother to visit. They are trach-ed, and the numbskull staff didnt make him take the one way valve mask off his trach. My concern is those patients that are not trached and what they are exposed to because of the newest stupid policy, that replaced a semi better policy regarding masks. Stupid butt policies are gonna kill folks. Non N95 masks do not do jack squat with stopping any virus whatsoever .
  4. I kid you not. Today I escorted a patient of mine to a MD visit. At a large off site clinic associated with the largest hospital in my area, this was their new covid protocol . Escorting Nurses hang in the lobby 1 PCG can go in with the patient. Eh, nothi g surprising there. My patient, who is trached, congenital immuno comp, and a few other things was told that they had to put on their simple disposable mask. They were made to remove their one way valve N95 mask and put on this , as I call em ... junk mask. When I semi diplomatically asked why, I was told cuz the 1 way valve N95 mask only pro
  5. So these people worked and received welfare. Hmmm. Nice they paid it back, verifiably. Why no jail time ?
  6. This did not work when Turkey tried it as a means to bring more value to their currency. Turkeys attempt at this failed miserably. Absent policy, economic, tax changes, stability in country, the real market value of a country's currency will always be reflected in trade on the world market. No tricks will ever change that .
  7. I always lime the front end on those Pontiacs. I had a 65 Tempest Pontiac Ragtop. Kept it until the Conn winters and road salt ate it up .
  8. 1958 Willys Station Wagon All-Steel Original Restored Truck Wagon for sale $26,900 Elkhart, IN previousnext1 of 9 This is one fully restored vehicle I would love to have. How about you guys?previous
  9. I agree with that scenario . I must have misunderstood something. I had a challenging day yesterday . I saw that ... New York Ron
  10. Ron, the way Pimpy explained it, lowering the exchange rate of the currency and devaluing the currency is the same thing. Both place the IQD further from the 1-1 ratio we are praying for. I don't want it to go from 1129 -1 to 2000 IQD - 1 USD. Again we need 1 IQD - 1 USD, or 3 IQD - 1 USD.
  11. On the move, perhaps some Imodium will help ? Then they can get off their assets and RV the IQD .
  12. Maybe Naim stole the 6 trillion IQD . The real reason the money is gone is Naim wrote bad check ? Man just got greed, sounds like . Either way, if ya gonna steal, steal big I once heard it said.
  13. Or this vehicle if they go for the mass arrests, all at once, to prevent them from evading arrest, leaving the country to make it to Greece . Or some other country without extradition agreements.
  14. These are the vehicles they picked up Kevin Clinesmith in , the FBI Attorney that altered evidence .to get the FISA warrants through illegally. Knowing false evidence is used to obtain warrants is a Federal Offence. Plus it taints the evidence obtained with that false evidence, fruit of the poison tree wise.
  15. Perhaps if he is elected, Biden is telegraphing to the Arab World what he will demand from them .
  16. Well YES, the best man will win. Hopefully the huge Durham indictments will come down before the re-election process is completed. What a positive effect that will have on the minds of the American people.
  17. My bad. I forgot that rule momentarily. I should have thought more on how to formulate the sentiment I was feeling. Hmmm ...
  18. I noticed that you did not disagree with the accomplishments I outlined , that Pres Trump has achieved for people of color in this country. If you don't like labels then do not apply them .
  19. Shabs, that opinion of yours shows me that you are ignorant and a racist yourself. Last nights debate was underwhelming. If DJT had interrupted Biden less we would have seen the former VP shoot himself in the leg I believe. On the issue of racism in the US , yes its here, but its not just a white thing. I condemn white supremacy, particularly the kkk who also claim to be Christians ... no they are not Christians cuz the God I serve rebukes the way they think. I also condem every other supremacist group that targets white, brown, black, red, and yellow skinned of my fellow Americans. Like ant
  20. So the one time this impressive man had a bad day Saddam invaded and seized control of Kuwait. Perhaps he will make a better Emir than a Defense Minister. Good luck to him.
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