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  1. You are kind of 'all over the map' here, Kenneth. This was reported everywhere. Not just in the NYT. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  2. We're talking about the VA here and this infomation about the VA is NOT propaganda. The Republican Party (in general) has proven, during the last 10 years specifically, to be of little support -- and no friend -- to the VA and our veterans. I am ashamed to hear the testimony above regarding each of your hardships and apparent meager personal reparations from our military. I thank you for your service. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  3. Dude, I would edit this email asap ... there are crazy people on this site (and in general). Others have been crucified when posting personal info. Regardless of whether or not this email address that you included is untraceable (you think), get it off the page. Trust me. About half the people on this board are nuts. Seriously! I doubt that 'Adam's' name is really Adam Montana. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  4. With the infrastructure challenges in Iraq, it is unlikely that a situation similar to Tunisia and Egypt would occur there. Most of the organization and implementation (in the beginning) of these protests in Tunisia and Egypt occurred using Facebook and Twitter which would be difficult in Iraq. Plus, these other countries had fatigued of their leaders after many, many years. Not months. I don't see it. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  5. Probably a little bit ... oy vey. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  6. Nearly everyone with an opinion has stated RV ... _____________. Even Scooter. Remember how Scooter predicted that the RV couldn't go past November 1st or 2nd 2010 because of ... _____________ and Iraq can't afford to lose all of that money; so, therefore ___________. And Adam came on all excited last September saying that he was going to have a free conference call and include the non-VIP. At that time (in late August, I believe) there had been a major announcement and Adam was out of the country but he wrote something to the effect that (Paraphrasing) "When I get back from Costa Rica, we'll do a conference call IF IT HASN'T RV'd BY THEN!!" Certainly not meant to criticize Adam or Scooter, but to offer a little perspective. Adam DID have that call and Scooter spoke on it at length. I'm no apologist for the GET team, nor do I stand behind everything on that call. But some important questions were asked, important parallels drawn. I would guess that more than 75% of the people who frequent this board would disagree with (or dismiss) the information that was outlined. I'm okay with that ... but the thing most people fail to realize or acknowledge is that none of us are that different from one another. Most of us hate (are suspicious of) our government. But each of us is suspicious for a different reason (supposedly different side, or different point of view). Maybe that is what THEY (our government) want. Just a thought ... TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  7. Your observation of the GET team is not unfounded. However, based on your comment, I do not believe that you listened to the recorded call. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  8. This IS worth the time. Thank you. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  9. Please connect the dots from the video below and the pending RV ... As much of the reasoning here seems to be from another planet, I am sure someone should be able to 'prove' why this video portends an RV soon ;-) !! TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  10. Thou doth protest too much, don't you Bulldawg? Who's Herman Cain? Go Pack Go TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  11. Thank you, ajskj ... saved me some work. What's really been exposed here is Bulldawg ... Go Pack Go TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  12. On_Reserve

    DD chat

    "It came to me from someone I trust that the lower denominations may have officially been introduced yesterday. He saw and held them with his own hands. They are real and do exist. We need to just allow the news to do what it’s going to do… DD" Hopefully this is true ... if some photos of the lower denoms don't show up here in the next couple days, then I think we can consider it BS. Again. It is just too easy, with camera phones, to make this claim of the lower denoms credible and verified ... so I hope we see it. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  13. Correct, and the estimates of what is recoverable (with current technology) is 1-2% of that 500 billion barrels ... Both the oil sands of Canada and the Bakkan are very expensive and extremely labor/equipment intensive especially when compared to the sweet light crude that flows in the middle east. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  14. If you can do it, it may be best to hold your dinar inside of a Roth IRA. After RV, you can then get tax free, penalty free access to this money early (pre age 59.5) as defined by Rule 72t. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  15. Do a search of DE LA RUE on this site, Wayne, and you can read all about it. Many threads and references ... TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  16. Go to the website and click on the button (on the left side) that says Purchase dinar w/IRA. It explains everything there including the relationship with the company "Entrust" who will be the custodian of the account. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  17. As long as your IRA is a Roth IRA, then the withdrawals can be tax free. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  18. So ... I've spent some time looking into this matter in order to prepare myself for the RV that we've all been waiting for ... You may find this useful as well. If no RV occurs, then you can probably disregard as you won't have enough money in your respective IRA's for this strategy to be helpful (I know I won't). Personally, most of my iraqi dinar is in my IRA. I've got enough outside of my IRA to pay off the mortgage -- assuming a plus $.60 RV -- but I had a small amount of money from a previous employer that was just sitting in a Money Market in a 401K after my separation from them so I converted it to an IRA and then a Roth IRA to insure that any appreciation would be distributed to me tax free at what (I thought) would need to be age 59.5. Not so, due to Rule 72t of the IRS tax code. Because of Rule 72t you can take money out of your IRA at any time, but with very strict parameters. I KNOW you don't believe it (I didn't either), but check it out before you chit all over this thread. The best place to familiarize yourself with all of this detail is 72t dot net. I'm not affiliated or even in the galaxy of this type of business, but the facts are there ... or anywhere else you google. IF you get into the wrong google search, you will find people who will insist that what I am stating is absolutely untrue. If you have been holding dinar for very long, you should be used to people telling you that you are crazy by now ... so plow through until you understand the facts and parameters of rule 72t. Here is some detail based on the concerns that I thought I understood before I really understood the possibility of early access to my Roth IRA. 1) It is legal under almost any circumstance to access your IRA (Roth or Traditional) before you turn age 59.5. And I'm NOT talking hardship. There is paperwork involved which you can research and understand yourself or receive from your advisor. Depending on your personal situation, this may NOT be a good move. But it will be legal. For example, let's say you are 47 and you have $3M in your IRA after the iraqi dinar RV's. If you allocate all of the $3M into an IRS approved 72t SEPP plan (account), then (based on today's interest rates) you could receive approximately $130K per year until you are age 59.5 at which time there would be no restrictions on your withdrawals. Your account value at the end of these series of distributions would be approximately $2.2M (again depending on interest rate fluctuations). This example uses the Amortization method which you will come to understand if you look into this. Yes, I realize you can leave your IRA untouched and in that case your account value would be far higher for you at age 59.5. For me, if we RV above $0.60, I am looking to really slow down and I will likely utilize this strategy in order to do so. For further clarification in keeping with the example above, if the $3M in your IRA is in a Roth IRA, then your $130K annual distribution would be tax free (you may also take your distributions monthly or quarterly). Again, there are extremely strict parameters in order to do this so get an advisor involved. NO -- to restate -- I am NOT an advisor. 2) I can already hear it ... there is a 5 year waiting period before you can access any funds from a Roth IRA. True, but by taking advantage of Rule 72t -- this restriction is waived. Caveats. A. The younger you are and the lower your account value, the less (per distribution) that you can access. It is set up as a series of even distributions until age 59.5. B. If you do this, you will likely need to see the distributions through to age 59.5 or you WILL have a tax bill. You cannot stop and start this strategy. C. I'm single, no kids, so I'm looking for a cash flow and flexibility. This may NOT be a good idea for you if you don't feel total financial freedom based on 72t parameters or other financial objectives once the RV hits. Finally. If you have dinar in your IRA, I encourage you to look into how you can convert this to a ROTH. This is a sound strategy for getting a tax free RV. See DTrade's website and click on the button for how to by dinars in your IRA. DTrade/Entrust can probably help on the Roth conversion as well. Hope this helps, TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  19. Zantac is right. AC took a lot of heat from the wishers and dreamers late last year. This post by AC -- thru bump -- has a real ring of insight to it, smacks of someone who really does have a connection. Thank you. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  20. The reason that (most) people bash rumors is the same reason that (most) people post rumors. They don't understand the nature and complexity surrounding the speculation about the RV of the Iraqi dinar. The reason they don't understand it is because the person who suggested they look into buying some dinar didn't (really) understand what they were recommending and so on, and so on, and so on ... Personally, I am happy that I have put some money toward the iraqi dinar. BUT, I must admit, that the more I learn about this speculation, the less I REALLY know. Probably the greatest prognostication about getting a return on this investment was posted a few months ago by someone who had gone to see a psychic: The psychic told that individual that "this situation with the iraqi dinar could turn out very positive -- was especially looking positive around 2016." I'm hangin' my hat on that ... seems as plausible as anything else I've read/learned. Yes, I would PREFER that it happen sooner. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  21. On_Reserve


    Good perspective, Lonzworth. I'm sure it will be denied/ignored. Few politicians work for their constituents, most/all work to keep their jobs/generous and early pensions. Personally, I am fascinated to see what occurs going into the 2012 elections. AND, I believe that most (by action or admission) will find that they are thankful for O's health care plan and how it evolves in the future. NOTE: I sell life, health, and LTC insurance. My health commissions have been cut by two thirds in most cases; yet, I see how this plan is equitable and will be VERY hard to reverse. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  22. cknockers, I appreciate your post and (I believe) your intentions are pure. That said, you can't be surprised by the BS that you are taking. If you have spent as much time on this board as you infer that you have, then you should have put your bullet proof vest on and seen this coming from the space shuttle. If I were you, I'd refrain from giving out any more information about yourself. There are, no doubt, more that a few people trying to find you right now to harass you as has been done to SO many -- the most recent was that poor guy last week who is trying to make it to the PGA tour. Thank you for the information. And if you have more I love to hear it. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  23. This is an opinion piece ... and while it may reflect what you believe (and what we all hope for ...) any one of the so-called experts who post on this board could have written it. This is NOT a find, and should not be framed as some sort of solid financial advice from a schooled veteran. Chances are someone has been reading DD and decided to post their own article in order to get a little 'face time'. I thank you for posting this Allin and I may be being a little bit harsh as I re-read the article, but there is nothing new in that article and you should be strongly cautioned against making much out of it as if EF Hutton himself had written it. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  24. TimS, The information that Chas32 posted is interesting and I'm sure it will be interpreted differently by individuals. For me, it underscores what I believe is probably going on (or going to happen). And that is that the iraqi dinar will RV when the US is ready for it to RV. The US government created this situation, mostly for their (our) best interests. The appearance of a democracy is there, but I cannot fathom how the US government will allow anything to occur without their stamp of approval. There can be some rogue episodes (which I believe we have seen) but as my buddy who recently concluded a 20-year career with the Marines always tells me (based on his observation and experience): The US Government can, and will, do anything it wants. Bye the way, he has been reluctant to invest in the dinar. Time frame? That's anybody's guess. Not soon, I would guess ... Keep your jobs, people. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
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