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  1. I love Romney fans calling Paul supporters talking heads. So damn Ironic. Let him speak, we need a new perspective on America that is untainted by big business.
  2. Seriously, this site has some of the most single minded people I have ever come across. And I love it.
  3. Watch Fox News much? Are you talking about Bush? I know you are not talking about Obama. He got into Harvard Law, and graduated second in his class. And don't start speaking conspiracy, because this was before he was ever in government.
  4. Stop blaming Obama. The same thing would happen with Romney in power. Hell most of his post was about the corporate powers and the banks that run all of our politicians. Blame them all, Democrat and Republican. Last time I looked, it was them who voted to continue on the Patriot Act, which was the single most damaging piece of legislation to our rights in history.
  5. I was friends with a couple SEAL's when I served, and their whole demeanor was to never let people know they were SEAL's. It was not something to brag to others about, it was all about respect within the community. If you watch the Military channel, many of the Spec Op members still have their faces blurred out, even though they are retired and 50+.
  6. I thought The Terminator pretty much ran that state into the ground, and he was Republican. He felt so bad, he took no salary.
  7. He is not making poverty comfortable, our last 5+ Presidents have done that. Welfare MUST be reformed, but don't blame Obama for what has been the norm for years. If you are using those latest campaign ads as the basis for your statement, remember those are all full of lies, on both sides. This link is for a video in the 90's showing famous rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard going to cash his welfare check in a limo. The system has been screwed for a while.
  8. Wow, I thought the birther thing was finally mute. Remember when the Republicans wanted to amend the constitution to ALLOW non-US citizens to be President. When they thought Arnold was a good idea for politics. Why was it Ok when Republicans thought Schwarzenegger was a good option, but not now when they want to try to find fault in Obama?
  9. Can you tell me exactly what Obama has done that is evil? With out using anything from Fox News. And not caring about America is supporting someone who will back big corporations who continue to outsource our jobs overseas. And give those companies tax breaks to do so.
  10. I misunderstood you. Since the topic was on Romney's Vietnam service, I thought you were commenting on Obama in the same time period.
  11. I actually was going to post in defense of Romney, but I read this horrible post. You were kidding right? Obama was 12 when we "officially" started to end our involvement in the war, and 13-14 when Saigon fell. How in the hell would he of been registered for the draft?
  12. I love Texas, but the problem is that Texans just drank the tea party kool aid and elected a non-experienced Ted Cruz over REPUBLICAN Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. The tea party is actually destroying the Republican party, putting in inexperienced meat puppets for big business. The Koch brothers are now pulling the strings of these new, inexperienced politicians, having them do their bidding for more profits. And by the way, most of what I typed is from a Obama hating, super conservative Christian Republican who has lived his whole life in Texas. And he was embarrassed by what his state just did.
  13. Was this a real post? He is not a puppet of the Koch brothers and big business? Open your eyes, they are all puppets of somebody. There is no clean politicians anymore. Can you give me some examples on how he is anti-American and anti-religion?
  14. I have a problem with it. However, on this site if you don't go Republican, you are labelled a stupid, hippie liberal. I would vote for Roseanne before these 2, IF I wasn't so worried about Mitt actually winning. In the great words of South Park, we have the choice of either a ****** bag or a turd sandwich.
  15. Your going to need your guns when Santorum comes to take your porn. And music. And dancing.
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