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  1. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we were all just as close friends on here next year?
  2. The Iraqi government doesn't like to accept them with a mark from a pen on them... I doubt that they will take them with a thin coat of glue. Sorry. They actually might be more valuable now then when they were in one piece… Who knows. Happy New year!!!
  3. It is funny: May be I am going crazy but… I saw it on 3 different online “major network” news sites this morning 08:00 GMT +3 Bgd time. A’yad Allawi and supporters are pulling out from Iraqi government effective immediately. Political tensions are tight in Baghdad as Maliki has still not appointed 2 key seats that have remained vacant for a year. Allawi has pointed out that there is no cooperation and that Maliki is not interested in impute from anyone but Maliki. There are talks of separation and as tensions rise the rumors of a possible civil war have spread. BUT WAIT…. If you look online now in all US and coalition country news… There is nothing to be found. It is almost like the news has been told to shut up… like it never was reported in the first place. I have not been able to confirm, but I have heard a rumor that the roads are “Condition Black”. Why would they be if nothing is going on? MAY BE IT WAS A FALSE ALARM... May be?
  4. Arab Spring in Kuwait??? This might complicate things...
  5. “Great Scott… September 7th 1955!!! That has to be the most important day in the space time continuum” Back to the Future reference… sorry I couldn’t help myself.
  6. Come on Steve… You know the first rule of “Investment Club” is that you DON’T TALK ABOUT INVESTMENT CLUB!!! 2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about INVESTMENT CLUB. 3rd RULE: If your name is not on the list you can’t come in to the club. 4th RULE: Nobody can call a Guru’s intel wrong (Even with proof). 5th RULE: No - children are not allowed at the meetings 6th RULE: A. There will be NO ALCOHOL allowed in the meetings AND if you are out of control you will be asked to leave Please remember that many will be bringing their children (Steve… I think you goofed with some of your rules here… par for the course right) 7th RULE: The wait for RV will go on as long as it has to. 8th RULE: If this is your first night at Investment Club, you HAVE to invest. Listen people when they break out the Kool-Aid… Get your stuff and get out of there.
  7. It was like he was expecting to get bashed or something... Weird...
  8. The images were pasted to the background. When you zoom in… it will be much easier to notice. Also the Flash shading is not correct. Why am I even explaining… Zoom in there are many notable mistakes… The dinar dealer will see an influx of sales today… I AM NOT BASHING… I do thank you for bringing what you found… but Photoshop is a hobby of one of my close friends and he said that this is defiantly a descent Photoshop gag. I wanted it to be real just like the rest of you did… but sometime you have to question things that are too good to be true.
  9. Thanks for bringing it to the table. It has to be one of the better Photoshop jobs I have seen. It would have been nice if it was real though.
  10. About 1 - 2 years ago Cookie bounced around many of the well traveled sites. I don't believe he ever came on here before but his stuff was frequently posted here by others. Now as far as his brothers screen names... I can guarantee if you have been in this investment for a while you have read many posts from him... All "BS" but many people believed in him never the less... same as the Gurus of today. This is just a thought… I am willing to bet money that Ali knows him and might worry about how good of notes and IP's he actually kept.
  11. Seriously… No. He was having trouble in most parts of his life. It is a long story but no… According to the family and the police… it was suicide.
  12. Cookie’s brother was highly involved in this pumping for the dealers side job until his suicide. Ever since then Cookie started to write his book. But instead of selling it... he said something about giving it away for free… … … to the FBI. He had said that his brother kept notes on everything having to do with his secret line of work he had gotten himself into. Yes, his brother worked for dinar dealers and spewed out BS on all of the forums through gullible people that would believe he (cookie’s brother) was an embedded source. And there would be several of the same people doing the same thing to back whatever rumor broke. Who knows… may be he finished the book and Ali’s problem might be stemming from that. If it is from the book… this is going to get real interesting to watch.
  13. I can only (+1) one time... what a shame!
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