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  1. link? just kidding lets hope it's this week my birthday is next Monday that would be a great gift
  2. This revaluation bubble is about to explode Nuff Said!
  3. Lol guys my phones gonna explode with all the emails you all have one month. peace
  4. 23 million dinar & I have 3 million dong I'll throw in its basically toilet paper anyway somebody email me if they think I'm lying
  5. early last month I had said I thought the RV would be on July 15th and sadly I was wrong then I also said if it didn't revalue by September 1st I would send the first person that emails me all of my dinar for free I still mean it I'm a man of my word The clocks ticking......
  6. can anyone wipe there ass without Adam?
  7. poke fun all you want just wait and see
  8. $$$ that's all I'm saying -1 if you want don't care 35 day's from today you will be rich
  9. when I invested in dinar I knew it wouldn't be a over night RV I knew it would take a while along with thousands of other investers but there's those few who get all full of hate and bitterness because it hasn't happened yet and they go and sell all of it instead of waiting and when it dose RV weather this weekend or 5 years from now there gonna really wish they held on to it.
  10. I thought it was real at first. I'm tired
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