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  1. Adam, Thank you for this. It provided me an opportunity to get my wife a Platimum Membership at an excellent rate and time. Regards, Tom
  2. I agree with you. Christopher Martin might disagree though. I've met him on several occasions and I believe his political affiliations stem from environmental issues that directly influence his industry. Specifically, the sustainability of hardwoods that are used to build acoustic guitars. Today, Brazilian rosewood is the most highly prized and rare tone wood for the back & side portions of guitars. It has gotten so scarce that, if you were to order one from Martin or just about any other reputable maker, it would immediately jack up the price by $7 -10K ! In fact, they only have abou
  3. Hey Rod! Hope all is well. I come down to your city every year for a guitar gathering with about 70 people & learn & jam with some of the greatest artists from there. We always have a great time. It was disgusting what happened to Gibson. Gibson makes some of my favorite electrics ( the ES335 & Les Paul). While I don't agree with Martin's political affiliations, they make my favorite acoustics. I believe their craftsmanship & tone sets the bar for the industry. Additionally, one has to applaud the loyalty they have toward their employees. In spite of the economy
  4. The center passed right over the area where I live & I will definitely be voting!
  5. Any time I can strap on the skinny boards & fling myself over a cliff makes me happy!
  6. Wow! Hadn't thought about that. Very interesting.
  7. Desimo - It's simple. If you don't like the threads, you don't have to read them. No need to be barking & telling people what to do. Also, before accusing someone of hiding behind their computer, you might want to look in the mirror first. We're all tapping the keys here, friend. As for being involved in politics, the answer is yes. During the first part of my life, my law enforcement career kept me mostly out of politics. I did however, assist in drafting laws and getting them passed in my state and that helped make it a safer place. Now, post career, I am very involved in politics.
  8. It's gonna get really dirty now!
  9. SNIP Even better is, if you don't like political threads, then don't read them.
  10. Adam, thanks for staying on top of this.
  11. Thanks for sharing mrref! Hope all is well & stay safe out there!
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