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  1. I am in Iraq working and almost everyday the internet service from cell phone providers goes down at 6 am til around 8:40am. This could be something or it could be nothing in regards to this investment. I was told it was for testing of students so they don't cheat. But what students get up that early? Things that make you go hmmm...
  2. Adam Montana pm me. Boots on on ground in Erbil
  3. This is 100%bogus Intel I am boots on ground in Erbil
  4. This is 100% bogus Intel I am boots on ground in Erbil
  5. I am now boots on ground in Erbil and no one here is nearly as optimistic as these fools they all say maybe someday
  6. Yeah I am also 10 years into this and I'd love to get off this ride asap!!! Because so many don't believe in this investment
  7. That sounds good now let's see some action
  8. At 50 dollars a barrel that equates to 1. 5 million dollars a day!!! That is sooo wrong
  9. Any St. Patrick's day deals for platinum VIP?
  10. Oil agreements without a hcl? Something is fishy and I like it!!!+
  11. They got to be paying the Kuwaiti's with something because they don't give anything away or without strings attached
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