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  1. vato96

    Questions For Adam's Update 3-14-2018

    Any St. Patrick's day deals for platinum VIP?
  2. Oil agreements without a hcl? Something is fishy and I like it!!!+
  3. They got to be paying the Kuwaiti's with something because they don't give anything away or without strings attached
  4. Can someone give me their insight on this it just seems like jibberish
  5. Hopefully they take out the bums who stole the most first!
  6. It's easier to rv at the click of a mouse. Just saying
  7. Sure wish he'd be useful in something other than talk about how great iraq is doing and put some action to his words and advise the central bank it's time to rv
  8. Abadi needs to give maliki a good old fashioned rope neck tie folower by a dirt nap

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