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  1. Oh Boy....I might reopen negotiations with the Fat Lady....she might need to ready herself to retake the stage.
  2. Unlike the weather in Charleston, SC...wait ten minutes and it will change, the RV situation is wait 14 years & the sh@$ hasn’t changed. They are FUBAR
  3. The Fat Lady has left town in hunt of a better gig. Waiting for the HCL and witnessing Iran’s insurrection via money laundering has left her no choice but to hitch a ride with the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile
  4. The FAT LADY still has a firm grip on the mic but has switched her attention to dinner & the Chick-fil-A sandwich in her left hand....and the wait continues.
  5. The FAT LADY is holding the mic in one hand and a Big Mac in the other....wait for it!
  6. I just want the Fat Lady to mount the damn stage, sing her rendition of the Monkey’s jingle “I’m A Believer,” exit left, and let me buy a few sleeves of golf balls. Done, happy, and thank you brother for the dinars gift in 2007.
  7. KISS.....Just draw straws...shortest one becomes president(s), and longest gets to become the prime minister. FUBAR for sure.
  8. Ain’t no Fat Lady going to take the stage and sing if she is being paid in Iraq Dinars. She’d have to hire 2-3 extra Uber drivers just to carry her payment. She’d loose money on the deal.
  9. Dang Nab! The Fat Lady was jolted out of bed & has caught cab to the MET. Now...if only the Orchestra(raging politicians) could find their damn instruments. 😡
  10. Now did y’all read that the Fat Lady has a new manager, and is readying for her MET debut. She decided tassels would serve no purpose unless there is an RV rate of 1:1.
  11. Breaking News...the Fat Lady fired her old manager, hired a new one, and is working out the final kinks for a grand performance @ the MET.
  12. Flying monkeys? This directors cut has flying camels. Ugh!
  13. 11 years of “step by step” long is this “Yellow Brick Road”?
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