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  1. The never ending convoy of hot messes. Someone please give these idiots a box chem sticks so they can recover their heads embedded in their arses...out.
  2. “Is it real or is it Memorex?” Shi#... I can’t see it either....damn Foster Grants are all fogged up!
  3. This improvement reminds me the packaging that went into a 12 pack of Schlitz Beer. The quality of their packaging was a far greater then the product it was protecting.
  4. I’ve had her on retainer for the last 14 years. Not much closer then when I started covering her “supersize me” habit.
  5. Just a wee bit hesitant to ring the fat lady (who I have on retainer since 2007) letting her know to find her mic & ready herself to mount the stage...
  6. Damn Churchill & his cohorts for drawing up this ****-show almost a 100 years ago.
  7. It’s the difference between buying refurbished golf balls & new in the sleeve.
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