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  1. Pay the salary of the Fat Lady & I’ll join her on stage, and we’ll sing any dame song the audience wants!
  2. Thinking he forms a government or **** is going to hit the fan! Power to the people. Don’t know what else to say.... except that the Fat Lady has kicked me to stage left , and signed with a new talent agency. She is through climbing on and off the stage waiting for these perverted fu*ks to get their **** straight. RO
  3. Thank y'all for your service! I would do it all again.
  4. Tell me the Fat Lady is about to mount the stage...
  5. Fat Lady pulled off plane in New York headed for Russia. She is briefed on CBI’s progress, and asked to reconsider her singing career. She ain’t happy...but she gets in the cab bound for the MET.
  6. The "Fat Lady" ain't singing for anyone, anywhere, anytime soon. Hell...I suggest that she look into a more predictable career path. The Iraq bureaucracy is going to keep her off the stage for as long as they can.
  7. 15 years for me in this junk bond deal...thank the lord my wife bought me a duel kegerator for our anniversary. Another year or two won’t be so painful.
  8. An Iraqi finance minister asks a peer, can you keep a secret? His peer says....hold that thought , I need to confer with my Iranian counterpart.
  9. Oh Boy....I might reopen negotiations with the Fat Lady....she might need to ready herself to retake the stage.
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