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  1. .82 cents affords me a rather large amount of new golf balls, not refurbished. 😎
  2. I didn’t laugh; but with that said, how early was it when the CBI leaked the $5+ rate? Cheers, RTO
  3. Patiently waiting 12years for RV to pop so I can buy me a brand new sleeve of ProVx’s. So in the meantime I continue to play range balls.
  4. I say drones. Lots of drones. Actually, lots more! Out shine the moon. TF-214. Tired of these piss ants. Out..
  5. One must ask...How long can they keep this Sh@t show going?
  6. Come on boys....pull the lever so I can buy a life’s supply of Chrome Soft golf balls. Yes, I am a shitty golfer.
  7. Dame....just when I start to get my hope up. Fat Lady might not ever get to sing. Oh well...I hear there is a gold war going on. Might sign up!
  8. The mentioning of a permanent shutdown of the currency auctions has me rethinking my negotiations with the “Fat Lady.” I just might have to cave into her demand for a new sequin party dress. Anything ...just mount the damn stage, and ready yourself to blast out Dire Strait’s “Money For Nothing,” R.O.
  9. Pay the salary of the Fat Lady & I’ll join her on stage, and we’ll sing any dame song the audience wants!
  10. Thinking he forms a government or **** is going to hit the fan! Power to the people. Don’t know what else to say.... except that the Fat Lady has kicked me to stage left , and signed with a new talent agency. She is through climbing on and off the stage waiting for these perverted fu*ks to get their **** straight. RO
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