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  1. This is of course a false choice poll. One could just as easily question the integrity of every member of DV for associating with a site that has a post-RV tax strategy that some consider shady. We are talking about allegations, after all. As Z pointed out the real question here is whether Scooter deserved the lack of respect that was shown him throughout this ordeal. My answer is an emphatic NO!
  2. A conditional apology is not an apology. It's a weasel looking for a way out of the hole he dug for himself. drox I agree with much of what you said. However chuckst3r wasn't the only problem here. Adam should have slapped him down but instead he seemed to be encouraging this punk in taking Scooter to the woodshed in a public forum which was very disrespectful IMO. Scooter never endorsed anything that the B H guys or Rudy were selling that I am aware of. And I'm sure that Scooter was aware of the fact that Rudy had been banned from DV. He obviously had made the determination that Rudy wasn't the boogieman that he was being made out to be. That's his call, and I think it's very presumptuous to say that Scooter was clueless about the concerns that many had about Rudy. Whether you agree or disagree with Scooter's choices I think the selfless work that he has done has earned him a lot more respect than he was shown in this episode.
  3. Scooter's not coming back folks, and I don't blame him. His countless hours of research and freely sharing with the DV community were rewarded by allowing a punk to stalk and harass him in multiple threads, on his profile page, and perhaps even via email. Like the old saying goes ... no good deed goes unpunished.
  4. Chuck (aka chuckst3r) is an obnoxious smartasss punk. There's a right way and a wrong way to address these issues. Taking somebody of Scooter's stature to the woodshed in a public manner was the wrong way. Badgering him on his profile page was the wrong way. Why he was allowed to harass Scooter the way that he did is beyond me.
  5. Well said, Asiegel674. There is a right way and a wrong way to address somebody of Scooter's stature. Acting like a smartass punk lecturing a man old enough to be your dad with far more credentials and respect is of course the wrong way.
  6. Happy trails, Scooter. I hope we can still have a post-RV get together. Well chuckst3r I hope you're happy.
  7. I don't look anything like John Edwards. I just started using his mug shot as my avatar the other day as a joke. It's starting to creep me out though so I think I'm going to change it again.
  8. Sorry, I forgot to post the working links. Link 0 Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 Link 7 Link 8 Link 9 Link 10
  9. This was posted on PD this morning and I thought it was a good read. The woman who posted it is called Juni. She's an attorney and a friend of marcuscurtis.
  10. Whether you claim to be a prophet or not, if you say that you received a revelation from God and it doesn't pan out you're a false prophet in my book. Do you think in the Old Testament that if somebody said "Thus saith Jehovah God .... " and it doesn't happen they could fall back on the excuse "well I never claimed to be a prophet ... I was just prophesying". Yeah, right. Try to fend off the stoning sentence with that. It's like Bill Clinton's lame excuse that oral sex isn't sex or that "it depends on what the definition of 'is' is".
  11. I'm sure that he did. He's a lawyer after all. He knows the process. And he's a politician so he knows that the mug shot will be made public. The last thing he wants is an ugly scowl on his face in a mug shot going viral. It's very common for politicians to smile for the mug shot camera to avoid looking sinister. Check out Tom Delay's mug shot. Sorry, dinarmmama. I guess I assume that everybody follows these stories as closely as I do.
  12. Thanks John. As long as famous people keep providing such entertainment material I'll keep taking advantage of it.
  13. Why would Obama need to sign off on it?
  14. I have seen a number of these "let's get in agreement" posts in the year or so that I have been here at DV. No results yet. I'm curious if people do this when they invest in mutual funds, penny stocks, real estate, commodities ..... etc.? Why should this investment be any different? It's a speculative investment on a currency, nothing more.
  15. I can't speak for anybody else but when I hear somebody say it's going to RV on a certain date I take that to mean that it will be showing the new rate on the CBI site and I will be able to exchange at that new rate. That's the standard that I use for gurus and that's the standard that I use for George. And by that standard he failed. He didn't say it would be signed off on by then, or tested by then .... etc. etc. He said RV.
  16. I can wait for 2 more weeks for $3.89 but the problem here is that he said the first part of June and June 29 isn't in the first part of June now is it? Besides that, at one point he actually said the 29th of May and then in another instance he said Friday June 10 is our day. Well here we are now on June 16 and still no RV. Sorry George, you're wrong. Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts.
  17. You know chucks3r you have made some valid points. Rudy was banned from DV, that's true. In fact, before he was catapulted into dinar superstar status via his call to Hannity he had been in trouble here for spamming his company info. (You can confirm this by going to rudy1164's profile and reading through the comments). Then Adam and a few others did some research on him and found some incriminating things in his past and banned him. And the B H guys have always come across as a bit shady to me. So I have no objections to you raising questions about them either. But where you lose me is in your disrespectful attitude toward Scooter. You can make your points without coming across as an arrogant punk lecturing a man old enough to be your dad whose briefcase you're probably not worthy to carry. In fact, there's no need to write an "open letter" message to Scooter at all. You could just contact him on his profile page and he'd probably be happy to discuss this with you through emails. By doing it in the way you have chosen with your wordy, obnoxious, diatribes all you're achieving is a reputation of being an ass.
  18. I love these British colloquialisms. It reminds me of the G.B. Shaw quote that England and the US are two countries divided by a common language.
  19. This is the first time I've seen this. The last I heard Ali was opening new locations in the UK. I don't intend to do any more business with him since he went off on Adam and did a 180 on the RV. Thanks for the post, though. By the way, zantac .... still thinking RV in June?
  20. First of all this isn't a rumor, so it's posted in the wrong forum. Secondly, if the rate goes to 1500 you will lose money because it will be worth less than it is now.
  21. I'm pretty sure that Scooter is aware of that. I believe he was referring to cities and counties. Actually the subject at the time was Iraq's government, not the US govt. Somebody stated that the IMF's fiscal year is July 1 - June 30 and I was wondering if the GOI's was too, but Scooter told me that theirs is the same as the calendar year Jan 1 - Dec 31. And for those of you who asked, I sleep in the daytime. I work nights as an auditor in a hotel.
  22. 2:14 AM [scooter] I've been buried in these recently posted budget 2:14 AM [scooter] numbers that they have held back for the past 7 months 2:14 AM [scooter] the translation process is somewhat time consuming 2:14 AM [scooter] I had forgotten how tedious process this was 2:14 AM [scooter] nevertheless 2:15 AM [scooter] the tables of increases on departments, ministries, etc... 2:15 AM [scooter] range all over -- from 1.16 at the lowest point to 5.88 on the high 2:15 AM [scooter] the overall budget number is coming in at 1.27 fo the table of increases 2:15 AM [scooter] now comes the hard part 2:16 AM [scooter] taking all the drainage funds from 2006 - 2010 2:16 AM [scooter] and adding that into the equation -- plus adding the DFI and treasury numbers that were just transferred 2:16 AM [scooter] and we still don't have any solid information on those frozen assetts 2:16 AM [scooter] but it's coming together 2:17 AM [scooter] What's interesting is the salaries section 2:17 AM [scooter] the higher level managment is getting reductions 2:17 AM [scooter] but the mid level to lower, entry level personell 2:18 AM [scooter] are all rating out at 3.52 --- that was very surprising 2:18 AM [scooter] caught me off guard 2:18 AM [scooter] they did some things different in this years budget as well 2:18 AM [scooter] They put the majority of the increases on the investment portion 2:18 AM [scooter] whereas last years budget 2:19 AM [scooter] the increases using the Bahraini Dinar rate was applied to the operational expenses 2:19 AM [scooter] so 2:19 AM [scooter] 2009 --- overall budget came in at 1.14 2:19 AM [scooter] 2010 came in at 2.05 2:20 AM [scooter] this year came back down to the 1.2780 mark 2:20 AM [scooter] now 2:20 AM [scooter] we have the $165 Billion that have been saved in US Treasuries 2:21 AM [scooter] if they apply all that plus the drainage funds excesses to the reserves 2:21 AM [scooter] the equation starts to get interesting 2:21 AM [scooter] in a good way -- not a bad way 2:21 AM [scooter] Am I bantering by myself 2:22 AM [scooter] just curious 2:22 AM [Scooby Doo] Scooter is there anything in their constitution that would prevent them from running a deficit with their budget? 2:22 AM [scooter] needed a break 2:22 AM [scooter] 2:22 AM [wdaubie] Scooter 2:22 AM [scooter] that's the thing -- are they or have they really been running a deficit? 2:22 AM [scooter] if they used the real values -- they would not be in deficit mode 2:22 AM [scooter] with that said 2:23 AM [wdaubie] Scooter Giving you full courtesy! 2:23 AM [scooter] 2008 killed their budget -- largely because the oil prices tanked so badly 2:23 AM [scooter] wdaubie 2:23 AM [scooter] Thank you 2:23 AM [scooter] 2:24 AM [scooter] Anyways -- the timing of this information being published is interesting as well 2:25 AM [scooter] just speculating -- but if they RV'd before the bank re-boot -- that would be a huge benefit to the country 2:25 AM [scooter] I think 2:25 AM [scooter] still working that one through my mind 2:25 AM [Scooby Doo] when is the reboot? 2:25 AM [scooter] I did learn something new about June 30th 2:26 AM [scooter] reboot is benchmarked to be completed before June 30th 2:26 AM [Scooby Doo] ok 2:26 AM [scooter] so -- it may have already occurred 2:26 AM [scooter] just not announced 2:27 AM [Scooby Doo] do you know what Iraq's fiscal year is? 2:27 AM [scooter] did you know that june 30th since 1920 I think has a significant meaning to the iraqi's 2:27 AM [scooter] states January - December 2:27 AM [Scooby Doo] ok 2:27 AM [Scooby Doo] so the same as the calendar year 2:27 AM [scooter] which is interesting because most governments use July 1 to June 30 2:27 AM [scooter] yea 2:28 AM [scooter] At least they do here in US 2:28 AM [scooter] most cities and counties are July 1 2:28 AM [Scooby Doo] somebody earlier said they contacted the CBI and were told July-June 2:29 AM [scooter] hmmmm 2:29 AM [Scooby Doo] I think he said CBI 2:29 AM [scooter] I'll google it -- perhaps they changed 2:29 AM [eatmoney] no imf hesaid 2:29 AM [eatmoney] not cbi 2:29 AM [Scooby Doo] okay .... thanks 2:29 AM [Scooby Doo] yeah, IMF 2:29 AM [eatmoney] no problem 2:29 AM [scooter] ohhhh 2:29 AM [scooter] ok -- that makes sense 2:29 AM [eatmoney] said the imf is very helpful with questions 2:30 AM [Scooby Doo] But the budget follows the fiscal year for the GOI, right? 2:30 AM [scooter] that's actually a cool thing to know 2:30 AM [scooter] I have never called the IMF 2:30 AM [scooter] yes 2:30 AM [scooter] to the GOI 2:31 AM [Scooby Doo] okay, so tell us about June 30 and Iraq 2:31 AM [scooter] oh yea -- 2:31 AM [scooter] well it seems way back during the British rule of Iraq 2:31 AM [scooter] that June 30th is their Independence day 2:32 AM [scooter] I thought that was somewhat interesting considering what's occurring right now 2:32 AM [scooter] just a bit of trivia 2:32 AM [scooter] OK - I thought it was kind of cool 2:32 AM [scooter] 2:32 AM [scooter] 2:32 AM [scooter] 2:33 AM [scooter] I think the activity that's occuring right now this week and the next couple of days are huge 2:34 AM [scooter] parliament should have approved the demarcation lines with kuwait yesterday or today 2:34 AM [scooter] On the 15th all the DFI accounts should be under the protection of the US Treasury 2:34 AM [scooter] on the 16th 2:34 AM [scooter] the UNSC is delivered their final report on Iraq 2:35 AM [scooter] the 17th -- new FOREX and leverage rules are being applied world wide 2:35 AM [scooter] wait 2:35 AM [scooter] that could be the following week 2:36 AM [scooter] June 22nd -- the UNSC meets regarding Iraq 2:36 AM [scooter] the two government banks are to be re-booted and revalued 2:37 AM [scooter] There's more -- but I'm just too tired and have forgotten some of the other items 2:37 AM [eatmoney] works out 23rd is my b- day. 2:37 AM [scooter] Sweet 2:37 AM [eatmoney] 2:37 AM [scooter] the 28th is the publication of the operational exchange rates 2:38 AM [scooter] has anybody notice how many countries made changes to their rates on June 1 2:38 AM [scooter] holy cow 2:38 AM [scooter] never seen that many changes to rates ever 2:39 AM [scooter] Also, have you noticed the US dollar is positioning itself for a reversal 2:39 AM [eatmoney] yes been noticing that. 2:39 AM [scooter] they experts are cautiously optimistic 2:39 AM [scooter] that tells me that big $$$ know something that we don't 2:40 AM [eatmoney] follow the money 2:40 AM [scooter] I think part of this deal with China 2:40 AM [Scooby Doo] Scooter can I post this? 2:40 AM [scooter] has a committment that includes using USD for all oil purchases moving forward 2:40 AM [scooter] sure -- 2:41 AM [Scooby Doo] cool 2:41 AM [scooter] This was a good brain dump
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