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  1. Clinton convenes mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors you figure out the REAL REASON WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Hillarious Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors. The top envoys from nearly all of America's 260 embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries will be gathering at the State Department beginning on Monday. Officials say it's the first such global conference. The gathering comes at a time of crisis in Egypt that could reshape dynamics in the Middle East, fallout from leaked diplomatic documents and congressional cal
  2. FRANK WAS LEAD TO TALK DIRECTLY TO A MAN WHO IS IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM OF IRAQ. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED AT WHAT THIS MAN TELLS FRANK........ BEST INFO I HAVE EVER GOTTEN SO FAR WITH THIS INVESTMENT. THIS NEWS WILL IGNITE HOPE (dont shoot the messenger....ME) Conference Playback Information Playback Number: (760) 569-7699 Access Code: 569480 Playback Link:
  3. To be fair, network marketing was proven a viable and legal business concept by attorney Gerald Nehra years ago. The preface was that it involved a product which could be bought and sold for x, and at the time, the only stipulation the goverment side took was that there was proof that at least 70% of the purchases of the 'reps' were resold. The problem is that many scams using the guise of network marketing, use it as a means to sell bic pens for a mont blanc price, or sometimes only focus on the 'recuiting' with inordinate 'entry' or what the industry calls 'front loading' the incomming re
  4. Great article. For months people have been asking WHERE there was a link proving US gov has a crapload of Dinars they are sitting on, and a good reason for their push for this...
  5. Activists encourage jurors to take a stand It seems to be an altruistic endeavor: Rally the populace to make informed and conscientious decisions when serving as a juror. But James Cox, campaign manager for the Fully Informed Jury Association, said he was threatened with arrest outside the Broward County Courthouse; received a citation from Homeland Security while handing out literature in front of the Miami federal courthouse complex; and is regularly questioned about his activities at the federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale. His incendiary message seems to have hit a nerve. "You
  6. I believe De Larue was the same firm who PRINTED the new dinars as well, so their anti counterfit machines are probable the best. Im pretty sure they couldnt afford ONE counterfit 25,000 dinar note to slip thru. I have talked to some hi end yuk yuks at banks and it looks like MANY will be sending out the dinars if/when RV, since they arent locally neither trained nor is it their department to handle the dinar. For example, Capital One's foreign currency headquarters in in New Orleans, and even if they credit your account immediately or when it is actually confirmed (based on their OWN interna
  7. U.S DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY HAS TOLD BANKS - IN WRITING - IT MAY INSPECT SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES WITHOUT WARRANT AND SIEZE ANY GOLD, SILVER, GUNS OR OTHER VALUABLES IT FINDS INSIDE THOSE BOXES! According to in-house memos now circulating, the DHS has issued orders to banks across America which announce to them that "under the Patriot Act" the DHS has the absolute right to seize, without any warrant whatsoever, any and all customer bank accounts, to make "periodic and unannounced" visits to any bank to open and inspect the contents of "selected safe deposit boxes." Further, the DHS "shall,
  8. I have it,. but couldnt get used to the machine. Loosing 24 lbs helped considerably on the snoring. I cant imagine going thru surgeries till they get it right though
  9. Don Paul

    AC email

    Thats my point. Comming out with a 100,000 note is going in the 'oppossite' direction of an RV - guess they feel they need an equivalent to a 100 dollar bill for a while
  10. Don Paul

    AC email

    however, if the 100,000 dinar note is still under consideration, that is not good news... that would mean an RV is nowhere in sight if they need to produce a 100k dinar note to be able to do everyday business
  11. Don Paul

    AC email

    Just for clarification, American Constractor said back in Nov or Dec that this woulndt happen by the end of 2010 like absolutely everyone else was.
  12. Listen, if you post a rumor on the rumor forum without "links' you get slammed. If you do post links, you are judged guilty of causing a comotion to the bank phones you list. You really cant win on this site. You take you chances posting and hope you dont get too many arrows in your back. People are REALLY on edge here. I think so many 'this comming monday' predictions have been made that it has turned this into an ugly crowd. You made a good post. Dont regret it, there are MANY who appreciate it..
  13. In other words, and without a doubt YOU need to figure out your 'exit' strategy because there will be no Benefits, including social security for your retirement. You many want to reconsider investing your dinars/RV into any type of US securities of funds.
  14. Im not as smart as a lot of you guys here.. but I would like to PONDER a different view. One that revolves around 'taxable event' lets say my dad gave me dinar before he died in iraq. i wait till dinar RVs and I opt to NOT cash into to dollars, but take a portion in gold, silver, euros, australian dollars, british pounds. I then only use euros to pay for things in the US that accept them. When have I created a Taxable Event by IRS definitions? I never cashed them into US dollars OR what if I took some dinars to the very same bank that sold them to me and offered them back as they are fo
  15. It is a fact that sooner or later CBI will be gathering up the 0000s and at the least not keep letting them out of Iraq, as I believe is happening now. Slowly putting on the brakes. On another point, most of these 'brokers' are having to buy the dinars from coyotes in Jordan and such. It is also a fact that there were at least 2-3 bank robberies at Iraq where around 800 millions of dinars were stolen, most probably by subversive groups looking to fund their activities and are scalping those same dinars in Jordan. Very possible that the flow has been slowed by powers that be to make these insu
  16. If you want to get that technical, youre also supposed to report ALL income/sales from even garage sales. So... who does that?
  17. Im not sure it is good for the country in general to have a very questionable situation on the legitimacy of our present president's birth status when we are deporting thousands of immigrants daily for the same thing or less. Its a bit two-faced and a general loss of international credibility of how we adhere to the POSTED RULES, regardless of status, race or creed. This should of been cleardd up from the beginning, now it will just fester into an international credibility 'cancer' and more fire for the conspiracy theorists which will see no end... Complete and total P.R. error. Amazing he
  18. You probably would have a hard time getting a non-dianrian to accept dinars. He would have to pay the taxes on it if he cashes them in.... Here is an idea for you. Bank owned real estate. When the dinar RVs, you could approach banks who have forereign currency departments to accept dinars in exchange for one of their distressed property listings. I that you are exchanging one for the other, and not dollars directly, you would PROBABLY (check with a tax attorney) be delaying the tax consequence up until you resell the house. The one possible advantage is that you would be postponing the ta
  19. Looks like it was Barrett who said they werent even on the planes. She said she believed in hijackings...
  20. Its really just an example of capitalism unchecked. There are some religions who clearly state you arent responsible for the bad business decisions of your client constituency. If they are too stupid to be fleeced, that is not your problem. I wont state the religion, but it was a very prevalent one in New York who operated this way. In fact, i saw one brother put his foot on a scale discretely, while weighing fabric for sale to his own brother. It was funny in a way, but he had no guilt about it when I brought it up later... plus they are absolved of all their 'sins' once a year.... you'll la
  21. I am not here to judge what happened (as if you know all the stories) but please name me ONE war or revolution where innocents/bystanders werent involved? I think this rogue move by some banks to make insane profits off the needy or greedy, is just a warning to ALL OF US, of the sharks that will be comming our way when we try to cash out. Obviously, even banks arent above suspicion. You'd better really study your options before you walk into an institution you think is above reproach.
  22. I thought 1 & 2 were fairly clear. He says it wasnt computer or website glitch but a cheap reach for making insane profits on a third-world-like pre RV move on some banksters part before they were stopped dead in their tracks. Like banks wont make enough from the spread, they need to make exponential profits off us sheeples. As far as you knowing some Iraquis who dont happen to like what happened in Iraq, I have met NONE who said they are worse off now than when Hussein was in power. Course Ive only met about 13. Also have spoken to people in the international currency world, and publicl
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