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  1. I don't understand what is going on here. I am a PLANTIUM member since 2010. I received only 1 email today with my name not my member name. Will I still be receiving the email with my member name?
  2. Your daughter is very strong and beautiful. Good. luck to her and your whole family. Remember god is always by her side helping her with everything
  3. I will also keep you in my prays.
  4. OK I thought my husband messed up the computer again. I don't like change because I am old and affraid I am getting forgetfull. With my job I have to keep my head on tight going from 3 different schools to get kids then bring 2 to a fitness center and the other to soccer practise I thought I lost it. When I come here I like to see my name when I chick on the site because then I don't have to signin again. It is getting hard to remember my password.
  5. I also received 2 but I think one is because I am a platium member and the other because I am a member of the board. I enjoyed both emails .
  6. I didn't receive that email from Safe Dinar but a different one telling me about the change rate and that if a bought 1 million dinars I will receive 12,000 dinars extra. I also have used Safe Dinar for my purchases.
  7. Pay off bills so my husband can retire then put new hurricane windows on my house and get some storm shutters then fix my driveway. I will keep working. With the money that is left hopefully we will be able to survive.
  8. Thank you Dogmatic1 yes my email was hacked.
  9. I received this in my email this morning and I am confussed because I didn't contact anyone about any help. It is from the Dinar Support Team saying " DINAR SUPPORT RV INTEL VIEW TICKET FROM THE SUPPORT TEAM". Does anyone know what this is about and has anyone else received this email?
  10. That explains everything because I always stay logged in. Thank you TexasGranny for the answer. It is so much easier on me staying logged in I tend to forget my log in names . Getting old .
  11. Where are the new ads? When I click on to the site there are No ads about the Charities.
  12. This was to cute and funny. I bet there are women who do wax down there by themselfs instead of going to a perfessional.
  13. Thank you Adam for sending us the email. You are a great guy and I trust you that is why I am a Platiumn member . I can't wait for the text from you saying we have RV.
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