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  1. Dear Dinar vets members, I rearly come on this web site and post and when i do I do my best to be factual and some people don't like to hear the truth and they rather listine to rediculous predictions from fakes like okie dokie and terry k that have over the years proven to be fakes and for entertainment only! Since these two I have seen some other redicolus people like wife in the know just by their nick names you can tell that these people are fake! As to the RV I said this in the past and will say it again Iran is vested in Iraq and it won't allow the RV to happen because if the RV happens Iraq becomes a huge player in the region like it was when Saddam was in power. Therefore Iran won't allow the RV to happen, because Iran can't afford a strong Iraq. The USA had a chance to topple the Iranian regime on several occassions but it failed. So to all the people who are expecting an RV anytime soon keep dreaming. Let's hope the Iranian regime is toppled and RV will happen soon after!
  2. Hello everyone, it has been ages since I last posted here but I wanted to tell you guys that if Obama gets reelected kiss your RV away for another four years. This president wants to deminish the USA and anything that will get the USA back on track would be basically against his convinctions and philosophy. I just hope that this communist doesn't get reelected if he does G-D help. Be well and stay real. Nir
  3. Hello everyone, I have been a member for quite a while now and I find it amusing that people are still listining to the garbage these so called gurus say. Especially Okie dokie pokie (lol). Any how for those who know who I am and read my post in the past the fact of the matter is that no RV will happen until oil production increases to levels pre saddam collapse. Also there won't be any RV until after the Syrian situation is settled. Be well my friends!
  4. Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I posted on this forum and quite frankly i did not read any posts. I came here today to let you all know that what I have said in the past has come true. What I want to add to my prediction is that there was one piece of news that was encouraging for Iraq and that was that they started exporting oil! This means that Iraq infrustracture is coming along. It would take a while before the country is functional again. On other news in the middle east and being from that part of the world i think there is going to be a huge war soon between Israel Syria and Iran. If that happens you can kiss your RV good bye. Any how be well and stay real!
  5. Nir, are you saying that you believe Moses was 45 feet tall and Exodus makes no mention of this fact? What about his wife? Read more: Good question this is where our holy books come into play and explain all. Our holy ancient books explain all that cooch has said and more! I want to share something beautiful I have learned today and it is from the book of genesis which many people overlook the verse is chapter 25 verse number six. I will translate the verse first: and to the concubians children that belonged to Abraham he gave "gifts" and he sent them above Issac his son while he was alive eastward to the land of the east. Now to explain this I will say that we all now that Hinduism, buddahism, and all the eastern religions started around the time of Abraham. The gifts that abraham gave his children where the gift of knowledge. However the reason he sent them away was because they were bad influence over issac but he didn't leave them empty handed he gave him some secret knowledge to fight the evil in this world through meditation and self realization! Dear friends the evil in this world should not be feared because that is what it seeks. We must learn to love each other as humans regardless of religion or creed that is when evil will loose it's power and prosperity will reign. Be well and stay real!
  6. What you are saying might be true I don't know for certain however if you study Jewish philosophy in depth from an orthodox point of view you will learn of all the worlds that exsist in the spirtual relam. Also the last of the nifilim that lived on earth was og the king of Bashan. He survived the great flood by wrapping himself around noahs arc. Noah fed him as well. Moses the great prophet is the one that killed Og. The nifilim were giants living on earth Moses him self was considered a giant in todays terms he was 15 meters tall so imagine how tall Og was. Now us Jews we believe in Serafim wich are Angeles that serve G-d and we know that Evil is here for our own good and that evil has no free will like we do. Evil is here to serve g-d and if Evil has put certain individuals or organizations to control this world so be it. However when a Jew fulifills G-D's commandments and seprates himself from the ways of this world than we are disconnecting from this world and going to a level where these serafim can't control us anymore and we truly excersise our free will! Jews always knew that other religions and philosophies inslave their people however our deep convenctions in g-d and his ways help us break free from the evil in this world. For example when a Jew Keeps the Sabbath he is disconnecting from this world physically and going to a spirtual state of mind where worldly possessions mean nothing and technology is of no use. When a Jew does this it paralyzez the Evil in this world and Evil has no control over the Jew. This is where true free will manifests itself. However When a human is enslaved to technology and the way of this world it gives life to evil. When a jew wakes up the first thing we do is thank g-d for giving back our souls then we proceed in prayer to thank g-d for all he has given us. we then ask for our worldly needs and lastly thank him again. When we do all this we show evil that he has no control over us and that g-d is the ultimate creator and that we are the light onto the nations that he intended us to be. The Jew in this world is basically the person who fights the evil in this world. That is why we have been prosecuted and hated but we have passion and vigor and we love all humans and we seek to destroy evil by following our laws and traditions which are proven to destroy evil!
  7. Dear Cooch, I am a traditional Jew and I read all of this thread last night and also went to the blog of HH and read his comments and answers he was giving. I have to say that everything you say and everything HH said fall in perfect line with Jewish orthodox philosophy! I have been studying the talmud and jewish mysticm for a while now and everything makes sense from a Jewish point of view. Now as far as the rothschilds and rockeffellers they are Jews as well and wether they are evil or not I don't know and I don't care. However I would love to talk to you off line and explain to you in greater detail Jewish philosophy and how it would releate to all the subject that was spoken here. All the best! Stay real and be well! P.S. I know everything about the financial systems and the workings of this world as you discussed as well.
  8. Hello, I haven't been on this forum for a few month's now but I read this post and I am outraged to see that people here gave this member negatives for speaking the truth! What is wrong with you people he speaks the truth and you prefer to here false hope from people who have been giving you false info for years now. Something is really screwy here. Anyway I am expecting bashing but you know what I don't care I am with Taboo on this one he has spoken the truth and he has my support! As to the RV happening anytime soon forget it. For the people who read my posts a few months back you know that what ever I have said came true! The RV will happen when Iran and Syria get out of Iraq. Be well and stay real!
  9. So far my so called accusation or assumption is proving to be right. Until I am proven wrong what I said is the truth. What you are saying therefore is a false asumption and accusation! If you want to live in LA LA land go ahead I have every right to challange anybody and speak the truth the way I see it, and until someone dispelles my truth which no one has yet I will keep my stance. All people do is bash which is low and I feel sorry for them because they are galuble and don't listine to the truth and to reason but they rather hear feel good info which is false. To tell you the truth my friend I think you are one of those people. However you will not hear feel good stories from me just the truth and realistic info. Be well and stay real.
  10. Dear Adam, This is an open letter to you. I don't agree with your last chat. Ali Left not because something is happening as far as the RV taking place; the Arab world is burning there are more important events happening in that part of the world for the dinar to RV. Events have to calm down before anything could happen. Such as the Syrian uprising. Iran's influence over Iraq is tremendous and you and none of your so called gurus don't address that. My take on ALi is that it could be two reasons that he shut operations. The first is that he is a fraud plain and simple and if you or any of your viewers don't like it too bad, but we need to take that as a possibility. Second reason could be that he is in deep trouble with the law and he shut down so he can avoid that. All your rumors and others gurus have been proven to be false. The RV will happen if it happens when things calm down. This is in no way an assult on you Adam but a diffrence of opinion. Be well and stay real!
  11. Thank you all for your symphaty. to answer some questions here. My loss relates to the RV because I wanted to show everyone that unless the insanity doesn't end in the Arab world you won't see an RV! I used a personal experiance to drive this home and make people understand. As to The Syrian regime having releveance it has major influence over Iraq especially with the Baath party being the ruling party there. The Baath party has still major influence in Iraq as well. Also if the Syrian regime falls that would be a huge blow to Iran which has major influence over Iraq. That is in a nut shell any how be well and stay real.
  12. Hello, I been away for quite a while and today a huge tragedy happened to my family. A close family friend of mine died in the blast in Morroco along with his wife that was 9 months pregnant. How does this relate to the dinar and all this gurus who in my opinion are all fakes. Well the Arab countries are in tormoil and I want to concentrate on Syria. If you all know Syria is ruled by the Baath party which was the same party of Saddam. Now that party is falling apart and today we saw some real cracks in the military over there. What this means is that there is hope for an RV if the Syrians gov't falls. So cross your fingers other wise no RV. Be well and stay real.
  13. Good article. But that is not my source. Be well and stay real!
  14. I would love to it is not in English. Be well and stay real!
  15. If I told you I'd have to kill you lol just joking. I have my sources the US media doesn't report these info but there are some foriegn outlets that do. I also have some friends that know a thing or two. be well and stay real!
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