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  1. Wait! I call BS! Impossible! No way! Ding dong the wicked witch is dead! I mean considering that Iraq is about to fragment just like we knew it would... Now, if they would just RV and get that out the way, I'll show you an exit strategy that will put both administrations to shame! LOL LOL
  2. Personally, I stopped at 'Couzomel'... Done.
  3. Just to be a good sport, you have to spin the wheel, blind fold the 'guru' and have them throw the dart.
  4. I say no. We tried to play ball, albeit by our rules. Maliki declined and that's fine. So he and his friends should figure this out on their own. And not that I don't have a heart, I do. And so do they, so why should we feel bad for them if they've done nothing to change it?
  5. Something is up. Why would an Iraqi politician be concerned about U.S. economic policy? This just stands out for some reason...
  6. So... Maliki is going to jump political parties? That would be "okay" if their political ties weren't so religious. Somebody isn't going to make it.
  7. Say it aint so?!?!?! Quick, somebody post the gif with the guy getting a swift kick in the pants.
  8. But he's going to retire in Florida! This has got to be legit!! (please note the sarcasm lol )
  9. Patience will win the day... Some of us have seen this before... and before... and oh, yeah... BEFORE. Let's just stay frosty and continue to make plans for AFTER the RV.
  10. I'd like to think that the GOI has expended all possible remaining excuses. In fact, I'm of the mind that Feb. 23 is going to be the last straw. Now, what does that mean considering that Iraq has blown off every marker, agreement, etc., you name it. Well, not much. It's kinda like one parent telling a child, "Wait until _____ gets home" but that person NEVER comes home.
  11. Add ole Shabbs to the laundry list of people that Maliki is trying to 'get ird of'. IMHO, looking at the way this administration has run, I wouldn't be surprised if the RV happend BEFORE the elections. Remember in 2008, one os Sen. McCains' campaign themes was the economy. Shortly thereafter, the economy went south and really hasn't made its' way back sine. Not saying that there hasn't been improvement, but it's nowehere it used to be. As far as budgets, I don't think we've passed a budget since Pres. Obama took office. Now, onto my theory... We've know where Bin Laden has been hiding for yea
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