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  1. Just curious if VIP was still open for enrollment? THX! Texx
  2. Good afternoon all! Things seem to be rapidly moving to an economic end that will benefit Iraq and their citizens and us as investors. (WE ALL HOPE!!!) As an 8 year veteran of this investment I've seen/heard/experienced a lot. Lately, there's been renewed talk and rumors on a Float vs. RV/RI. Over coffee this morning my wife and I had this discussion and I would like to pose a question to you wonderful "Dinarvetinarians!" Question: "There is obviously a planned rollout of the "event" by the economic leadership of Iraq …Does Iraq benefit more economically/politically from a gradual FLOAT of the currency or from a RV/RI? Looking forward to your comments and input. Thanks Adam and all. Texx
  3. Hey friends and fellow investors. I don't talk to much here on the boards but have been in this investment going on around 8 years now…seems like forever as some of you can understand. I have something that may save some of you some sanity. "Step away from the computer." Yep…step away. Things are looking great and yes we could have an RV/RI or RIP anytime. BUT while you are spending hours reading and fretting over Guru TRASH…LIFE is going on around you. I'm a pastor and have a great, growing church in Arkansas (yes, I'm a Texas transplant and on loan to Arkansas ). Last Saturday I received a call from a dear pastor buddy…his brother had unexpectedly passed away. I asked how we could help. He said, "Tell your family and friends you love them---we just don't know how much time we have." Puts things in perspective doesn't it? So…if it RV's tomorrow you will get an email from Adam…if it RV's in six months…same email. Don't let life slip by while you wish away today. As a point of reference…I walked away for about two years and checked the boards about once a month…same old news. SOOOO…get out there and live a little. Texxas
  4. Vizio thx! That was the info I was hoping to see!!!
  5. Agreed no need at the current rate BUT if the rate is adjusted lower denoms are essential. I also agree smart cards are essential but just like our economy, lower denominations will be necessary to a large degree for transactions. Thoughts?
  6. Hi all! Yes I'm back after a long hiatus of laying off the dinar bandwagon. I have been invested for 7 years and have been a DV fan for the majority of that time. I feel Adam has the best and most reasonable grasp of this investment. The fact I'm back online and interacting means personally I'm hoping, praying and believing we are very close....finally! TO THE POINT...logically it seems impossible that we would see an imminent RV et al without lower denominations being available or positioned for release. Any thoughts, info or input from anyone??? Tex
  7. Sense of Freshness.... A while ago a new supermarket opened in Arkansas...It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain. When you pass the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and there is the scent of freshly mowed hay. In the meat department there is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks with onions. When you approach the egg case, you hear hens clucking and cackling, and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying. The bread department features the tantalizing smell of fresh baked bread and cookies. I don't buy toilet paper there anymore. Texx
  8. Thanks all! I do believe this will happen but we need to keep it all in perspective! Peace! Texx
  9. [size="5"]Good morning friends and fellow investors. I have been silent on our forums for a while, just been reading and doing some research with outside contacts regarding our investment. As some of you may know I am a former senior Marketing Executive who is now a Senior Pastor. My family and I pastor a great, growing church in northern Arkansas. I received a call yesterday from my former administrative assistant regarding the passing of a dear friend, actually the person who hired me for my first major, senior executive roll. He was 50 years old and lost his battle with cancer. Interestingly, I had already been thinking about our investment, the amount of time I spend looking online, reading posts etc. and weighing that out. The call yesterday sealed the deal for me. So, I am going to pass on some thoughts for you below. Take them, leave them...your call, your life; 1. Live life now. Do not wait until this investment hits to begin enjoying those around you. If you are spending more than an hour a day (which is generous by the way) on DV or other sites that is too much! Your family, friends and community need you. You can make CANNOT MAKE TIME. 2. If I told you that I knew that on August 15, 2012 this was going to would you live between now and then?( I TOTALLY FABRICATED THE DATE TO MAKE A POINT) Faith is believing in what you do not see. Plan for the future but LIVE today. 3. Spend 30 minutes a day dreaming about what you would do with the with your spouse etc and dream. Spend the rest of your day working and enjoying your life NOW. This may seem simplistic to you. The best things in life are usually that way. Stop worrying about when this will happen and how much it will RV for. I do believe it will but whether this year, next year or five years from now...I need to live, love and enjoy the time I have been given. As Adam has said..."The investor is in it for the long haul." Folks we are not here on this planet very long...enjoy the time you Diatribe complete. Texxas[/size]
  10. Linda, Prayed for you today! Believing for a complete at peace and get some rest sweet lady! Texxas777
  11. Ron, Thanks for all you do amigo...appreciate the time and the posts! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Texx
  12. Please know that we will continue to pray for you are not alone amigo. I also believe that there is a blessed hope that we will see those we love again... Peace to you and your family and may the God of all Comfort be with you all. In Christ, Texx
  13. I agree with Tbush...chill is gonna happen. Think happy thoughts....hey it's Christmas! What a great Christmas gift!!!!!! Texx
  14. Hey friends...You're friendly transplanted to Arkansas, Texan here. I have been around this investment over 4 years...have never made a projection on a date or rate (officially anyway . I have a degree in Marketing and have served with some of the largest sports and broadcast groups in the country as a senior executive. (YES...I worked with and for the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars in Southwest Sports Group years ago!) My family and I have been called into the ministry and now serve in the beautiful Ozarks in North Central Arkansas. Our church has doubled in the last year and is doing great! I want us as a group here to bring some clarity. I have been around this investment and on DV exclusively since coming into this investment. We have a good bunch here! I think we need to set some expectations for some folks... realistically. Based on what we have seen over the last 8 months in the Iraqi political climate do we really believe this is going to RV this year? Next year? "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." SOOOOO...with everyone understanding that we are trying to be as REAL as we can...and factoring in all available opinions and thoughts let's throw it out there. Again...not trying to be goofy...and yes I know we are only talking projections. BUT...let's all lay aside what we HOPE will happen and talk about what we REALLY THINK will happen with this investment regarding the RV short term and long term. Texx Thanks for all the hard work done by our resident experts around here.
  15. First off welcome and secondly thanks for you and your family's service to our country. Great observations but I sure hope you are wrong on the timetable and we see an RV sooner rather than later! Appreciate your comments...I am sure there will be some bashing but we are all entitled to our opinions. Of course you know that as you volunteered to protect those rights! Thanks and again...WELCOME! Texx B)
  16. OK...I'm gonna clear this up before it goes crazy. I am 99.9% positive that Adam's comments regarding a morning RV WERE NOT INTENDED to be taken literally for tomorrow, October the 7th 2010. He was speaking generally that WHEN the RV occurs it will occur in the morning BAGHDAD time and show up our time around 8 AM stateside. SOOOOOOO...nobody freak out! Adam please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Blessings and Peace amigos and amigoets! Texx
  17. I'm hoping it's the calm before the DELUGE.... Texx
  18. Hey folks! I am looking at purchasing another 250K dinar this week. My question is simple...Do I continue to buy the 25K notes like I have been or do I purchase 5K notes to "diversify"? Is there really a valid reason to purchase different denominations? Look forward to the input! Thanks in advance... Texx
  19. K98 knights...bro your emoticon cracks me up. I laugh just about every time I see it. Keep it up bro and thanks for the hard work on finding the articles. Peace! Texx
  20. Rick I am in north central Arkansas...who are you thinking of using banking wise? I have small regional banks in my area but am considering going to a larger bank such as BOA etc. What part of the state are you in? Texx
  21. Texxas777


    GREAT info thx!!! Texxas
  22. Thanks for the quick, honest responses! I am running multiple scenarios for sure and like the rest of us just trying to get a game plan together. Best to us all! PEACE, Texx
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