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  1. The ISX already bought the NASDAQ platform back in 2013. There is an article out there, which I read on here that they will be functional on the NASDAQ platform by the 1st week of July 2014. This article was just a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Does sound like a slight inferiority complex going on here. So, once it RV's (as you say) you will sell your dinars (at a million dinar group) for $2.50 per dinar. Sounds like it could be a sweet deal if there is a $38 to a dinar rate. When it happens, I'll come back and see if your still so kind. Thanks for the kind offer.
  3. I definitely agree. We have to look at who is running this. We (the USA) is. We did the same thing not so long ago with our currency. When the value of a currency is lowered (which is raise in value against the US $) as what will happen with the Iraq currency and with what happened with our US currency not long ago, they will come out with currency with lower numbers. We, the USA used to have a $500 and a $1000 bills and higher ones prior to these. When the rate of value changed as what will happen in Iraq, meaning that the value changes from 1166 dinar = $1 to 1 Dinar = $1 then it is not necessary to have the 25,000 and 10,000 and 5,000 and 1,000 Dinar notes as most beside the very wealthy will have any need for these. Hence the reason to print out Dinar notes like the 1 Dinar up to the 200 Dinar notes. Everything in Iraq that is purchased will adjust to what the rate is. This is not a currency that will replace but a currency that will be more accommodating for the situation of raising the value of the Iraq Dinar against the US Dollar. Iraq has gone to great lengths to purposely devalue the dinar on the streets of Iraq to make the citizens want to trade it in for the US Dollar. Simple reason is the more the citizens turn in the Iraqi Dinars, these do not go back out on the streets. They are destroyed. Then when they raise the value of the Iraqi Dinar, the citizens will want the Dinar back and turn in the US Dollars. Here is when they will give the citizens the new lower denoms which will be easier for the citizens to use and carry around just like the 1's, 5's, 10's and 20's that you carry in your wallet. Even knowing there is still $1,000 US bills out there, just not really anyone needing to walk around with one or even feel safe to walk around with one. And to this day you can take a $1,000 US bill to the bank and get $1,000 in smaller bills. Of course collectors will pay you more for it as a collective item. This is why the Iraq citizens will receive the new lower denoms and the value of our larger dinars (25,000 and such) will still receive the value when it raises. The new currency is not to replace but to enhance the economy.
  4. So lets see. 5 trillion dinars at current value of 1166 dinars to a US Dollar, divided to the population of Iraq which is approx. 31.23 million people. This would give each Iraq person 160102 dinars which at the current rate is the equivalent of $137 each. Not a lot to live off of for sure.
  5. For the first time, I agree. These "gurus" make this c-r-a-p up to keep people on their roller coaster ride which is really shameful. If their purpose is to get suckers (people who buy into these fake stories) to buy more Dinars then, the ones that due will have to deal with this on their own. I feel for them. And yes they did lop due to an extreme inflation (but inflation is not high numerical denominations) which Iraq does not have. So for that reason alone that won't happen. But you also have to look at and I am sure you know this already but the wealth Iraq has, these countries that lopped did not have. Another reason the lop talk has no play in this. And we can go down the road of the many countries who forgave the debt Iraq owed them. Do we even think this was done out of the kindness of their heart or was the debt forgiven in trade for hot off the press 2003 new Dinars that eventually would have a value to them. Keep, we've been down this road for years now, and I've read many of your posts. I don't think you feel we will see a lop out of Iraq, I think you like to stir the pot, which in turn gets people to do some real research on their own instead of people acting like lambs waiting on their next dose of "guru" bull. So, in essence, I appreciate what you do. I do have to admit, about two years ago I did think you thought lop was the only answer until I followed your posts. If it wasn't for Scooter, I never would have started researching myself. God bless ya man.
  6. While we are on this topic I want to tell everyone that I talk on Facebook and Skype with a few friends from Iraq regularly. In the point of haveing to shop with only the lower Dinar notes like the 250's and 500's. It make it hard to create change for shop owners to give to their customers. I've been told that a regular practice is to tear a note to make change. What they do is of something cost 100 Dinar and the customer gives the shop owner a 250 Dinar note. The shop owner will tear a portion off of the 250 note and initial it and give it to the customer as change. Now the customer can only use this torn piece of note in this one store as the shop owner has the remaining part of the note. So later the customer comes back to the store and after purchasing whatever, then gives the shop owner the pieve of torn note with the initials and the shop owner tapes it back together. Later the shop owner will take the taped note to the bank and have them replace it with a whole note that has not been torn. This is what caused later for the Iraq government to print more Iraq Dinars as there was so many of these torn notes that was used for change that they had to have them destroyed and replaced.
  7. As always keepmwlknfny, you rely on the past to help bring strength to your present statements which are not factual for Iraq. This is a whole different ballgame. You can't use the countries from the past as they RD/lop due to instability in their financial sector. This is not the case with Iraq. I remember Iraq stating that Phase II (deleting the zeros) was to remove the 25,000 - 10,000 - and 5,000 notes from the Iraqi public. Which for the last 4 years is what the CBI has been doing. They was going to also remove the 1,000 notes but decided later not to do this as they could easily transition these notes out after bringing in the new currency (lower denoms) that would slowly (over a period of 2 years) phase the 1,000 notes out. Also remember articles of the Iraq citizens being angry due to they only had the 250, 500 and 1,000 notes to use. Which caused them to go around with paper grocery bags of money to do their regular shopping. During this time, the value of the Dinars against the USD went up which made the USD more favorable to the Iraqis since they did not need as much of the USD to carry around. All part of the CBI's plan to "delete the zeros" or remove the larger Dinars from the streets and have the Iraqi citizens to depend more on the dollar. Once Phase II is completed, which it sounds they are near completion, they will lower the value of the Dinar rate against the USD, as they need to have the Iraq citizens to have more confidence in the Dinar and let go of the USD. This is Phase III. We are entering Phase III or have already entered it just recently. By this time, the CBI has gained control of the majority of the Dinar prior to re-value. And CBI has passed their mission of lowering the amount of Dinar within Iraq. This has all been stated repeatedly in Iraq news articles. Now keep, can continue to believe in his myths, but Iraq will over time gain value to their Dinar. The when and how much, only Iraq knows.
  8. I agree. Since 2005, I have researched this dinar. I've learned that most of the articles Iraq publish or articles about Iraq published usually have one key sentence that has valuable meaning and the rest is BS. I also need this to begin some major projects. Last thing I will ever do is follow the guru crud. Just thru research I gain knowledge. Also to restate, this is about Iraq being moved off CH7, NOT the RV. God bless.
  9. I am pretty sure I am correct. The article from the PM of Kuwait, last sentence stated along with him would be his economic, finance and media delegations. We also know we have dignitaries from all over the world arriving in Iraq. This is a HUGE deal for Iraq and it will be broadcasted globally. I doubt they will do this on any other day than the 9th since it held such importance for Iraq a decade ago exactly. Matter of fact, I would watch Obama's and Biden's schedules as I bet at least one of them will be attending. Also, watch for articles showing expanded security around Baghdad coming in the next couple of days.
  10. Actually, nothing official was mentioned about Iraq being lifted from CH7 on the 31st. What was stated was Ban Ki-Moon telling Iraq and Kuwait that they must have resolutions 833 and 899 completed by March 31st. These two resolutions 833 which is official moving of the border. And resolution 899 which is compensation to the Iraqi families who had to move due to the border being moved. These two resolutions were completed on March 28th, so they met their deadline. Also, if you read the the article of Ban Ki-Moon, he (Moon) stressed to Iraq and Kuwait that a significant historical event was coming up that was important to both countries. This was not referring to an RV but to a big event to take place soon. My opinion, this is April 9th, as this was the day 10 yrs ago, we brought down Saddam's statue and stated , "Iraq is free from dictatorship." So what better day to tell Iraq on April 9th that, "Iraq you are now a free country and lifted from all CH7 resolutions.
  11. Actually there are only 4 resolutions remaining on the CH7 agenda. Article 833 which is the demarcation line. Article 899 which is compensation to the Iraqi families whose homes were destroyed to get the demarcation line completed. These two Articles are the ones they had a deadline to be completed by March 31st. Also, these were the only two Articles that could not be moved to Ch6 status. The other two Articles on the CH7 were the missing Kuwaiti bodies and the missing Kuwaiti artifacts. These will still take alot more time to recover and are able to be moved to CH6 as monitored by UN but managed by joint Kuwait/Iraq.
  12. Student Economist?????????????????????????????????????? Too funny. Student Economist Salim Al-daini, the application of the draft Central Bank deleted three zeros from the currency early next year, to eliminate the forged currency in the local market.
  13. Hello easy, If we look historically we see that no country has revalued their currency while having sanctions against them by the UNSC. This holds true with Iraq also. Being removed from CH7 will provide the country to be completely free and in control of itself. At this time and not before, they can enter into an agreement with Article 8 and bring an international value to their currency. The WTO just provides a country to be tradable in its commodities with other countries and being a full member provides them with a backing of sorts. Has nothing to do with whether they increase their currency value. A good example of this would be Viet Nam, which is a full WTO member and a currency value worse than Iraq. I agree with you that we may see this complete either at the very end of Dec or the beginning weeks of January 2013.
  14. I've sent this to a translator friend in Jordan. Will let you know results.
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