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  1. Thank you so much Synopsis for the info. My husband had an aneurysm rupture behind his knee last year.He almost lost his leg and then all of his organs shut down. He is a miracle man and truely blessed to be alive with all of his limbs and only minimal kidney damage. I am going back to work (somewhere) in February since he is at the point where he doesn't rely on me being at home with him. Once I have an income again I plan on joining VIP. He made it through Vietnam in tact but then at 70 had an aneurysm almost take him out. It has been really tough but I am greatful and know that everything in life is only temporary...
  2. When i purchased dinar from Xchange of America I was told that I could exchange my dinar at any of their branch locations. They have opened quite a few. They have one in the Dallas area now so that is where I plan to go. According to them we have 10 years to exchange our dinar once the float/Rv happens. There will be a spread that we have to deal with but it should go down somewhat as other banks jump on the bandwagon. Just what I was told...
  3. Thanks bad...I didn't look at the site. Good news!
  4. Good morning Yota! Thanks for the good news...makes this coffee taste a whole lot better! LOL
  5. CBI News 12/24/2017

    Thanks Buti...I couldn't get the page to translate. More good stuff!
  6. This is how the "drop the three zeros has been explained to me... 0.00085 IQD = 1 USD They drop the 3 zeros after the decimal point making it .85 IQD = 1 USD I'm not sweating it or in fear of a LOP. Please correct me anyone if you think I am wrong. Several friends from the ME have told me this is what will happen...
  7. Hmmmm....has the legal right to remove the Governor. Bring on Shabibi for a little while! LOL
  8. Wasn't it Shabibi who said that he would need three days to bring value to the IQD??? Hope my memory is correct...

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