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  1. Maybe you should go outside and vent to a tree instead of causing unneeded stress for people who have worked their a$$es off to be able to possess dinar. Just sayin'...
  2. Hey Snowglobe- have you heard about homes for sale in Italy for 1 Euro? The younger generation are leaving villages to move to larger cities. A friend of mine purchased one in Abruzzo a few years ago and loves it. It is a little more complicated than it have to show POF that you can afford the remodel, may have to pay some taxes, internet is sometimes unreliable, and the houses are gut jobs but you can design to your liking. It's very laid back since many villages offering this have basically been abandoned. You can google's interesting.
  3. Do I purchase more Dinar???

    xchange of america is the only place I buy mine these days...I have had no problems.
  4. Do I purchase more Dinar???

    I concur Karsten! Being a Texas girl I have lots of guns and ammo...but we can't forget a special govt rate on Crown Royal for all citizens! LOL
  5. Do I purchase more Dinar???

    Thank you PP...I appreciate your feedback. I have been in this for 10+ years. All I had ever heard/read was buying large notes. I just felt diversifying a little might be a good thing. I'm with ya- headed to the beach too when the rate and spread are where I want it to be!
  6. Do I purchase more Dinar???

    I recently bought some 5K notes. Not sure if it was a good idea but my thoughts were that if the value does rise and I needed to cash in at maybe .50, I wouldn't be forced to take a big hit on a 25 K dinar. Any thoughts or opinions are welcomed...
  7. Why can't everyone just play nice in the litter box??????
  8. Questions For Adam's Update 9-20-2017

    Hi Adam, I have a couple of questions... I only have 25K notes. Would it be a good idea to purchase some 5K notes so that in the event the RV/float happens (less than $1) I can cash one in and not be forced to cash in a large note until the value rises? Also, if it does RV/float at $1 and I cash in less than 10K will it be reported to the IRS?
  9. I have two questions... #1 were the water bottles plastic or glass? #2 Do they have to walk through metal detectors before entering?
  10. The Moment The Truth Approaches Iraq !

    I understand completely Floridian...but it has to start somewhere and somewhere is better than nowhere.
  11. The Moment The Truth Approaches Iraq !

    I really hope Iraq gets it together this time...Yemen just started the float of their Riyal today. If countries like Egypt, Morocco and Yemen can achieve this, maybe Iraq will be next.
  12. Thanks Synopsis & 10 Years...I have read so many articles lately that they started running together...LOL
  13. Wasn't there supposed to be a meeting with the IMF today? I couldn't find where I read it, or am I losing my mind??? Thanks for any help...

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