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  1. R U kidding me ,sure hope thats fake news 5 to 6 months to form the goi ... Nero playing a fiddle while rome burned has got nothing on these guys they take it to a whole nother level ....
  2. Say what ,of course they need the goi formed as quickly as humanly possible , the next or new goi needs to hit the ground running , working, meeting the needs of the citizens, the people will always have legit demands needing to be met continually, sadr imo acting like this is a one and done deal sadly the entire country has been neglected the next goi will be under huge demands , zero number of no quorum voting should be the order of the day .. heres hoping
  3. nope sadamm was pulled out of a spider hole hiding by US forces ,later tried in iraqi court and hung ... to be honest i don't even like talking about death mob brutality and such , I'm all about life in the pursuit of being happy and free but it is a broken world , Gaddafi was another crazy dictator that was overthrown in Libya 7 years ago ... all the best dinarmite Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed leader of Libya, was captured and killed on 20 October 2011 during the Battle of Sirte. Gaddafi was found hiding in a culvert west of Sirte and captured by National Transitional Councilforces. He was killed shortly afterwards .
  4. thanks bufitldrm , so much history comes out of iraq , some of the earliest writings in the Bible refer back to iraq , in Genesis Abraham claimed the area of Ur which is south of modern day baghdad today as his home , when isis moved in they tried to destroy any biblical place and artifact they encountered .... all the best
  5. let the citizens have at him , like the justice Gaddafi received when they pulled that dictator out of a drainage ditch !
  6. yup i think " W " thought it would be a slam dunk but he was way to uninformed of maliki and all the corruption and thousands of years of a wild and rogue people group ... it was super easy pickins of the infidels billions of free money , Thanks to all those that served to set them free .
  7. abadi got some explaining to do !! , if iraq tries to form another corrupt goi ...don't think that'll fly, the people feel demands can be made now ...power to the people
  8. K, if that's the plan to wait to form the goi guess the protestors need to update the demands to include a currency with value to match the riches of the country ... cheers
  9. thanks yota , butifldrm so what was the money for ... Pay for falcons caught gift to build reserves interest bearing account i'm guessing they won't hunt falcons out of season anymore .... cheers dv
  10. Thanks for the articles pitcher , whoever won the election has got to get in there as much as they would like anarchy to rule and not lead , they are on the cusp of a iraqi spring so now they will try and meet some basic needs , what the heck 😳 .. never was a fan of Sadr but if he claims he is for the people then getting elected is a call to serve not have sit-ins at the green zone gates in a tent . don't let it get u down the hills and valleys can be nauseous 4 sure .. cheers
  11. if that is abadi's answer to the 14 point demonstrator list he's gonna have an " iraqi spring " on his hands , not a single bullet point to address the vast goi / province corruption , the people are finally hitting a boiling point , most of the changes the demonstrators want will require a constitutional rewrite , im thinking the citizens are at the point they feel the constitution does not serve the people at all .. cheers dv
  12. i remember when the imf stepped in to oversee the cbi operations , cbi was not acting independent from the goi at all . excellent Alak , now accept imf Article 8 , increase the currency another 99.8 cents then boast how ur equal to the dollar and get iraq really functioning in the 21st century ...thanks yota
  13. don't have the answer but i feel that was the push to get the unbanked banked and get that " home IQD " stash into the system to implement the 3 zero project and would make a more " suitable environment " who knows how currency reform will occur imo the iraqi with the house iqd will continue to keep it there using the USD instead until reform happens pretty sure they know whats happening so they are waiting too .... cheers
  14. well what the hey, get the lead out , change a couple seats form a couple hundred committees to study it , run it by the mullahs in iran and get to kraken ... JK thanks for all the research

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