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  1. thanks pitcher, syria just shot down a russian spy plane over syria , of course Putin immediately laid the blame on Israel , Putin's soul purpose is controlling syria and the oil he would never upset his buddy Assad .... cheers
  2. socal, this is just simply my thoughts but it has always been my understanding the ( iqd ) that has left the country and legit will be handled by the countries central banks it is exchange in ,, if thats true then the cbi is only concerned what is inside its borders . i have to always remind myself these articles are meant for the iraqi citizen . cheers
  3. 18/9/2018 12:00 am Most notably oil and gas and the Federal Court and Intelligence Baghdad / Sabah / Muhannad Abdul Wahab The House of Representatives is currently moving towards the distribution of parliamentary committees among its members, under the emphasis on the need to adopt competence and competence, away from the political quotas that were adopted during the previous sessions. This trend, according to parliamentarians, would accelerate the issue of passing the laws of the stalled and closer to the views between the political blocs in order to upgrade the institutions of the state and society and the provision of services in all governorates. The deputy Bader Zeidi, in a press statement: "There are discussions on the distribution of committees according to the criterion of competence and integrity and leave the distribution of committees behind the scenes," noting that "over the previous sessions were distributed committees according to political quotas and this session will leave this idea and be distributed in Public and not in secret. " He added that "they will not allow the naming of any person to the presidency of any parliamentary committee unless it meets all the conditions that qualify him," pointing out that "the current session will begin to pass laws that have been stalled since previous sessions ." The head of parliament, Mohamed Halbousi, directed yesterday to form a joint parliamentary committee overseeing the distribution of members of the House of Representatives to the specialized committees. Regarding the adoption of important legislation, MP Jawad Hamdan said in a statement to "Sabah" that "one of the most important laws that we are putting forward in the parliamentary sessions of the current session, which was not enacted for political reasons, the oil and gas law and the Federal Court and the Council of Union and Intelligence, Some amendments to the laws in the framework of the plan that was developed recently, "revealing at the same time," the existence of a tendency to amend some paragraphs of the Constitution. " "There is a committee to negotiate work on the study of laws and then start discussions with the political blocs in order to mature special ideas to be ready for discussion within the House of Representatives and then vote on them." MP Ahmed al-Kanani said that "the block of construction seeks to amend some important legislation, including Article 30 of the law on health and social security in addition to the laws that fight corruption." He pointed out in a statement to "Sabah" that "the disruption of some laws was the mood of the heads of blocs, either in the current session will be the deputy greater role and freedom to vote on some important legislation, in light of past experiences of previous sessions." Al-Kanani stressed the existence of insistence on overcoming all barriers in order to mature the important laws that are in the interest of the citizen, "pointing out at the same time that" the parliamentary committees began to form and will have a task, especially the Legal Committee . " For his part, MP Khalil Mawla said in a statement to" Morning ", that" we will not have any red lines on any law as long as it is in the interest of the people where there are legislation ready to vote from the last parliamentary session. "He believes that" one of the most prominent laws that we are passing is related to investment, "pointing out that it "
  4. if u are thinking below the 250 note , Fils and coinage then without a increased currency value there would be no sense in the cbi rolling out Low Denom iqd , imo allot will happen at the same time much of it is contingent on something else for things to change and so on ... i'm a little confused though maybe someone can clear it up so is this a new article about the 3 zeros thats being discussed or a older cbi article ... all the best
  5. After a delegation of Iraqi officials visited Trump in the White House, Trump, speaking in jest, referred to them as "the most accomplished group of thieves he'd ever met,"
  6. most every country in the world borrows money the usa is currently somewhere in the range of 17 trillion in debt , china japan and others hold a large amount of that in foreign debt .... cheers
  7. the new PM better get on the stick and fast if the people denied abadi who was leap years ahead of maliki .......thanks pitcher
  8. there should also be the selection of the speaker of parliament, jabouri has been the speaker but he's out waiting for whoever they install
  9. whats kept me hanging on to the money is that when one does research on the iqd's exchange rate history excluding saddam's dictatorship as u stated he put a self imposed rate over 3 dollars on the currency , the iqd's value was never below 2 dollars i realize past performance is not future success but it was always valued high among world currencies but who knows maybe they are not headed back to those values i tend to glean a little bit of info & understanding from everyone's different perspectives / guessess ... just wish the secret squirrel illuminati & cabals could speed this along im tired ( levity ) ... cheers dv
  10. i have always understood from the beginning when i researched and bought iqd that iraq has always planned to introduce LD's or currency without the 3 zero's , the "delete the zero project " was first introduced by shabbs with a changed rate the two denoms would circulate inside iraq for a set period of time , what we were never told was / is how the iqd outside the country will be handled and that is where the guru bull mess went wild the rest is history ... appreciate all the different thoughts
  11. great question imo no one will know that yet fred but i remember back in march when the National Oil Company got re- established the news surrounding it spoke of a percentage of money going to the citizen it was kinda fuzzy how it was described or maybe i didn't/couldn't really grasp it , anyways watching and waiting .
  12. If past history is the road map , then the " guessing budget " is the parliament members guessing how wealthy they will become in 2019 ... .... thanks yota for all the updates
  13. 3n1

    CBI News 09/13/2018

    ur account has to be linked to a bank so if u have warka maybe ,sadly usa banks don't recognise it yet .... cheers
  14. The unofficial power-sharing tradition in Iraq, the prime minister must be Shia, the president a Kurd, while the speaker must be Sunni, Halbosi is an engineer and gov. of Anbar ... i don't care who they put in the chairs as long as the rv button is in their pocket , J/K but seriously i hope iraq can get the best people in place for all iraqis they gonna need them that's for sure .. we wait

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