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  1. I remember , several of the Americans who were held hostage in Tehran in 1979 and 1980 say they recognized Ahmadinejad as one of their captors.
  2. correct venezuela is in major hyperinflation the country is imploding at all levels they plan to lop 3 zero's june 4th
  3. i have only read and it has never been detailed specifics / information about the ''delete the zero project'' for many years , only this year has it needs a "suitable environment" stipulation been added ... who knows
  4. this pretty much explains the article which is about the damaged currency , coinage has a far greater lifespan in circulation than paper but is more expensive to mint , imo wish i was very wrong but i don't believe this is forecasting a rate change just more durable small money so the taxi cab owner and the like don't have to bicker over wore out paper notes ......
  5. my thoughts exactly floridian , everyone has an opinion or should anyways , the article speaks of the coins and does state the 50 , 25 dinar categories, the cbi pulled the 50 note its value was around 4 cents not sure why that category would return unless its could have a higher value, anytime i read these currency type of articles the small or low notes im looking for is below the current lowest note the 250 ... which one would think would have to have a stronger value to be effective in commerce ...cheers, we wait
  6. it was first planned in 2011 shabbs was still in the chair at the cbi ,, the mouthpiece for shabibi , Selah , was rolling out many articles about currency reform the new mylar currency reducing the note count ect. the guru's were pumping dinar with every article that hit the dinar sites , oil was over 100 bucks a barrel , people dropping money on dinar reserves left and right just knowing it was gonna pop any second .... enter Maliki , the usa was pushed out , shabbs fled iraq from a world economy conference never to return , Selah was jailed along with 30 something other cbi employees , maliki and every other jake leg stole iraq blind and brought them to the gutter , several failed attempts by maliki to pilfer all the cbi reserves only to be shut down by usa imf and others , told his army whom he was the leader of to cut and run to allow more destruction and terror to reign in iraq thru isis and thats just scraping the surface , said all that to say now they plan to go back to what was planned in 2011...interesting you just cant make this stuff up .... cheers
  7. agree, sadr from watching him over the years does not seem to be the statesman type traveling the world on behalf of iraq thats more of abadi's cup of tea ... heres hoping and fast
  8. 3n1

    CBI News 05/16/2018

    this is what was proposed years ago for the new cbi ..... hope they install a new rate too
  9. 3n1

    CBI News 05/16/2018

    i remember reading the articles about this new cbi building years ago it was to be built overlooking the Tigris river not sure if that location is still the plan ... guess they do follow thru on some stuff .... eventually
  10. not even 50, never saw that coming .... strike up the band .... cheers dv
  11. usa has invested around 7 trillion usd so far to date in iraq , one would think someone had/ has a plan or needs to be dialing one up right about now ....
  12. zebari stole iraq blind another joker playing political games , sickening .... cheers dv
  13. interesting times for sure, sadr can't be PM but won the popular vote , voting iraqis are sick of the do nothings in the goi , hopefully sadr will tone down his radical edge and form a inclusive gov. to serve the people and strengthen the country ... we wait
  14. lol u guys are not only old but suffering from iqd stress itas ,only cure more cowbell ... that was REO Speedwagon 1978 😎

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