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  1. CBI News 04/17/2018

    Can someone explain this? In light of the strategic plan of the CBI to regulate electronic payment activities towards competition and nonmonopoly and the transfer of foreign expertise to Iraq, CBI decided "the processing and preservation of data on electronic payments must be within Iraq." (CBI)

    The meeting of the General Assembly of Baghdad Company for soft drinks will be held on Thursday, 2018/5/3 18/04/2018 10:01 The meeting of the General Assembly of the Company will be held at 10 am on Thursday, 3/5/2018 at the Babylon Hotel and will be the meeting Thursday, 26/4/2018 the last trading session on the shares of the company. schedule of work : 1- Listening to the report of the Board of Directors on the company's activities for the financial year ended 31/12 -2017 2- Hearing the auditor's report and the final accounts for the financial year ending 31/12-2017 3- Discussing the profits divided by a proposal to distribute a percentage of the profits achieved and taking the appropriate decision 4. Appointment of the auditor for the fiscal year 2018 and determination of his wages 5 - Approval of the import and installation of stock to the storage of vertical several layers to add the capacity of storage to accommodate large quantities of the final product and to cover the needs of markets in peak periods 6. Approval of the importation and installation of a new production line for mineral water (Aquafina) 7- Approving the importation and installation of a new production line for filling soft drinks with metal cans 8- Determining the remuneration of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors 9 - discharge of the President and members of the Board of Directors The General Assembly of Al-Kindi Veterinary Vaccine Production Company will be held on Wednesday, 2018/5/2 18/04/2018 09:53 According to paragraph (1) of the instructions of the Securities Commission No. (2) for the year 2015 (Instructions for the dates of suspension and re-trading of the shares of the listed companies), which states that "the trading of shares of the company listed on the market shall cease before three working days of the meeting of the General Assembly, Notify the Authority, the Market and the Depository Center by the Company not less than two weeks) And reference to the company's letter to the general assembly of the company on Wednesday, 2/5/2018 to elect a new board of directors decides: 1. The last trading session of the company will be on Wednesday 25/4/2018 2. Trading in the company's shares will commence on Thursday 3/5/2018
  3. Thanks for the lesson. I guess one day we will know the truth about this RV. Wishing everyone a prosperous year. No disrespect. I’ve been in this 13 yrs. Ready to see the rewards of this investment.
  5. Greetings The Iraqi Council of Ministers decided to be Thursday, official holiday for a religious event on 12/4/2018 We want to inform you that the ISX will not hold the trading session on Thursday and the Next session will be held on Sunday 15/4/2018.
  6. Baghdad Soft Drinks (IBSD)

    Just wondering if IBSD is taxed the same since it is a local company? (Not an imported beverage) Not that I really care... I say that because " all border crossing points to impose a 200% fine on imported alcoholic beverages" IBSD (Pepsi) is being produced in Iraq not imported.
  7. Baghdad Soft Drinks (IBSD)

    The newspaper Al-Ghad Press received Sunday a document issued by the Ministry of Finance requesting all border crossing points to impose a 200% fine on imported alcoholic beverages. While a tax on sweets, ice cream, dairy products, juices and soft drinks was imposed at 25%, according to the Financial Budget Law of 2018.
  8. 3M18 financial results (unaudited financial statements): Baghdad Soft Drinks (IBSD) - P&L - 1Q17: Sales (net): IQD77.8bn, +14% y/y, Gross profit: IQD14.9bn, +22% y/y (Gross profit margin increased from 18.0% in 1Q17 to 19.2% in 1Q18), Operating profit: IQD8.5bn, +16% y/y (Operating profit margin increased from 10.8% in 1Q17 to 11.0% in 1Q18), EBITDA: IQD15.2bn, +11% y/y (EBITDA margin decreased from 20.1% in 1Q17 to 19.5% in 1Q18), Profit before tax: IQD8.4bn, +16% y/y (Profit before tax margin increased from 10.7% in 1Q17 to 10.8% in 1Q18). Wonder what kind of dividends will be shared with shareholders?
  9. The ISX changed the date for moving 19 companies from the regular market to the non-regular (NR) market from Mar. 1, 2018 to Jul. 1, 2018. These companies will be moved to NR market due to the following reasons: 1) Due to not trading in 2016-2017: VWIF, 2) Due to the decrease in annual trading volume: BNOI, BROI, BNOR, BUOI, BASH, BLAD, TZNI, NAHF, 3) Due to less than 25 trading sessions: BEFI, BDSI and SIGT, 4) Due to the decrease in all indicators: VZAF and IKHC, 5) Due to being under CBI custody: BDFD and NDSA, 6) Due to not submitting the annual reports of 2015-16: ITLI, IMPI, IFCM.
  10. WSJ: Worried About a Global Markets Meltdown: Try Iraqi Stocks Companies listed on the frontier market are up 10% this year as investors bet on post-Islamic State economic recovery (By Isabel Coles and Ali Nabhan)
  11. I wonder if this will have any affect on ISX trading tomorrow?
  12. Here are some old pictures of when the IQD was reintroduced into Iraq. I had always heard the US military and plane loads of dinar etc... Well here are a few pictures I ran across today. Disclaimer these are not the lower notes , the picture are dated 2007!!
  13. Deputy reveals the number of laws stage for the next parliamentary session A member of the parliamentary legal committee, Zana Said, said on Wednesday that some 21 laws in the House of Representatives will be deported to the next session. “The most important laws are the federal court law, the oil and gas law, the law of the union council, the law of where you come from, the law on graft and the law of the federal court, in addition to many laws of trade unions,” Said told the news agency. He Said said that “the House of Representatives was unable to vote on the laws, because of the lack of consensus by the political blocs.” It is noteworthy that the presidency of the Iraqi parliament criticized the frequent absence of deputies from the meetings, while attributed the deputies many of these absences to the preoccupation of the members of the House of Representatives to prepare for the upcoming parliamentary elections on 12 of next May. Keywords:
  14. A translation would be nice if anyone can help... Video for the tv interview that took place yesterday with Mr. Abbas Kamel in economic program (JD) on Iraqi channel
  15. Al-Alak said that the bank has also been interested in recent years in the development of public and private banking. He said that he has completed the infrastructure of the smart card system, which is now ready to deal with it even through mobile phones, Government has agreed to pay the salaries of employees through banks through special accounts of staff, noting that some ministries have begun using this system, and stressed that the Bank ‘s plan to modernize the currency in circulation and the deletion of zeros. Al-Alak pointed out that the bank did not allow him in previous circumstances to play his role in stimulating the national economy, he is now working in this direction, referring to the initiative launched by the bank and the monitoring of 6 trillion and 500 billion dinars to lend to industrial and agricultural projects, including trillion and 500 billion JD for small projects. The central bank governor said that the bank has also managed to address the situation of most of the troubled private banks and the troubled, noting that the large international banks seeking to work in Iraq and referring to what he called signs of the return of foreign investment to Iraq. On the external debt, al-Aalak stressed that it is still acceptable, pointing out that the external debt is mostly inherited from the previous regime (41 billion dollars) while foreign debt in this era is 29 billion dollars and internal 42 billion dollars.

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