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  1. Haider Al-Abadi‏Verified account @HaiderAlAbadi 5h5 hours ago Replying to @HaiderAlAbadi It was an honour to salute Iraq’s heroes in today’s victory parade. We thank them for their service and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice Military parade to celebrate victory against Islamic State in Iraq … via @IraqiNews_com @HaiderAlAbadi is celebrating the victory against IS. The parade excluding the Peshmerga and their commanders. Is this the inclusive Iraq which the constitution calls 4?
  2. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Glad it went smoothly for you as well.
  3. It's Official...CBI Law In Gazette.

    ok, sounds good.
  4. It's Official...CBI Law In Gazette.

    I'm not seeing it?
  5. Are you an accredited investor?

    Does anyone know if Dinar can be bought (not for a listed dealer but) from someone local or someone you have made an agreement with lets say and the Self Direct IRA pays them for the dinar and the third party send the dinar with your name on it to the depository where you have a preexisting account? Thank you.
  6. Are you an accredited investor?

    When I wrote Entrust this is the response I received. Hypothetical question now, in 2-3 year lets say the Iraqi currency increases in value and I would like to exchange the IQD for US dollar but have it remain as US cash in my Roth is this permitted? Would their be a charge to do a currency exchange? You a direct us to sell the asset and deposit the funds +\- profits back into your Roth. The funds will sit in your account until you're ready to make another self-directed investment. At age 59 1/2 and after leaving the investment in the Roth for 5 years, I then would be able to withdraw cash from my Roth without any penalty's and it would be tax free regardless of the account value. That is correct. All of your investments grow tax-free since you pay taxes on the front end.
  7. Are you an accredited investor?

    Thanks I have been listening to him. Do you know if you can purchase dinar from a third party and have it shipped to the depository?
  8. Are you an accredited investor?

    Did Dinar Trade send you the dinar after it was purchased and you sent it to First Depository in Delaware ? I emailed Safe Dinar this morning and they said they could not send it to a third party. Thank you
  9. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Just another way to cover our bases. Good luck to you.
  10. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    I've been involved with the dinar since 2004. Shortly after buying my dinar I began to buy stock through Warka. Somewhere along the line I had some folks mention Al Karmal. I contacted them based on their recommendation.
  11. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    The communication with Al Karmal has been prompt. I still have a bank account with Warka. I just wanted a faster process to access my stocks. Warka has been suspended from trading with the ISX and I could not get Warka to purchases shares for me. Pointless to have them as a broker if they can't provide customers with that service. Al Karmal provided me with a link to see my shares and therefore I do not have to go through Warka to ask for a stock update then wait 2-3 weeks or longer for a reply.
  12. Are you an accredited investor?

    I'm interested in learning more about the process you went through for your dinar-funded Roth IRA. Which company is your depository? Thank you.
  13. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Brob you were correct about the fee. It's been a while since I read those emails. My mistake. Can you post what his reply is about share purchases minimums. Thank you.
  14. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    That fee will give you online access to your stocks for a year. I have only looked at my page a few times. Waiting for some sort of revalue then I will calculate a sell point. I'm very interested in seeing an RV then how that translates over to shares etc. You will receive a user name and password from Al Karmal as well. Best of luck.

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