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  1. Open Banking System After Elections

    AHHHHH, if it was anyone else other than Kaperoni, this would be wonderful news.
  2. CBI DID IT.

    Just how many times do they have to "DID IT" before they DO IT ????
  3. The #800 Release Instruction.

    Gee, I wonder what rate they're cashing in at...... Is it the $12.00 rate that Okie said ????
  4. Randy Koonce Update

    HA,HA,HA, I was thinking the same thing
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    Gadzooks, I hope that "ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT" doesn't translate to "SOON" !!! That'll mean that we're still a long ways away.
  6. Can someone explain what he has said here ??
  7. Urgent...On Iraqi TV.

    And waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting
  8. Questions For Adam's Update 4-4-2018

    I have, through the years, often heard but never understood about the dropping of the three zeros,,,, that is until this thought hit me and combines with this question: If I have 1 million Dinar that I paid approx. $1,000 , is it possible that they could drop the three zeros THEN REINSTATED its value to approx. 1 IQD = $3.20 USD which will more than triple our investment ? Not the million dollars that we had been lead to believe, but this sounds more realistic to me. Again, not what I had hoped would be the end result, but would like your opinion on this thinking ??????
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 28 March 2018

    Probably not. It's more interesting waiting for it to happen than having it happen, What would we have to look forward to ?? No more anxiously awaiting for Adam's weekly updates, no more bitching about Mountain Goat's essays, or talking about TNT Tony still being in jail with Frank or Delta or RayRen...... Life will be pretty boring post RV. But, then, I am READY for boring !!!!!!
  10. I would bet that you got on this roller-coaster for the same reason that ALL of us did..... that we didn't believe that it would happen, but if it did, we wanted to be on the take side, But it hasn't happened and we wren't surprised, but are we going to bail ? Not on your life. If you TRULY believe that it will never happened, you would have sold out and forgot all about the Dinar.... But you're still here and , like ALL of us, still hoping. You just wanted to vent your frustration, and that is good. The important thing is that you are healthy and happy. Many are not as fortunate. PEACE !
  11. Questions For Adam's Update 3-28-2018

    I am trying to get my mind around the reality effect an RV would have on an Iraqi citizen..... Let us say that he had a 25,000 Dinar note (worth approximately $20.00) the day before an RV and the next day the announcement came that instead of 1 dinar being worth $0.0008. it is now worth $ 0.10 ...... My question is has the buying power of that Iraqi's (in Iraq) actually gone to $2,500 ? And has the price of the products in Iraq increased accordingly ? I am just trying to get a feeling of what that citizen will be facing with an RV. It is like Uncle Sam telling all of us that that $1.00 bill in our wallet is now worth $100.00 or more. It is mind boggling to me.
  12. Possible Currency Exchange Problem ?

    This is basically the exact question I had asked Adam several years ago and he said that this is not very probable. I still had my doubts even after his response. But my feeling is still, WHEN I GOT INTO THIS VENTURE, IT WAS WITH DISCRETIONARY FUNDS THAT WOULD HAVE, BY NOW, BEEN BLOWN ON ONE THING OR ANOTHER. I don't have that much invested because I thought that it was too good to be true, but if it were to happen, I wanted to be a part of it. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained".
  13. Mountain Goat News 3-16-18

    You mean you HAVEN'T moved on to new things, yet ? Can you say " BITCOIN" ?
  14. Latest Mountain Goat Newsletter March 2

    If their Government is anything like the way that our Government has become, nothing will get done there just to p**s off Trump.
  15. MTN GOAT says we are close

    Anyone (besides myself) feel that a month or two from now that we will still be sitting here awaiting for something like a text from Adam to happen .... regardless what these Mtn Goats or Frank or Delta might be saying ?

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