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  1. yendor

    Adam Montana Weekly 1 August 2018

    Also, VIPs - stand by for an update this weekend. We have some "behind the scenes" projects coming up. Adam said this in his weekly....... Did I miss one, or was one not given ? I've looked in several places. I am curious what these projects might be, hmmmmmmm !!
  2. Do you want to know the rate ? Heck, that's no problem....... 1 IOD = $0.0008 . So, are you going to cash in ???
  3. I have no no idea why I got tagged as a lobster, but it;s not my ballgame.
  4. I will bet that none of these guys could find Iraq on the map let alone have contacts there.
  5. yendor

    Buying 1M dinar

    I am interested. Where are you located?
  6. yendor

    New guy with some interesting info about Iraq

    Anything coming from those guys over there can be nothing but B.S.. Sounds good, but I wouldn't quit my job if I were you/.
  7. yendor

    Questions for Adam Montana 11 June 2018

    Just a curious question, maybe I missed something, BUT I noticed that YOU started the last couple of question threads and not dear Texas Granny which caused me (and I am sure many others) to wonder if she is OK. Please tell us that she is well and on vacation or something... We are concerned about this DV family.
  8. yendor

    It's all in black & white in the IMF papers

    If only if this weren't in the rumor section !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. yendor

    Float...No Float...OK, Who's Right.

    Right on Mr, Finley..... Just let's get this thing movin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. yendor

    USD to IQD 1220 dinars /per dollar

    Yes, it would e nice if it were 1 to 1
  11. yendor

    What do you think this means?

    What it means to me is that the IQD is still worth what it was 12 years ago
  12. yendor

    Alternate CBI Site

    There's that dreaded "SOON" word .
  13. yendor


    Today, to me is a day that should ALWAYS be remembered and this video will remind us why.......... https://www.littlethings.com/project-vigil-d-day-memorial/
  14. yendor

    Adam Montana Weekly 6 June 2018

    If this thing EVER happens, I would dare say that there will be a whole bunch of HANDS CLAPPING that could probably be heard as far away as the space capsule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. yendor

    Taxes when we exchange

    I am not a tax guy and haven't spoken to one at this time, but I really won't plan on them taking any less than around 50 %. If they take less than that I will be tickled pink..... and happy that this ride is finally over.

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