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  1. I guess that means $44m of stolen money left the country!
  2. I believe the circus out grew the tent.
  3. The Central Bank of Iraq estimates that home money is about 34 trillion dinars and represents more than 70 percent of the currency. sounds like we have the same situation as the Iraqi people. Would love to get dinar currency out from under my mattress so I can sleep better.
  4. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Buy ethereum or litecoin on coinbase and exchange to btc on crypterium exchange then buy ETN.
  5. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Monero, due to its increased anonymity, it’s the coin of choice for less legal adventures. coinbase was ordered to give info on investors from 2013-2015, that had $20k worth of activity. just saying.
  6. Interesting. Sounds to me he has some inside information on a RV. not many dreams get realized on only $10k. at 1 to 1 is a little bit of a dream come true, but $3-$1 would be $30m worth of dreaming then.
  7. Im up for that, as long as the tsunami continues to my bank accounts.
  8. Foreign Investment in Iraq

    High Ho Silver and away!
  9. Who the heck is Cabal? And when did we make him ruler? Where does he rule, the cafeteria at Ridgemont High.?
  10. Sure hope he can get them all, not just the lackies. The big boys need to be taken down. No immunity for Maliki or any of his cronies.

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