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  1. Agreed. Been in since 2012. Told one guy about it. He said he talked to his finance guy and he knew nothing about it. Also told him about cryptocurrency, same response. Can't hardly wait to send him a text from a black sand beach and tell him all about how much there WAS to be made.
  2. Yes, it is. I can feel it. Oops, sorry, thought it was the mother of all loads, just gas.
  3. Or maybe retirements coming up. Or maybe jail time!
  4. Exactly. Exchange, as the bills are eliminated, for dollars or cryptocurrency. Lot of options.
  5. Practicing my ship face tonight.
  6. The scary part, how do they Vet for currency exchanges? Not so much individuals but other international banks? What kind of hoops and paperwork will be required to verify the normal people/companies from the crooks/terrorists?
  7. Probably right. Life gets tough when your BAC gets to low.
  8. Amazing what air brush can do.
  9. I have been a paramedic for a lot of years and seen many things, that is one of the most horrific sites to have burned into your memory. No More Alcohol for You King Bean..
  10. Also a great way to start "the retirement"
  11. Nothing more traumatic than going thru life sober.
  12. Long live the redemption centers.
  13. IMO, please advise Okie to push button at earliest convenience. With mucho mas gracias.
  14. Uhh, Mr President, soon to be, where is your security detail?