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  1. If I remember correctly, I believe IMF requirement for single currency internationally traded. course at my age I could have membered wrong
  2. The RV Has Started Out West?

    Another rumor, Oh poo
  3. GCR Wheels Are In Motion.

    Hey L guy, this is Iraqi IQD site, what the heck are ya posting?
  4. And what makes you believe the RV is done with this info?
  5. Disappointed

  6. Hope they catapult him into The underworld, with no ice water
  7. Concur 100%. Do the homework assess the risk Make the call one way or the other you learn to live with it.
  8. 50% chance it won’t work 50% chance it will work 100% chance, if it works, I won’t ever again. its no different than any other choice, in life, that we make
  9. Maybe Iraq should hire this guy to settle the Kurd issues?
  10. If Abadi would just chill, the Kurds would fail on there own.
  11. Quick, somebody revive McCarthy and get this witch hunt started. Sounds like he would be dead on today.

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