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  1. It did not happen because today is the 42nd anniversary, of my wife's 25th birthday. Happy Anniversary/ Birthday sweetheart.
  2. Or these are the notes that were removed from circulation in 2015. These notes are worthless.
  3. So what happened to VP Pence?
  4. I'll get excited when I see "The Text"
  5. About time, now I will be wealthy and can't get out to spend it. Martial Law, what a wealth saver.
  6. Plenty of currency exchanges have dinars, from 250 on up to 50k.
  7. Food for thought. So, with another big player throwing there hat in the ring, for rebuilding Iraq, what happens if they dont RV before the work starts? Do they start working and get paid in dollars or request dinar?
  8. RV would do tons more than small loans. My mortgage balance is 116,000,000.iqd. Now, insurance does not cover acts of war, so I need to repair my house and make the mortgage payments. 8,000,000.iqd will not do bubkiss for repairs. Give these people dignity with the tools they need to accomplish things for themselves. RV and jobs would pay dividends to no end.
  9. Xe showing 1139 at 16:00 hrs est.
  10. Snow globe said "ballcock". Hehehe