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  1. On a lighter side, I haven't heard the fat lady sing yet.
  2. I have CFMP's now.
  3. I don't remember signing off on my picture.
  4. Wow! This Bruce guy is so knowledgeable. I am so lucky to be a part of this. How was that?
  5. Damn, I gotta wait for all the fun stuff.
  6. I ordered some decent clothes for my trip to cash in, hopefully they get here the same day of the RV.
  7. Makes sense. Do governments operate with common sense? Or are they motivated by other sources? We all know the saying about defacating in one appendage and hope in another!
  8. Or 4.8 billion IQD x $3= $14.4 billion usd. /593 investors =$24.2 million. Just dreaming out loud
  9. Do I hear $70/barrel. Heck why not $75. more money for them, more money for us.
  10. Cannonball, sweet.
  11. Me, pick me. I'm ready to do business.
  12. Oh great one, your silence is deafening. Please bestow upon us more pearls of wisdom. RV would be a nice starting point.
  13. Can you just imagine the shockwave traveling thru those tunnels. Awesome