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  1. My soon to be ex thinks Dinar is a scam. In the financial discovery papers she sure is wanting money from it now. Selfish and greedy POS.
  2. alreis


    I’m 6 yrs away from my 3rd anniversary of my 22nd birthday.
  3. Any Rangers or Seals in this crowd? Sounds like your skills might be needed.
  4. What is the saying, caught between a rock and a hard place. Them need to get this under control fast. Public execution of Maliki would go along way to appease the crowd until RV.
  5. alreis

    CBI News 05/31/2018

    Well, I did my part! I just sent my passport in for renewal. Should RV, wait for it, SOON.
  6. alreis

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    Getting ready to call 911 for you, thought you were having a seizure.
  7. alreis

    Bank Story this afternoon! My brother went to Chase...

    The grand dog ate them
  8. alreis

    Bank Story this afternoon! My brother went to Chase...

    Ok folks, here’s the real deal. When I got into Dinar, 2012, my wife said it was a scam. Now that we are divorcing she wants part of it. So, there you have it, from the “brown eye in my life” the truth about Iraq Dinar. It is real!
  9. All of what has happened is good, however, the big event will not happen until corruption is under control. Rv now would benefit the crooks. jmo
  10. Mmmmmm Miller time. Count me in
  11. 2019 has a Friday, February 22
  12. Friday, February 22 of what year? it is not this year.
  13. alreis


    Uhh, oh sorry was still on The Bunny Ranch in Nevada

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